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By Naveen

Looking for the rapid growth of your online store? This blog caters to your need! 

Launching WooCommerce store is tough. But WordPress minimizes all such difficulties only if you know how to pick the right plugins.

WordPress is one of the well-known content management systems (CMS) which has incredible potential in scaling and flourishing a business quickly. When you initialize to start your own e-commerce store, out of many options WooCommerce is undoubtedly one of the best.

The task of starting your online store with the WooCommerce plugin is bigger than you imagine. In the middle of doing everything correctly a lot of things can go wrong, especially in the initial stage. There are several Woo plugins that are capable of adding functionality to your online store. Here choosing the right plugins comes into play.

As already mentioned that there are numerous Woo plugins, so picking the right one can be puzzling for many. If you already own an online store then you can use Mighty Woocommerce Preorder Plugin to manage instant shipment on release. But if you are planning to launch a new one, it is vital to kick-start it with the finest plugin.

What is the importance of WooCommerce plugins in online business? Which one is the most profitable?

We cannot argue with the fact that consumers prefer the convenience that online shopping offers. So when it comes to choosing the right platform for an online store then it requires a lot of brainstorming. Your selection should be based on your business nature and its future growth.  One of the fruitful e-commerce plugins is WooCommerce which helps in building a high-end webshop using the WordPress platform. 

Here are the top benefits of using this plugin for your business:

  • Unmatchable flexibility, compatibility, and ease of use.
  • Except for some extensions it is free to use that too without committing to an expensive propriety license.
  • Access to numerous WordPress themes, plugins, and extensions.
  • Provides the finest foundation for your website.
  • Sell everything in any bulk on this platform.
  • Get a huge pool of developers and professionals.
  • Built-in analytics makes a better interaction between customers and products.
  • Supports online businesses of any size.
  • Get a range of options in content marketing management (CMS).
  • More than 100 payment gateways, multiple shipping methods, and easy order management.
  • Comprehensive documentation to guide new retailers.

Now you are pretty much aware of the importance of Woo plugin for your business. But with several plugins out there, selecting the best one becomes tricky. To simplify your work, we have thoroughly researched and rounded up the most powerful WooCommerce plugins for the advancement of your online store.

The facility of packing slips and invoices is a requisite for most businesses. But WooCommerce platform alone cannot offer smooth functionality. Therefore the Woo plugin helps in doing it effortlessly. This plugin has a massive following and there are good reasons behind it. Not only does it lets you attach PDF invoices to emails automatically but you get options for creating and printing invoices.  

The convenience and simplicity are what most users draw to. Mainly B2B stores opt for this plugin as it is easy to manage and sequence invoice and send them to clients around the globe.

  • Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order

This is the Best WordPress pre-order & pre-sale plugins for your website. Mighty WooCommerce Pre-order helps your customers to place an order for a product before its availability or release date. 

This plugin keeps your customers notified of the upcoming products and offers. They can easily pre-order the product before its release. Setting the expected date for the delivery is simple. The ease of setting the original and selling price for the product is matchless. Your customers can pay for the pre-order partially as well as fully. Also, one of the key features of this plugin is that it keeps reminding your customers about the limited-time deal that helps in increasing your sales.

  • Custom product tabs

This plugin automatically cleans up your offering pages with merged tabs which helps in labeling them with vital information like specifications, descriptions, reviews, and much more.

You can easily manage and edit the tabs with the help of a WordPress editor without any custom coding. All these tabs support many types of content like text, video, and images. This plugin comes with quick installation and adds tabs to your offering pages instantly. The tabs are exported with the complete data of your products whenever needed.

Any online store can use this plugin for product tabs. It will help your customers to read your product pages and get more information about any specific product. 

  • Mighty frequently bought together for WooCommerce

This plugin offers a simple yet flexible interface that allows adding more features to your website. Your customers can easily apply discounts on products that are frequently bought together. You can set customized suggestions like upselling, cross-selling, or personalize products to increase sales. 

This WooCommerce plugin is well-equipped with high-end functionalities that provide a button label that offers convenience in adding single or multiple items to the shopping cart hassle-freely. You can show your customers appealing discounts in the frequently bought together section as well. 

  • WooCommerce Customizer

This Woo customizer plugin provides an n-number of adjustable settings in this eCommerce platform. These options are already available in WooCommerce but you need to custom code to make them work to their full potential. Here the customizer plugin makes this task simple with the right graphical setting. You can easily change the number of products that are displayed on every page of the website. You don’t need to hire a developer to do it as this advanced customizing plugin does the job.

Other than advanced extensions this plugin is absolutely free. You can easily edit visual settings even if you have no clue about coding. Sales badges, coupons at checkout pages, and add-to-cart text can easily be changed. 

Consider testing out this customizer plugin beforehand. Personalizing small components is easier but some themes can automatically customize it for you.

  • PickPlugin Product slider

Many online store owners face a lot of difficulty after launching their business. So to solve this problem the PickPlugin product comes into the picture. Your page builder and WordPress theme might not have a clear product slider or there are high odds that there is no such option at all.

If you want a product slider on your webpage then this plugin for WooCommerce helps a lot. This plugin is great for suggesting products inside a blog post. The plugin has all the desired features including 30 themes and layouts like recently viewed items and top-rated ones.

This makes your store not only look beautiful on the desktop but also on small devices. It automatically hides products that are out of stock. There are more than 20 navigational ribbons and you can customize the font size and custom ratings as well.

  • WooCommerce Multilingual 

The multilingual plugin establishes the finest experience and ease in changing the language of your webshop. If you want to give your customers choices in the language then this multilingual WooCommerce comes in handy. This plugin easily modifies the pages, products, and other categories in the preferred language. Also, the feature of multiple currencies is available where it can be changed with a click.

The translations of every text on the website including the checkout and cart quickly convert according to the choice. In addition, the emails are also sent in the desired language.

  • WooCommerce Booster

This plugin adds a collection of interesting features that you might be missing on your webshop right now. These features are bulk price conversion, global discounts, currencies, and those tools where your customers can offer their own price.

Booster allows advanced store experience to customers without the need for multiple plugins.  You can easily change prices and currencies with the help of multicurrency, wholesaling pricing, and price formats tools. It also accelerates the shipping process with order volume and calculation of shipping costs. 

To conclude

WooCommerce makes it convenient to sell your offerings on a WordPress website. But Woo alone doesn’t offer all the features which are needed to run an online store successfully. Here WooCommerce plugins come into the picture. Plugins play a key role in making WordPress a money-spinning platform. 

Having an attractive yet functional website is vital for your business to reach maximum customers. You can increase your website performance with Best WordPress Caching Plugins.

Our shortlisted Woo plugins will help you engage your customers and keep them revisiting your website. You need to browse thoroughly in the plugin store and pick one that automates your business processes.  Every plugin is different from the other, you need to identify your business needs and issues and then move forward with the choice. 

Picking the right plugin will save your time, upturn store performance, and lower the cost. So, get ready to make your website pulsating and soar your sales this year

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Naveen is the marketing and product head at JoomDev. He loves to convert his ideas into reality by developing products to make your online business successful with his WordPress plugins and mobile app development services


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