Where to Start With Choosing a Criminal Defence Solicitor

Criminal Defence Solicitor

Choosing a criminal defence solicitor is never a ‘nice’ process. Facing criminal charges will always be a stressful experience, which makes it even more important that you have some kind of methodology to help you choose the right legal team. Choosing an inappropriate criminal defence solicitor can be damaging to your case, leading to potentially irreparable damage. Here, we take a look at some important things to consider when choosing a criminal defence lawyer.

Choose an appropriately sized law firm

It’s important that you choose a law firm of an appropriate size. The larger firms, such as those in the magic circle, are often brilliant with larger cases and with corporate law, but they might be entirely inappropriate for smaller cases. Medium-sized law firms such as Ashcott Solicitors are often able to provide a far more personalised service, at a fraction of the price. They’ll be able to walk you through the process, keeping you more in the loop than the big firms. 

Go with a solicitor who specialises in your area

It’s also incredibly important that you choose a solicitor with extensive experience in the legal area related to your case. A solicitor who specialises in fraud may know nothing about assault charges, and vice versa; you want to choose a solicitor who’s trained and experienced in the field that covers your case. If you’re not quite sure exactly what that field is, a solicitor should be able to give you further advice.

Go off of testimonials and reviews

A good criminal defence solicitor will have won numerous cases and will have hundreds of happy clients. One of the best ways of choosing an effective criminal defence solicitor is to look at their testimonials and past cases. You’ll be able to see if they’ve dealt with any cases similar to yours, and see how personable they are in addition to judging technical proficiency. As mentioned before, it’s incredibly important that you get on with your solicitor. 

Consider legal aid options

It’s common knowledge that lawyers aren’t cheap, especially the good ones. When your future is on the line, as is often the case when you need the assistance of a criminal defence solicitor, that price hefty price tag can seem quite reasonable. 

While lawyers are often expensive, there are options available for seeking financial aid. The government itself has a legal aid service where, depending on your personal circumstances and the specifics of your case, you may be able to receive partial or complete funding. There is an official government calculator that can help you ascertain your eligibility, and your solicitor should also be able to further advise on the topic.


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