Can Cannabis Assist You?


Consistent research is helping discover the immense health benefits of using cannabis. Cannabis can assist in different ways due to CBD, a chemical that is highly concentrated in the plant. Once extracted and consumed, it causes several impacts on the brain that help it function better. 

Another key compound in the weed is THC, a chemical that helps relieve body pain. Growers harvest mature plants, and processors use short path distillation to extract these two key compounds. The other major compound found in the plant is cannabinol, and they can all assist you in different ways. 

Relieving pain

Every time you visit a weed shop, you will find a wide range of weed products and categories. Some are inhaled, others chewed or smoked, and their effects on the brain and body differ too. Several studies have proved that cannabidiol and THC help relieve pain. The advantage is that these compounds work faster than most traditional pain relievers. After consumption, it only takes about 20 minutes for these compounds to travel in your entire body system. 

Better sleep management

THC, CBD, and cannabinoids are not the only chemicals found in cannabis. There are a variety of other chemicals, such as Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Myrcene. These compounds help your body and mind relax. 

When you consume cannabis at least half an hour before sleep, you will experience deep sleep once you go to your bed. You will hardly have moments of sleeplessness or waking up several times in the night. This gives you maximum sleep benefits such as a better immune system, tissue and muscle repair, and improved metabolism. 

Improving lung capacity

There are different THC product categories available at Studies have shown that using cannabis does not cause negative side effects on the lungs like cigarettes. Instead, it helps your lungs perform better. The study involved over 5,000 weed users for 20 years. The study results confirmed earlier studies that concluded that using marijuana does not damage the lungs but improves their capacity. 

The feeling of being high

One of the major reasons why a lot of people use cannabis is to feel high. Some cannabis products have a higher CBD or THC concentration than others. They offer a higher high-feeling effect on the brain. You will feel your life is without worries and that you can face any challenge that it brings your way. Depending on the amount you consume, the high feeling can last for about 10 minutes and sometimes up to 4 hours. 

Prevention of diabetes and weight loss

Studies have proven that CBD and THC help improve metabolism rates. It helps burn blood glucose which is associated with causing diabetes. These cannabis compounds help reduce glucose in the blood through higher insulin release in the body. 

When the metabolism rate is higher, your body will have less sugar which reduces the chances of diabetes or weight gain. Increased insulin production helps reduce weight and lower the effects of diabetes. 


Inhibits relapse in drug and alcohol addiction

If you are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, using cannabis can help. The National Library of Medicine published a report in September 2018 which showed cannabidiol could help prevent relapse to drug and alcohol use. Recovering addicts are not likely to return to use if they consistently use CBD. 

The compound helps reduce stress which is known to induce drug and alcohol cravings. It reduces anxiety and limits the desire to return to addiction due to a lack of impulse control. The advantage is that you only need a small amount of CBD to suppress cravings. 

It can help limit the chances of cancer

Studies published by the American Cancer Society show that consuming cannabis can help reduce the chances of getting cancer. The report shows the THC and CBD in the weed help slow the growth of cancer cells. Some studies show these compounds can cause the death of some cancer cells and reduce their spread. 

Further reports published in the Association of Basic Medical Sciences journal show that cannabis compounds can inhibit the growth of tumors. The report says the effects depend on the type of cancer cell and dose amount. 

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