10 Strategies To Increase Your Companies Sales

Let’s face it, we all want to increase our revenue by boosting sales. Every organization is looking to find new tactics and strategies that will give them a competitive edge to capture more market share. Whether it’s a new marketing campaign or a sales pitch, every business must take full advantages of the plethora of methods to generate new leads and close more deals.


1. Take advantage of new technologies

No matter what your business is, it is always key to use new technologies to your advantage. If you already have a website, think about how to start capturing names, emails, phone numbers, and identifying customer intent. If you already have a database, turn to email marketing and use effective Lead Magnets to increase the sales of your business. Learn to segment your database by using CRM tools such as SalesForce. The options are endless and are just one click away .


2. Improving and expanding upon your core offers

Improving products or services is a sure way to increase the sales of your business. Launching new products, adding complementary products or diversifying your portfolio will allow you to give your customers  more alternatives to choose from. In addition, this way you will be able to attract new audiences.

Serving your customers more quickly or providing a personalized treatment, whether it is when answering questions, taking an  order, or delivering the product or service, will translate into higher levels of customer satisfaction.


3. Bring in a sales expert

It is quite common that many organizations become stale and stagnated with their ideas and approaches. This is why some organizations hire a sales expert who can come and motivate your sales team. These professional speakers and trainers have the ability to connect with your staff and get them fired up to not only learn new strategies, but to help them push through mental roadblocks. If you need help finding a speaker, you can try contacting a speakers bureau.


4. Highlight your competitive advantage

We all have competitors. The important thing is to offer a differentiation to our clients. For example, you can ensure that your customer service makes their shopping experience always positive, as Starbucks and McDonald’s try to do .

Reducing your target (to a niche) makes it possible to specialize in a specific type of consumer. The advantages of serving a market niche is that you will be able to better understand the needs, tastes, concerns and preferences of your  potential customers. In this way, it will be easier to design products, services and strategies tailored to your  ideal client.


6. Micro-targeting

Increasing sales is almost impossible if you don’t increase digital advertising budget. Thanks to sites like Facebook and Google, you can identify people and group them into specific segments with traits that unite them. You can then build specially designed messages for each segment.

This is what micro-targeting is all about, an advanced form of segmentation that uses Big Data analysis to detect common patterns that lead a small group of your target audience to have similar motivations for making a purchase decision.

To sell more and to improve sales velocity you no longer have to do more advertising, but micro-segment and arrive with the right message and offer for each segment.


7. Increase the ways to connect with your customers

Increasing the sales of your business is easier than you imagine. Having a  responsive website and having an active presence on social networks where your target lives means that your business is now open 24/7. In this way, the availability and exposure of your products and services increases exponentially.

Participating in both local and international events is an effective strategy to publicize your product and get customers. The networking face to face is key to cultivate professional relationships long term.


8. Stay positive and keep yourself motivated

Sales is not an easy task which can feel a bit defeating at times. Ask any good sales person and they will tell you they have good days and bad days. So it is quite common that sales people lose motivation. “If you truly want your organization to excel, then you are going to need to find ways to stay motivated” says Sean Adams of Motivation Ping. “Staying motivated doesn’t just happen. It is a skill that you must consistently work on.” It is important that you find methods and systems that best work for you when you feel like you are in a slump.


9. Use testimonials from satisfied customers

The use of testimonials from satisfied customers attests to the quality of our product or service. When potential customers are doing comparative shopping, one of the key factors they look for is in other satisfied customers. This is why Amazon does so well: because they have a community of people leaving reviews. It is important that you have a method of getting your satisfied customers in front of potential buyers so they can do the selling for you.


10. Never stop prospecting

To increase the sales of your business, you should always analyze your consumers. Currently, tools such as Google Analytics allow you to know demographic characteristics, tastes, preferences and other characteristics of the people who visit our website. Analyzing this data will make it easier for you to formulate more effective strategies.

In parallel, you should always listen to your customers. Their opinions, comments, criticisms and suggestions will let you know where you need to improve.

In addition, prospecting will allow you to get your current customers to buy from you again. The analysis of your customers allows you to offer them new products or promotions adapted to their latest wishes and needs.


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