Building Change Capacity in your Organization: Ensuring that you have the talent and bench to implement your strategic agenda

By Charles H. Bishop, Jr.


Business has experienced an evolution from the agricultural age to the Industrial Revolution to the information age. Now, the talent age has arrived. Companies realize that in a world where every other aspect of doing business has been commoditized, talent is the only real competitive advantage they have. A consistent pattern is emerging and predicting that the competitive battlefront will be for the best people, the true creators of value.

What is clear upon review of the literature and lessons learned in our practice is that exceptional business performance is driven by superior talent; teams with the best people and change capacity perform at a higher level.

This article is a continuation of the ideas brought forward in the book: Making Change Happen One Person at a Time, which was cited by the University of Michigan’s David Ulrich and his team as ‘one of the best books on Leadership in the past 40 years’; Fred Smith the highly respected Chairman of FedEx suggested that ‘the necessity for change is now a universal business mantra; Charlie Bishop provides an excellent blueprint for making change a reality rather than a slogan’.

Since that time we have advanced those ideas and have focused on assisting organizations in building change capability through their people; thus, while the book laid out how to assess Change Capacity, this article focuses on what to do to ensure that your talent management process is effective in delivering a robust pipeline of exceptional leadership that drives change. To that end, hopefully offering practical, intuitive and very workable solutions. Along the way we pose questions that a C-Level executive and the Human Resources profession should review.

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