What you Need to Know About Climate Trade

Climate Trade

Are you an organization or a person looking for simplified ways to minimize your carbon footprint? Well, then, you are in the right place; keep reading to get a better understanding of ClimateTrade and the positive impact it will bring to you in relation to carbon offsetting.

As an organization or an individual, you can buy a carbon offset credit to reduce the carbon footprint to be neutral. You can only reach the neutral point when the carbon offset credits obtained are the same as the person’s or individual’s carbon footprint. In this whole process, there is revenue generated that can be utilized in different ways. For instance, any environmental-friendly project like green computing tech.

Therefore, ClimateTrade is an establishment whose goal is to connect companies that want to offset their carbon emission in large numbers so that they can invest in approved environmental projects.

Understanding Carbon footprints

Talking of ClimateTrade, you will need to understand what offset carbon footprint is and why it matters in the carbon offsetting process.

Well, when an organization or a person generates the total amount of carbon dioxide along with other GHGs, the result is what is called a footprint. Simply, it is a total of direct and indirect emissions generated.  

Direct emission is from the main source of the organization or a person, for instance, a motor vehicle company producing carbon dioxide from the fossil fuels in that same organization.

The indirect emissions come from the main establishment’s activities, but the establishments do not own the sources. Such activities are also known as downstream and upstream activities.

A good instance of indirect emission is the T-shirt-producing organization. In such an establishment, you will discover several indirect emissions before you get the end product. The whole process begins with growing cotton, shipping raw materials, then the final product. Besides, there will be the decomposition of other materials in the final stages. All these processes will produce indirect emissions, which count in the consumer’s and producer’s carbon footprints.

At ClimateTrade, we will provide you with a simplified calculation of the total carbon footprint.

How ClimateTrade carbon offsetting process works

A person or an establishment can opt for carbon offset as a measure to meet the set rules and regulations or voluntarily for different reasons. So, how does the process take place?

Well, the party looking forward to the process can reach out to service providers like ClimateTrade, which uses blockchain technology to help the customers calculate the total emission levels; they pay a fee based on that particular level. Next, the middle company will devote some money to a project that aims at reducing carbon emissions.

After the whole process, you, as the organization or an individual, will get a proof certificate to show you have purchased a carbon offset. In the case you need such a certificate for presenting as a compliance measure, you are good to go.

The steps to effective carbon emission

As you look forward to starting the carbon emission, you will need to understand the following three steps.

Calculating and measuring emissions

Here, you will need to follow specific protocols, i.e., the GHG protocol recognized globally helps organizations measure and manage GHG emissions. This protocol is divided into three more scopes as described below:

  • Direct emissions for the organizations or person’s sources
  • Indirect emissions from other resources the person or establishment purchases
  • Any other indirect emissions from the establishment’s chain value.

Once you as an organization have the carbon footprint value, ensure you include the values in financial reports for accountability purposes.

Reduce the emissions where necessary

After measuring and getting the carbon emission value, the organization can strategize a way to sustainability by minimizing carbon emissions where possible. For instance, an individual can opt for greener transportation means like electric motors.

Offsetting the remaining emissions

Finally, there are some emissions that can’t be reduced, and this means offsetting. This involves investing in projects where carbon dioxide can be removed or absorbed. However, such projects should be certified to get carbon credits. This is more reason why you should trust ClimateTrade as your perfect solution for carbon offsetting.

Why choose ClimateTrade?

The whole process of carbon emission requires a professional approach and a partner that will see you benefit from the whole process. Choosing ClimateTrade will means enjoying the following benefits:

The use of blockchain technology

Whenever dealing with other establishments, we understand they invest their resources. Therefore, we put in measures to ensure transparency and accountability of all the resources used. That is why we use blockchain technology to trace every step in the process. Besides, blockchain technology has incredible speed, a reliable information storage system, and it is highly transparent.

Professional team

Another basic reason why ClimateTrade should be your next carbon emission offsetting option is the highly professional team dedicated to their tasks accordingly. Our team will handle all your requests and requirements effectively and in a timely manner.

Quality delivery

With over three hundred registered companies, more than 50 projects from different companies, and over 2k end users, it only means one thing, you will be assured of quality services from us.

So, why struggle with carbon emissions when you can easily contact us and have all your problems solved? Talk to us as we purport to serve you well.


There is no doubt that climate change is affecting many sectors globally. Many organizations, therefore, are on the move to handle carbon emissions in a productive manner for a better space on the planet. Make ClimateTrade your next option to offsetting your carbon emission while investing in certified projects.


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