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Writing a thesis for any degree is the most crucial part of completing that degree. It is the most substantial work of independent nature in any undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree, and writing it needs special attention, research, and sometimes help. The process of writing a thesis includes planning, brainstorming, researching, writing, and proofreading, which makes it the most challenging yet most important piece of work any student can ever do.

Students are asked to pick up a topic of their own interest that is related to their major subject and work on it according to their own initiative. The students are encouraged to choose topics they already have some idea about, as a topic that isn’t known to a student would be of no help. Some students tend to write a thesis, either it is a thesis for a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. dissertation, while others tend to pay for thesis writing services to get their work done.

Thesis writing services help students complete the arduous task of writing a thesis by letting the experts do the job. A thesis writing service is beneficial for students who manage jobs along with their studies or simply need some extra help from an expert. With the help of thesis writing services, students get a helping hand, professional guidance, and help with writing their most important piece of work required for the completion of their degree. There are several dissertations and custom thesis writing sites on the internet that claim to provide professional writing services.

In this article, we will talk about 8 of these thesis writing companies, and we will talk about the prices and services these sites offer along with the reviews they have. Let’s get started.

1. 99Papers

99Papers is ranked as the top cheapest thesis writing site in the United States and Canada. The site allows the students to select the number of pages, word count, and the number of days in which they need their thesis to be done. Other than filling the form for specific instructions, the students are also given a chance to talk with the writer, who will be completing their task directly. There they can discuss any other specifics, work on suggestions, and request an outline of the thesis that the writer will use to complete the thesis.

The site only hires professionals who have the qualifications required to complete any thesis. You can choose between Native-English writers and ESL writers, depending upon the nature of your task. Moreover, the students are given complete freedom to ask for an update regarding the progress of their task at any time of the day or night.

The 99Papers writers make sure that they send the final draft to the students before the actual deadline. This way, the students get to review the thesis or thesis before giving it their final approval. Before approving the work, students can read it thoroughly and look for any mistakes or changes required.

The prices for the thesis writing services vary according to the type of a thesis, the grade it is required for, the number of pages, and the deadline. A ten-page Master’s dissertation will cost a student up to 224 dollars, while a ten-page Ph.D. thesis will cost approximately 273 dollars. The prices increase with shorter deadlines or more pages and vice versa.

Students can check available samples on the site to see the quality of work the writers at 99Papers provide. There are samples available for every type of essay, dissertation, or thesis that one can browse through to ensure that the package they will order will be worth spending money on.

At 99Papers, students get access to unlimited revisions, which allows them to go through the task the writers at 99Papers have completed and ask for changes required in any part of the thesis. Moreover, if the order costs more than 600 dollars, students get the extra feature of paying in installments. This feature is beneficial as most Master’s thesis, and Ph.D. dissertations cost more than 600 dollars because of the number of pages and deadlines. If you are looking for professional services to get your thesis done, you might want to consider 99Papers as it is maybe the best service for such tasks.

You can easily select the best package for your task, check the prices, read reviews, and order your thesis. 99Papers understand how important a thesis is for one’s education, and they make sure that only experts in your discipline work on your thesis and make it worth every penny. With deadlines as short as 3 hours, the writers at 99Papers have proved to be the best in the market; they provide quality work in the shortest timeline possible.

2. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is another excellent thesis writing service in Australia with some of the best reviews. First of all, the website offers great discounts on first orders and other deals that one can avail of from time to time. PaperHelp promises its customers plagiarism-free papers, timely delivery, secured payment, client anonymity, and work done by degreed expert writers. PaperHelp only hires writers with the proper credentials needed for Master thesis and Ph.D. dissertations. Students can trust the credentials of the writers to leave their dissertations in the right hands.

Using PaperHelp is extremely easy; students simply select the type of paper, i.e., whether it is an essay, thesis, or dissertation, enter details of the paper (whether it is a master’s thesis or Ph.D. dissertation), enter a valid email address and lastly pay to confirm their order.

The site allows the students to track the progress that the writer has made on the thesis, and the clients are updated through emails and SMS. Moreover, students can log in to their PaperHelp account and check what their thesis has been up to. Students can also download the PaperHelp app for easier and faster access.

PaperHelp does not use Turnitin for plagiarism reports to avoid future problems; instead, the site uses two different web scanners to ensure that the file you receive is 100% original and doesn’t have any plagiarism in it.

The prices at PaperHelp change with the nature of work, deadline, number of pages, and word count. College dissertations and essays cost 12 dollars per page, while a high school essay costs 10 dollars a page, a Master’s thesis will cost you 18 dollars a page, while a Ph.D. dissertation costs up to 20 dollars a page. The prices also vary according to the type of writer the student selects for the work. A basic writer doesn’t charge anything extra; an advanced writer is a native writer and also the best in their field, so they charge extra for the task. Lastly, the Top writers are above advanced writers and have the best ratings among the native English writers. Extra facilities such as plagiarism reports, table of contents, sources/bibliography, and abstract pages also cost extra money.

3. EssayPro

EssayPro is ranked third on this list of the 8 best online thesis statement writing services in Pakistan and India. At EssayPro, students can simply visit the site, select the desired subject, browse through writers, discuss details with writers and place their order. EssayPro offers a wide range of writers with expertise in research and thesis writing, and the buyers can choose the writer that suits their budget and other requirements perfectly.

Other than the best writer, some of the best features of EssayPro include the anonymity of the clients, free plagiarism report, affordable and negotiable price ranges, and 24/7 support available for customers. The client’s anonymity means that the information about the students getting help with their thesis will not be exposed to anyone, i.e., their name, subject, or thesis topic stays hidden from the public. Moreover, students do not have to pay any extra charges to receive a plagiarism report. Each order comes with a free Turnitin plagiarism report.

Prices at EssayPro are not fixed, and they are different for each writer and the nature, i.e., students can discuss rates with the writers. However, the payment is made after the task is completed and ready to be downloaded.

The writers at EssayPro tend to complete the work before the actual deadline so that the students can go through their dissertations or theses and ask for any changes before the deadline if needed. From essay proofreading and editing to writing a complete Ph.D. dissertation or custom thesis proposal, the experts at EssayPro can complete any task efficiently within the given timeline.

Each writer has a complete profile showcasing their credentials, work completion rate, reviews by customers, a detailed about us, and overall rating. Students can go through this information and see whether a writer is suitable for the thesis or not.

At EssayPro, you can give special instructions regarding the document’s style, i.e., if you need your dissertation to be in APA, Harvard, Vancouver, MLA, Chicago, or Turabian style. You can easily find a writer for any subject from Business to Literature and let the experts do the job. With unlimited revisions, students can easily ask for as many changes as required to score 100%.

4. Studdit

Studdit is a fantastic bachelor thesis writing service where students can get help with any essay, thesis, dissertation writing, or proofreading in Germany and Netherlands. Studdit has a reputation for providing plagiarism-free and grammatically perfect writing services over the years. Studdit is extremely easy to use. Students can order a high school essay, college essay, Master’s thesis, or Ph.D. dissertation by selecting the type of paper and entering the necessary information, such as the number of pages and deadline. The payment is made beforehand, and the writers start working on the task as soon as the payment is made.

The site has received positive reviews from more than 500 students around the world. The writers at Studdit are experts in their fields, and Studdit finds its pride in it. The site has expert writers for more than a hundred subjects.

Studdit offers deadlines as short as three hours along with email or SMS alerts for order progress. Students get to stay in contact with writers to discuss details of the dissertation and thesis.

The prices differ with the number of pages and deadlines. A master’s thesis costs 18 dollars per page if written in a 20-day deadline, while a Ph.D. dissertation costs 20 dollars a page on a 20-day deadline. The prices increase if you need the work done within a shorter deadline. Studdit also offers unlimited revisions for all tasks as well as guaranteed originality of work. The writers at Studdit also follow instructions regarding the style and formatting of the document.

Studdit is also great if you love discounts, as the site is always offering some discounted offers to its clients. Lastly, Studdit is overall an excellent option for getting your theses done by experts and saving time for things that matter.

5. 1Essay

1Essay is fifth on this list; however, it is also a great platform to complete your thesis. The service is quite reliable as 1Essay also hires professionals with the proper credentials to write perfect dissertations and theses for students from UAE.

The site offers deadlines as short as 3 hours while the customer support is also 24/7 available for helping the customers with any queries. offers 100% anonymity to its clients, and the information is never shared publicly. Customers can quickly go to the website, select the type of task, grade or level of thesis, number of pages, and deadline; after filling this form, the customer has to pay for the task and confirm the order. Once the order is confirmed, the thesis goes in the hands of the experts who start working on completing your work in time.

The prices offered by 1Essay are also quite reasonable, and they differ with the number of pages, level or grade, and deadline. A Ph.D. dissertation costs 25 dollars per page with a 15-day deadline, while a master’s thesis costs 21 dollars with a 15-day deadline.

1Essay has both ESL and native English writers, so if a student specifically needs a native English writer to write their thesis, they can ask for it as well.

6. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper is another tremendous online PhD thesis writing service with some great features. The site offers a wide range of writing services, including essay writing, proofreading, Master’s thesis writing, Ph.D. dissertation writing, and many more. SpeedyPaper also offers a 10% discount on the first purchase to its new customers.

The process of ordering thesess from SpeedyPaper is as simple as peeling a banana. You visit the site, select the grade you need the thesis, essay, or dissertation for, set the deadline, select the number of pages and place the order by paying for it accordingly. The site offers complete identity security, and students never have to worry about being named publicly, while the writers at SpeedyPaper have all the credentials required to write a fantastic thesis.

At SpeedyPaper, just like any other thesis writing service, the prices differ according to the deadline, number of pages, and grade. A Master’s thesis costs 18 dollars per page with a 20-day deadline, while a Ph.D. thesis costs 20 dollars per page with a 20-day deadline. Students can also purchase VIP customer service, which makes them receive special attention, and the task is prioritized over others. The customers can also receive a plagiarism report for an extra payment.

7. EssayBox

EssayBox is a relatively less popular yet very reliable online thesis and thesis writing service. The site is extremely easy to use. Like other thesis writing services, students can fill the form of requirements for the thesis, pay for the order and let the experts do their thesis for them.

EssayBox only hires highly professional and certified writers who specialize in writing dissertations and thesis. Students can trust the credentials and let them do their work. The price per page for a master’s thesis starts from 24 dollars, while for a Ph.D. thesis, per page costs 28 dollars. The prices increase if the deadline is shorter than 20 days.

The inquiry, title page, outline, bibliography, and revisions are completely free at EssayBox. Moreover, students can contact the writers to ask about their thesis and how it is going. Lastly, EssayBox offers a money-back guarantee, i.e., you get your money back if the work is not original or of poor quality, which barely ever happens.

Students can also check the sample tasks done by the professionals at EssayBox by visiting the site. The site holds an excellent reputation due to the quality work it provides.

8. Ivory Research

Ivory research has been helping students by providing professional help in dissertation, thesis, and essay writing in UK and Ireland. The motto of the site is to help students gain success in academics. The company is famous for UK-based writers and on-time delivery.

The writers at Ivory research are qualified and the best at their work. Just like that, students get to receive perfect grades without putting so much time into writing a whole thesis. Students can get full theses as well as specific chapters written by thesis experts in no time.

At Ivory research, the client’s information is kept 100% confidential, and the work supplied is 100% original.

Another great thing about Ivory Research is that students can choose languages other than English too. Moreover, they get to discuss all the details with their writer before working on the task.

The prices are available when inquired. You will have to discuss the price and other details directly with the writers, which is quite simple. Lastly, for a plagiarism report, students can pay the extra money and receive a complete plagiarism report in no time.

Ivory research is ranked last on this list because of the unavailability of prices directly on the site. The work done by its writers is, however, exceptional.

What is a Ph.D.?

Ph.D. is an abbreviation for “Doctor of Philosophy,” an academic term for a professional degree. Usually, a Ph.D. qualifies a person to become a professional teacher or a trainer for a particular subject that requires research.

A Ph.D. is a postgraduate degree requiring a student to submit a doctoral dissertation based upon original and extensive research done on a specific topic. The criteria for getting into a Ph.D. differ from university to university worldwide; however, the requirement for submitting a dissertation stays the same.

Traditionally, a Ph.D. student studies for almost three to four years; however, one can even take up to seven years to complete a Ph.D. degree. After the submission of the dissertation, Ph.D. students require to pass a viva voce as well. A Ph.D. is considered the highest educational degree that any student can attain in the world; however, there are still some exceptions. To start a Ph.D. degree, a student needs to clear a Master’s degree first, after which they can apply for a Ph.D. in the respective subject.

What is a Dissertation, Doctoral Dissertation?

A dissertation is a compulsory research project required to complete a Ph.D. or a doctoral degree. The term is specifically used for the final year projects of a Ph.D. In a dissertation, the Ph.D. student selects a topic related to their subject and does complete research about it. The written form of this research is compiled and named the doctoral dissertation.

Most Ph.D. students get guidance from their supervisors and teachers, while some conduct research on their own, as the project, is majorly independent and the students are not bound to follow the rules given by any supervisor. A doctoral dissertation is often considered the most challenging and most prolonged research project in academics, and most students who are passionate about the specific subject end up completing it correctly.

For writing a doctoral dissertation, a student requires some skills. Regardless of the type of dissertation, they are writing, and these skills are mandatory. The skills include:

  • Being able to outline and define the research with a clear-cut question.
  • Being able to spot and identify the significant issues.
  • Being able to assess legitimacy and reliability.
  • Evaluation of evidence.
  • Being able to source out information.
  • Being able to come up with a well-discussed and argued conclusion.
  • Being able to present the findings critically and convincingly.

What is the Difference Between a Dissertation and a Thesis?

As a student, you must have heard both these terms used abundantly around you; however, it is sometimes confusing to see how a dissertation is different from a thesis.

The two terms are used for final research projects; however, some key differences determine whether you are writing a thesis or dissertation. The first difference is the purpose of the research, i.e., a research project done to complete a Master’s degree is called a thesis, while a research project done for a Ph.D. degree is called a dissertation.

Besides the purpose of writing, there is also a structural difference between a thesis and a dissertation. The structure of a thesis is mainly like the research papers students have seen during their undergraduate years. Writing a thesis is to analyze and comment on already present information about a specific topic. However, in a dissertation, the students get to expand the research about a topic, and it is pretty different from the undergraduate research papers.

Lastly, there is a significant difference in length between a thesis and a dissertation. A thesis can be anywhere between 100 to 150 pages, while a doctoral dissertation is much longer—the reason being a great deal of information and long research process for a dissertation. A dissertation is much more complex than a master’s thesis, and it can be two or even three times longer than that.

How Long is a Doctoral Dissertation?

A doctoral dissertation covers vast information and a lengthy research process, making it the most extended academic research project. A doctoral dissertation can be anywhere between 80 thousand words to 1 lac words. Most Ph.D. dissertations consist of more than 200 pages.

The length of a doctoral dissertation cannot be fixed, as it depends upon several factors. The topic is the first significant factor that determines how long a doctoral dissertation will take. The available information, process of research, and addition of more new information are other factors that add up to the length of a doctoral dissertation.

The word count may also differ according to the university you are doing your Ph.D. from. Even though the length of the doctoral dissertation is different for different universities, it is still more than 70 thousand words everywhere. The word count may also differ according to the subject. For a Ph.D. dissertation for arts and humanities subjects, the word count should be more than 75000 words, while for a social sciences subject, the word count can go up to 1,00,000 words easily.

Are Thesis Writing Services Legit to use?

The short to this question is Yes! They are legit and safe to be used as long as the service you are using is authentic and trustworthy. These services are helping students by sharing some of their burdens and giving them time to complete other essential tasks. The primary purpose of these thesis writing services is to provide a break to the students and let them focus on other significant things.

Moreover, using these services allows students to access professional and expert help, as sometimes things get too hard to manage alone. The idea of a thesis writing service may seem like a luxury to some; however, nowadays, it is pretty affordable and may even become a necessity in the future as the mental and physical health of the students matter a lot. These services allow students to get their theses done perfectly within the shortest deadlines possible. Moreover, the authentic services provide original work saving students from plagiarism-related problems.

Are Thesis Writing Services Safe to use?

Some students may ask whether these services are safe and legal to use? The answer is yes; they are entirely legal and safe to use, yet again, only if you use authentic and trustworthy sites.

You may even hear people saying that such services are illegal; however, they are not illegal, and you can use them without worrying about any legal consequences. Moreover, all the authentic services offer complete anonymity to their clients, i.e., they do not expose your name or any other information to anyone at all. These measures are taken to make sure the students who are getting their work done feel safe and do not worry about having their information exposed. The key is to avoid fraudulent services and only stick to authentic companies offering academic admission writing services. Using an unauthentic service may cause you to get into trouble or even lose identity anonymity.

How to hire the best thesis writer online?

The process of looking for and hiring the best writer for your thesis is relatively easier than most people think. At the sites mentioned above in this article, all the writers are incredibly qualified and hold the essential credentials required for writing a perfect thesis. The availability of such qualified writers makes it easier for the students to find writers with just one click.

Moreover, these services allow students to see previous reviews that customers have left for the writers and choose the best writer possible. In such scenarios, the best thing to do is visit authentic sites and go through at least ten writers of your field. Ensure that you read all the reviews left for these writers and choose the best one that suits your budget and satisfaction.

The only thing one should not do while hiring a writer is to hire someone from unauthentic sources. 

How did thesis writing services work?

Thesis writing services are extremely simple, and one can quickly get their work done by a professional in the tightest of deadlines. Students simply visit an authentic service, discuss the details or fill a form of details required for the thesis, pay for the service accordingly, and wait patiently until the hired writer has completed the work. The work is delivered online, and the students can simply download it from there. Students can go through the work and ask for any desired changes or revisions in it. Some sites even have a mobile app for making it easier to stay in contact with the writers, while others offer email or SMS alerts to keep the customers updated.

How much does thesis and thesis writing cost?

The price of thesis writing services differs with the number of pages, the service you are using, and the deadline. A thesis for a Master’s degree costs between 15 to 18 dollars per page with a 20-day deadline, while a Ph.D. thesis costs between 20 to 25 dollars per page with a 15-day deadline. The prices increase if you need your work done within a shorter deadline.


Thesis and personal statement writing services are available worldwide, and authentic services are like a safe haven for students. Only students can understand the extreme pressure they go through when other academic tasks and thesis writing all come together. It can be hard to manage everything at once, and college writing services allow them to relax and have some time to themselves or focus on other essential tasks. So, by using online thesis writing services, students can save themselves a lot of time and effort and work on things that matter the most.


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