What To Consider When Selecting A Second Business Location 

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When your business thrives, you know it’s time to consider expanding your office. Perhaps your company is ready for another business location. However, aside from business expansion, there are many other reasons why opening a second location is necessary.  

For instance, if your employees in Australia need a more flexible or accessible workstation, you may consider getting a coworking space in Melbourne. If your customer base is expanding, it’s worth building a second office they can visit. While e-Commerce businesses usually operate in smaller spaces, it’s time to upgrade and open another business location. 

When choosing the best place to open your expanding business, you may consider the following tips. 

1. Business Growth Opportunities  

Business owners should keep an eye on the present but should also look forward to the future. When assessing a second business location, you should be mindful of business growth opportunities. There may be areas in your city that are known to be developed in the near future. And it’s best to take advantage of it as early as possible.   

Find a location with good exposure potential for services and housing expansion in the region. Make an ocular in different neighborhoods around your city to compare and observe traffic and customer purchasing behavior. You may also look for construction information and city plan for expansion or restoration in your local area development agency.  

It’s not easy to run a successful business, and deciding where to expand that business can be even more challenging. Business owners can better decide where to expand their business by reviewing some key considerations for where to set up their next shop. It’s key to be on the lookout for business growth opportunities, as this second location will be more likely fruitful.  

2. Budget  

Choosing a location within your company’s budget will be a major priority. Even if you’ve found a very good location, but the rental price is too expensive, this may not be a good decision for you. It’s important to set a budget in order to narrow down your second business location choices.  

However, it’s worth noting that more money is involved in this decision. The purchase price or monthly rent is not the only cost to consider when choosing a location. There are different hidden costs associated with almost every location. You need to consider paying taxes, construction costs, utility bills, and minimum wage requirements in the area. When setting a budget, you have to factor in all these costly elements. When choosing a new location, even mobile businesses must consider licenses and permits.  

Making a well-informed choice for your next business location requires considering all the above factors. Check with other business owners in the area before committing to anything. You can also ask the businesses around the area to get a grasp of how costly it is for businesses to operate. It’s crucial to do your assignment, research, and observe other businesses in the same location.  

3. Accessibility  

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Accessibility may seem an obvious consideration to make when finding a second business location, but it’s worth emphasizing it. Nowadays, both your employees and customers would love to visit your business in an accessible location. It’s wise to find a place close to your city’s transportation systems. 

It’s important not only to consider whether the location is accessible but also whether people will prefer it over your current location. After all, the purpose of opening a second location is to give your clients another location option in case the main one is difficult for them to visit. However, an expanded site may not attract new traffic if it’s too close to existing business locations. Look at accessibility from the point of view of how easy it will be to get to, how easy it will be to park near, and leverage on the foot traffic that the area has.  

4. Additional Employees   

Another thing to consider is if you’re planning to hire more employees. Your business will need employees and managers, so you should choose an area accessible by public transportation or where potential hires will be attracted. Choosing a location based on where employees want to work is crucial to your business’ success. Make your location employee-friendly and convenient for them to work in.  

After all, your employees can contribute significantly to business success, so it makes sense to prioritize their needs when choosing another business location. Consider the positions that need to be filled. Assess how many new staff you need for the second location, and choose a place that is closer and more convenient to them.  


Congratulations on finally expanding your business; you can apply some more tips for success. It’s important to consider various factors when choosing your second business location. You need to have a budget, consider future growth opportunities, prioritize accessibility, and ensure that your employees will find the location convenient. Before committing to a location, conducting the necessary research is important to ensure it’s the right one for your business.



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