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College admission essays are different from the test and exam scores as they offer the students a chance to represent their personality. A college essay helps showcase the writing skills of a student as well as his/her voice. As Adam Sapp, the director of admissions and vice president at Pomona College, says, “The essays are important in part because this is a student’s chance to really speak directly to the admissions office.”  

Most colleges in several countries of the world require students – who are willing to get into their institution – to write a college admission essay in order to qualify for enrollment. The topics for these topics also differ from college to college. Whatever may be the topic of a college admission essay, it should have a unique perspective, authenticity, and a strong writing style. These factors play a major role in making a college admission essay reasonable and worthy.  

Students often start writing their college admission essays before their senior year, as it’s the time when no academic and extracurricular activities take up the space of their minds. Students tend to focus more and better on their college admission essays which result in great outcomes. 

A college is not bound to only ask for one essay, some selective institutes may even ask their students to write down different pieces for their application, and these written pieces don’t necessarily have to be an essay. This is why most experts advise the students not to focus only on the essay as it can cause them to ruin the other parts of the college application. 

If you are going to write a college admission essay, try brainstorming ideas about different topics. See which topic suits you the best, pick that and make an outline for it. 

Sometimes it’s hard for students to develop a good admission essay, and essay writing services help in such scenarios. Here are the top 10 college admission essay writing services. 

1. 1Essay

1Essay is an U.S. online essay writing service that you can use when needed. The professional and qualified writers at 1Essay know exactly how to impress the admission officer, and they will complete the hard part for you. Not just that, essay writers at 1Essay also understand the importance of this essay in your life. If you don’t want to lose your chance to get into your desired college, you can contact the specialized writers at 1Essay and get one of them to help you with your task. 

1Essay makes sure that the essay delivered to you is perfectly written and is 100% original. 1Essay makes sure that only qualified, and specialized professionals write admission essays, making it simple and smooth for you to get into your desired college. An essay written by a professional can actually help express your personality through writing that most people find hard to do. 

The 24/7 available customer service at 1Essay, is everything that one needs for any kind of query. 1Essay claims to be the best essay writing service out there, and it is somewhat true as the reviews they receive are almost always five stars. 

For ordering a college essay, you can simply visit the site, fill out the requirements, pay for the essay, and that’s it. You can also directly chat with your hired writer and discuss the details of your essay. 

If you are worried that the deadline might be very short for completing your essay, 1Essay has you covered for that as well. You can get your professionally crafted college essay even within a 12-hour deadline. The writers at 1Essay can complete your task in the shortest time possible without compromising the quality of their output. 

If we talk about the pricing at 1Essay, it’s quite affordable. The prices for essays start at 9 dollars, but they may vary depending on the type of essay you are ordering as well as the deadline. If the deadline is short, the price will be higher; however, the price stays less if the deadline is long enough. 

If you want to use the inquiry option at 1Essay, it’s completely free. Moreover, the site promises to ensure perfect formatting and 100% originality of the work. You can also check out the writer’s profile upon request. 

At 1Essay, you don’t need to worry about exposing your information, as the site makes sure none of the information is shared with any third party. You can also check out the exclusive discount coupons to cut out on the cost. 

2. 99Papers 

Next on our list is 99Papers, and it is surely another great option to order your essay from. The site is known for its authenticity and perfect work for students from United States . At 99Papers, you can find writers for any subject and topic easily at a quite affordable price. 

Writers at 99Papers have the credentials required for writing the perfect college essay for you and help share the academic burden on your shoulders. If you want to make sure that the work 99Papers’ writers do is worth paying for, you can check the sample works on their site as well. Moreover, the service offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with what the writer has written for you. 

You can order your essay by simply filling out the custom order form at the site. Before that, you can also request a free inquiry to discuss details about your paper or essay. Once you have filled the form, you’ll be asked to make the payment and then enter all the necessary instructions for your essay. Once the order is placed, you can talk to your writer directly and get regular updates as well. 

Talking about the pricing at 99Papers, it is quite reasonable – as we mentioned earlier. The prices for essays start are as low as 9.95 dollars and can be as high as 30.20 dollars, depending on how fast you need the writers to work. Moreover, if you need any revisions, 99Papers has you covered, as they offer their customers unlimited revisions, and the writer will help you out until the essay is o point. 

Lastly, 99Papers also keeps the customer’s information completely confidential, so you don’t need to worry about getting exposed either. 

3. EssayPro 

EssayPro is also a great service to get help from whenever you need a professionally crafted college essay or paper in USA. The professional writers of EssayPro can help you with literally any academic essay and paper, and you simply need to hire the one that suits your requirements best. 

The unique thing about EssayPro is that the writers have their own individual profiles with their credentials and past work completion percentage listed in their profiles. This way, it becomes easier for the students to compare writers and choose the best one. Moreover, if you are looking for someone with a specific qualification, you can even find them on EssayPro as they hire professionals for more than 100 subjects. 

With your completed essay, you also get a free plagiarism report as well as unlimited revisions for seven days after the completion of your order. As for the feedbacks, EssayPro has achieved some of the best feedback from its customers over the years, showing how authentic and the work done by their writers is. With an overall rating of 5 stars, EssayPro is surely there to provide quality. 

For ordering an essay from EssayPro, you can fill out the custom order form, make your payment, and place the order. If you cannot understand how to place an order, simply watch the How-to guide available on the website, and you are good to go. For discussing details about your essay, you can text the writer you’ve hired directly. Remember that the writers never start working on a project unless you have properly placed the order. 

As for the pricing, EssayPro doesn’t have a fixed rate; however, it surely has an average price according to the market rates. The price of the essay writing service depends on the writer you hire, as all the writers have their individual profiles with their own prices. So if you want to know the price of your essay, you can directly ask the writer about it. 

4. Studdit 

Another one of the best platforms to buy writing services from. Studdit is a platform whose motto is to create a better and easier life for the students. Studdit has professional writers for more than 100 subjects with the right qualifications and credentials. With more than 2 lac satisfied returning customers, Studdit stands tall with its high standards. 

Prices for a college start from 12 dollars per page and can go up to 41 dollars per page according to the deadline you provide. The shorter the time, the more it costs. For your satisfaction, go through the customer review and ensure that the quality they provide is perfect or not. 

After the essay is delivered, you can go through it and ask for three free revisions after seven to fourteen days of delivery and get it perfected according to your requirements. But ensure that your revision requests align with the initial directions you gave to the writer. 

Studdit also offers some great discounts if you ask for them. The site has special discount offers for first-time customers, while the orders that cost more than 500 and 1000 dollars get a 5% and 10% discount, respectively. Moreover, Studdit also offers some promotional discounts from time to time, and you can get notified about them by subscribing to their newsletter. 

5. PaperHelp 

Another authentic and verified platform where you can order essays and college papers written by professional and amazing writers. Either you want to order an essay written from scratch or just want a professional to proofread and edit your already written essay, USA based PaperHelp writers can do all of it for you. 

For calculating the price of your essay, you can enter all the details in the form available on the website. Generally, the prices for a college essay start from 14 dollars a page; however, if the deadline is short, then the prices may go higher. 

Once you have filled the form and placed the order, you can get regular updates on the progress. Once the work has been completed, download it from the site. Need any changes, ask for a revision. The process is extremely simple and easy. 

The money-back-guarantee offered by Studdit is there to help you stay calm while ordering your work. If you are not satisfied with the work or there is something that was against the website’s promises, ask for a refund, and you will get it. Lastly, if you become a returning customer, you also get access to the Studdit loyalty program, where you can enjoy special offers. 

6. EssayFactory 

As the name shows, the platform is armed with professional writers providing writing services to hundreds of students every year. You might feel like you don’t need help with your college essay; however, the truth is that a professional can help you better in getting into your desired college than anyone else. 

Before ordering your essay, you can request a free quote as well. This way, you can talk it out and decide whether you want to order an essay or not. EssayFactory essay writers ensure that whatever they write on your behalf has everything necessary to get you the highest grades or admission approval. 

In order to place an order at EssayFactory, you will need to enter your details such as email address, your country of residence, subject of your essay, paper type, word limit, deadline, and the assignment criteria. Once you have filled the form, hit the “order now” button and pay for your paper. You also get the freedom to choose whether you want a free Turnitin plagiarism report or not. 

After your college essay has been completed, you can download it and ask for revisions if needed. The writers at EssayFactory are always up for help. 

7. EssayBox 

For enjoying monthly promos and special discounts, EssayBox is one of the best platforms to order your essays from. EssayBox promises to provide you with 100% original content written by experts in any field. 

The site claims to be the most reliable essay writing service out there. At EssayBox, you pay for the quality, not the quantity. The writers at EssayBox work all year round, and you can get your essay done within the shortest possible deadline. 

If you want to know the estimated price, simply visit the site, fill the form for the estimated price, and know how much you need to pay for your essay to be done perfectly. The prices change according to the deadline, number of pages, and if you want it to be a priority project. If you want to ensure that your essay gets special attention and that it’s completed before anyone else’s work, you can pay a little extra and make it a priority order. 

Moreover, Essaybox also offers some free add-ons such as plagiarism check, unlimited revisions, title page, formatting, outline, bibliography, and installment payment options. 

So even if there are only some hours left in submitting your college essay, you can easily hire an EssayBox writer and get your task done in no time without any plagiarism and grammar issues. 

8. GradeMiners 

It may not be the top essay writing service; however, the platform surely offers some of the best features. Writers at GradeMiners will make sure that they do whatever it takes to impress your admission officer and get you into your desired college. 

Qualified writers for almost every subject are available to write for you at any time. The site has been helping students since 2009 and has a great rating of 4.9 stars. These are the things that make this platform authentic and trustworthy. As the name suggests, writers GradeMiner writers will help you mine out all the good grades and get what you want without stressing about it too much. 

You can get an estimated price by entering the details in the “Calculate your order” form. Generally, the price for 1 page of a college essay costs around 13 dollars; however, the price changes if the deadline is shorter than seven days. 

GradeMiners also offer unlimited revisions and 24/7 customer support for any queries. GradeMiners will offer you a money-back guarantee as well, so you know that the work their writers do is surely worth every penny. GradeMiners also guarantee positive scores for the essays their writers write, so you can count on them regarding the writing, and you will probably get positive feedback for your essay. 

9. SpeedyPaper 

With more than a thousand returning buyers, SpeedyPaper is another great place to buy college essays from. The native English writers at SpeedyPapers craft quality essays for their customers according to the provided directions and details. Even with the vaguest information available, SpeedyPaper writers can write you a unique and outstanding essay in no time. 

The prices at SeedyPaper start at 10 dollars for one page for writing from scratch; however, if you only need to get your essay proofread and edited, it will cost you 6 dollars per page. With your essay, you also get a free title page, bibliography, free revisions, plagiarism report, formatting, as well as email delivery. 

10. Ivory Research 

Last but not least, Ivory Research is also a trustworthy and authentic platform to order essays written by professional and qualified writers. UK-based writers know how to create compelling essays for their clients. 

You can get any kind of college essay or paper written by the writers at Ivory research in no time. Even at deadlines as short as 3 hours, the writers at Ivory Research will make sure your task is completed on time. 

The price range starts from 10 dollars for 250 words, and you can get an estimated price by entering your essay details in the given form as well. Moreover, the prices change with deadlines and type of essay. 

What is an admission essay? 

An admission essay is an essay that students write for the purpose of getting admitted to a certain educational institute. It is a significant part of the admission process as it unveils the unique character of a student to the admission committee of that college. 

Students get to express their thoughts and ideas through their writing; moreover, the committee also gets an idea about the student’s writing skills. An admission essay is important as it majorly decides whether you are capable of studying in an institute or not. It also shows if you are a good fit for the standards of that institution. By judging the admission essays, admission committees can easily differ between applicants and their abilities.  

Popular admission essay topics? 

Choosing the right essay topic can be the hardest part of the whole process. An essay topic is what acts as the backbone of your complete essay and whatever you write in it. A topic that you personally enjoy can actually allow you to think and write better. Moreover, while you choose a topic, make sure you keep the audience under consideration as well. Generally, it’s better to omit out topics that are extremely technical or specialized. This way, you make it easier for the readers to read and judge your essay. Here are some of the popular admission essay topics for you: 

  • How is Covid-19 changing lifestyles?
  • How is optimism influential to one’s immunity?
  • How to prevent obesity in kids with the help of exercise?
  • Is our educational system suitable for our society? 
  • Should there be a law about making recycling compulsory? 
  • Should testing products and chemicals on animals be legal? 
  • The worst memory of my life.
  • A story to remember; my summer camp adventure. 
  • Alternative energy and its sources. 
  • Body positivity among teenagers. 
  • What are the legal ages for drinking around the world? 
  • How is sleep important for a healthy lifestyle? 
  • Racism around the world. 
  • Can recycling save our planet? 
  • The consequences of World War 2
  • Does a college degree determine our success?
  • What are student loans, and what are their pros and cons? 
  • Are overprotective parents really protecting their kids? 
  • Importance of graduating high school?
  • Most common things that teenagers worry about.
  • Defining terrorism: what are the reasons behind it? 
  • Why can hate never be the right answer? 
  • How can we define friendship? 
  • The weirdest travel experience ever. 
  • Describing your favorite literary character: how do you see them in your imagination? 

You can use these topics; however, it is better to explore and find a unique yet creative topic of your own. 

Admission essay writing steps 

Once you have filled all the forms and attempted all the tests, next up comes the most important part; the admission essay. The essay is the piece that will help you impress the admission officer. Here are the steps you should follow while writing your admission essay. 

  • Ensure that you have read all the instructions provided by the college properly. While writing a college admission essay, one needs to follow all the directions carefully. Not reading and following the instructions properly can even cost you your admission. 
  • Start your essay with a compelling introduction. Anyone who knows how to attract readers also knows the trick of using a compelling introduction. Admission officers have hundreds of applications to go through, and they will only stick to yours by the end of the introduction attracts them enough. 
  • Voice your own ideas and thoughts. Listen to your mind and base your writing on facts, genuine beliefs, and studies. Don’t try to copy; your own thoughts are what make you unique. 
  • Brainstorm and create a frame for your essay before starting to write it. This will keep you on track, and you won’t forget any of your ideas. 
  • Write your essay down. Take it easy, and don’t stress out so much. Once you have completed it, you can proofread and make changes as many times as you want until it’s perfect. 

Unique college admission essay example 

Here is a unique example of one of the successful college admission essays for a renowned college that succeeded in impressing the admission officer and got into the institution. 

How my idea of learning changed. 

The common practice in a conventional classroom is to teach the students to memorize everything. Students are made to learn and study just so they can pass an exam or regurgitate all this learned material on a test and forget everything right after that. For a long time, I believed this is what learning is meant to be; however, last summer, I realized how wrong my idea of learning was. During the summer vacations, I got a chance to attend the 5-week SPK program along with 200 other students. Here we lived together at the college campus and studied a topic. For the topic, I chose Physical. 

On the first day of our class, the teacher placed a box on the table and poured water in it; nothing happened. Then, he added more water to it, and everything inside the box started coming out. We were then asked to use our brains and tell what exactly happened there. No internet or books for help, just the brain. When we worked as a group together, we discovered that there was a siphon in the box, similar to what is usually used as a gas pump. 

In the next week, we learned how to build solar-powered equipment and studied the dynamics of a paper plane. We also learned major facts about the space vacuum and the speed of light. 

All of this was done without memorizing any textbooks or other written information. Instead, we used our creativity and intelligence to figure out things. Instead of teaching us the way to score the highest grades on a test, we were asked to focus more on thinking and finding solutions. When we worked together, we also learned the importance of teamwork and leadership. After this experience, learning became a process of working and finding solutions together with your team for a better future, and nothing seems more interesting to me than this. 

Buy college papers online: is it safe and legitimate? 

High school students have a lot on their minds, and the college admission essay is just a big part of it. Especially if the college of your choice is hard to get in. this is where buying a college paper or hiring someone to write a college essay for you comes in handy. While some may have this misconception that buying a college paper is not safe, we believe it is completely legitimate and safe. 

Buying a college paper online is safe as long as you stick with authentic services and qualified American writers. Ensure that the writing service you are using is safe and certified before you enter any of your personal information. Moreover, for safety reasons, we would never suggest you buy an essay or paper through the public database, as it can be harmful when it comes to plagiarism and grammar mistakes. 

Ensure that you focus on these things while buying an essay or essay writing service:

  • Prioritize confidentiality. 
  • Never share the name of your school or any other educational institute. 
  • Do not use public internet; try using VPN. 
  • So the research about that writing company before trusting them. 

By following these steps properly, you can get a great essay written by professionals while staying safe. 

Getting caught when using an essay writing service 

One of the most asked questions about using essay writing services is whether it’s legal or not. Most students are still confused about the laws about such services, and here’s what we know. 

First and foremost, it is completely legal to use writing services from professional and qualified writers. No existing law states the opposite; however, back in 2018, around 40 universities of the United Kingdom signed a petition asking the government to either put a ban or take strict legal actions against essay writing services. They also asked the government to prohibit students from using essay writing services. But no specific action was taken in any of these areas. This is why it is safe to conclude that using writing services is legal, and there’s nothing like getting caught in it. The fear of getting caught only makes sense when you are indulging in illegal activity, and the use of essay writing services is not one of them. 

Once the work is delivered to you, you are the sole owner of that written piece. Authentic services transfer all the rights of the work you buy to you, making you a legitimate owner. This way, you are not breaking any laws either. 


Essay writing services can help you get into your desired college without stressing out so much. Professional U.S. writers and authentic services are there to help students who have perfect grades, but it’s hard for them to write the perfect essay. Getting help from professionals can be extremely beneficial, as when a highly qualified professional completes a task, it comes out greater than our expectations. From choosing a unique and compelling topic to editing and proofreading the whole essay, writing services can save you from a lot of trouble. These services also save you time and mental space so you can focus on the other parts of the college application properly.


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