5 Tips on How to Stay Healthy Whilst Home Working

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting everything from office environments to travel, and free movement, working from home has become the new normal for a lot of people. It has become a prerequisite measure as far as keeping safe from the virus and curbing its spread are concerned.

But let’s face it; working from home is something most people would consider as unproductive. There are plenty of distractions to deal with, which may not allow you to work and perform your best. This is not to forget that your home may not exactly be as comfortable and conducive as the office environment. In addition to these pain points, staying confined at home for long periods can have a huge impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Thankfully, there are various ways you can mitigate these challenges, meet your deadlines, and enjoy the various perks that come with home working. With that having been said, here are 5 tips on how to stay healthy whilst working remotely from home.


1. Invest In Quality Office Furniture

There’s a good reason why your boss suggested that everyone needs an ergonomic seat. But that was a while back when you still had your office job. Now that you are working at home, you need almost the same working environment as that of your office to get things done. Your couch, though comfortable and all, will not be as reliable when it comes to productivity.

Having an office desk and a chair that means business allows you to work efficiently while at the same time, protecting you from various strains and injuries. While an ergonomic chair may suffice, a quality sit stand desk is a healthier option, especially when working on projects that may require a change of working position. It will also allow you to work while standing, so you don’t sit for extended durations while at work.

For dozens of reasons, utilizing the right office furniture will not only boost your productivity, but it will also protect your health. In a nutshell, among the health benefits associated with ergonomic office furniture include:

  • Better support on your neck and back
  • Improved mobility
  • More energy
  • Improved focus
  • Minimizes strains on your hips and wrists


2. Manage Your Work Environment

Working at home means that you are not at the mercies of your boss or supervisors. However, this doesn’t come without its fair share of setbacks. Being in charge means that you need to control how you run things in your home office. This means taking care of your work environment for maximized productivity. Also, staying organized allows you to stay motivated when working remotely, which is good for your health and efficiency. Some things you may need to control include noise pollution, air, and the general atmosphere in your office. Ensure to regulate your AC to whatever temperatures that you feel will be comfortable. Working from home may also mean soundproofing your office to help minimize noises from your neighborhood. All these are aspects that will help boost productivity while at the same time improving your overall well being.


3. Exercise

Exercise plays a crucial if not a vital role in your health, and working remotely is not an excuse to forfeit this healthy routine. It helps motivate and rejuvenate your spirits. While a full-body workout can help in this, you can still reap the benefits of some mild backyard exercises such as press-ups, running on the treadmill, jumping ropes, or on the spot jogs. All these will help you to be physically active and boost your moods. Hey, there are many workout apps out there, which can greatly help to improve your workouts whilst working at home.


4. Opt To Eat Healthily

A good diet is necessary for improved productivity. This will help to boost your immunity and your overall wellness. Dietary changes work hand in hand with various lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake and getting enough sleep. Such changes do not have to be big or drastic for that matter but incorporating healthier meals into your daily routines will help you to achieve a healthier body system. This can be anything from avoiding processed foods to eating more vegetables and fruits.


5. Manage Your Work & Family Life

Working at home means that you’ll be in constant contact with your spouse and kids. This can be quite a challenge and completely overwhelming in the initial days. Striking a balance between your family life and work will allow you to work in a stress-free environment where your family issues don’t affect your work. This can help take your career or small business to the next level while boosting your overall health. Some things you can do for this to happen may include setting your priorities right, creating enough time for your family, managing a flexible schedule, and creating room for fun.


Now, as you can see, working at home is not as easy as is mostly assumed. Some challenges you encounter can affect your health, which is something no one wants. In addition to improving your productivity, the above tips can help you to stay healthy in this work-from-home season.


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