Why Forming Your Company With Cyprus Ltd

Why Forming Your Company With Cyprus Ltd

Thinking of expanding your business in Europe? Establish your own profitable LLC in Cyprus and consolidate your financial future.

Europe has always been a thriving hub for business. All countries in the European Union combined create the largest single market area on earth. Thanks to free trade, starting a business in any EU country is a breeze, no matter which country of the union you live in.

Within the Forbes Top 40 countries for business, Cyrus is a hidden gem for entrepreneurs. Being ranked the 5th safest country on earth, its steady government and eased business regulations make it a hotspot for LLCs.

Most entrepreneurs are unaware of how simple it is to start an LLC in Cyprus and hence are deprived of the amazing financial benefits of starting a company there.

Why Start Your Business In Cyprus?

Cyprus is located at the junction of Europe, Asia, and Africa, which makes it easily accessible to any of these continents. Due to being a beautiful island country with a peaceful environment and low crime rates, it attracts a lot of tourists, so there will never be a lack of clients, local and foreign.

The country as a whole, with its European standard infrastructure and high-tech telecommunication network, is attractive for business. Even if you want to invest in property, Cyprus has one of the most booming property markets in Europe.

Benefits of Forming Your Company With A Cyprus Ltd

Easy Company Formation

Thanks to free trade amongst the EU countries, many hopeful entrepreneurs consider starting their business away from their home country. However, many are unsure about where to start their business due to the language barrier and lack of knowledge about the process of company formation.

However, there are many firms based in Cyprus that are in place to help entrepreneurs with company formation, which can make the process effortless. They make it easier for you by simplifying the process, providing you with all the information and help you would need.

Cyprus limited formation can even be done online, which makes it perfect for EU online business startups. Their simple and structured online company formation process can help both set up both domestic and foreign startups.

Perfect For Online Businesses

If you want to start or expand your online business, do that in Cyprus. Digital entrepreneurs can go through this fast formation system and go online as quickly as they want. There are plenty of opportunities for online businesses in Cyprus.

Ever since the economic collapse in Cyprus in 2013, there has been a steady rise in the online business market. Two factors caused this increase in e-commerce in Cyprus:

  • People who faced unemployment found it easier to establish an online business as the early capital required is low. EU online businesses can also benefit from the same factor. Start your company with less money and grow with time.
  • A lot of people left Cyprus in wake of the economic crisis. These people moved to different parts of Europe and later started their business in Cyprus from outside of the country. This is another reason why non-domicile entrepreneurs can start a business so easily in Cyprus.

Start your online business in Cyprus and create a profitable company with less starting capital.

Low Corporate Tax Rates

Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe, which makes it the perfect place for establishing a thriving business. Any Cyprus company has to pay a 12.5% tax on its net profit and that’s about it. There are no other costly taxes to make it difficult for a new company to survive.

If you plan on opening a private or public LLC in Cyprus, there is no tax on dividend payouts to shareholders. There is also no tax from dividends a Cyprus company accepts from sister countries. For any intellectual property rights, such as patents or trademark names, there is only a 2.5% tax.

Great For Non-Domicile Entrepreneurs

  • Cyprus is very hospitable towards foreign entrepreneurs. For a non-dom company owner, there is no special tax on foreign-owned companies or even foreign exchange gains. If a Cyprus company owns a business establishment abroad, there is no tax on that either.
  • Barriers to entry into any market are easy and have no added taxes, even for a non-dom business.
  • Tackling the legal sides of the business formation is also quick and easy. Most firms that help non-dom owners can take care of it for you, so you do not even have to come to Cyprus to start your business.
  • You can get your bank account in a Cyprus bank from anywhere. You can also get your EU VAT registration done from anywhere and get your number within two working days.
  • You do not need multiple owners to start a company in Cyprus, which makes it easy for sole proprietors to do business in the country. That sole owner can be of any nationality, which makes this great for foreign entrepreneurs.
  • If you need help with immigration when you are starting a business in Cyprus, a company like Cyprus Ltd can help you with that.
  • If you have a business in Cyprus or made an investment there, becoming a citizen in Cyprus becomes easy. Your spouse and even children under the age of 28 can get citizenship as well. You can live in a country that is both beautiful and is a part of the prestigious EU. You can also visit any EU country without a visa if you become a Cypriot.
  • With a thriving market for businesses and attractive tax rates, opening a Cyprus Ltd is lucrative. This information is not widely known, which makes now the perfect time to start a business there.

Final Thoughts

Start your own company in Cyprus, and establish a thriving business there. Entering the market is easy, and you can start your business with small initial capital. Owning a Cyprus Ltd means that you pay low taxes and make a high profit while getting the advantage of doing business in an EU country.


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