What Are Your Legal Rights After Car Accidents?

After a car accident, you are unsure of what to do, and the events might overwhelm you. You need to understand your rights to ease the financial burden and ensure that third parties do not manipulate you. During this moment, you should remain calm and focus on recovery. Let’s go through a few legal rights that you have after a car accident. Also, as long as your vehicle is not available to drive or needs major repairs/parts replacement, you can hire a rental accident car for your daily needs.

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Right to Document the Accident Scene

You have the right to take photos of the accident scene, your car, the other parties’ car, road conditions, street lights and signs, obstructions, among other factors that might have contributed to the accident. No one should hinder you from documenting the scene; hence, you should take clear photos and videos of all parameters. Besides, you should ask for eyewitness contact information along with their account of what transpired. The witnesses will, later on, be useful since they will prove the liable party.

Right to Legal Counsel

You have the right to call your attorney after the accident. During this period, you are probably traumatized, and you will need a trained professional who can take care of legal matters. Legal experts at https://www.hamparyan.com/san-diego-car-accident-attorney/ recommend getting a trustworthy personal injury lawyer who will press charges for careless or reckless driving. Besides, you are overwhelmed with the occurrence, and you need a DUI lawyer who can manage all the legal aspects of the case as you focus on physical and emotional recovery. Ensure you pick an experienced and compassionate lawyer who has a track record of handling car accidents to ensure that you receive fair compensation. If you are in Pennsylvania and you are looking for legal assistance for a DUI related incident, check the DUI attorney harrisburg pa.

Right to Call the Police

It’s your right to call 911 for help immediately if you are involved in an accident. If you don’t have physical injuries, you should also consider calling for help since you might have internal problems, and your body might be filled with adrenaline that masks the injuries. Besides, if there is vehicle damage, you should inform the police and get an abstract.

Right to Medical Assistance

You might have suffered physical injury, and you need medical assistance. No one should restrict you at the accident scene, citing that you are attempting to flee the scene. Health and safety should be your priority. Upon getting medical assistance, you have a right to request treatment records, referrals to specialists, and medical bills. The documents will help you, later on, should you decide to take legal action.

Right to Remain Silent

It’s your right to remain silent after an accident and not lay blame on anyone or admit to the accident’s fault. In case other drivers confront you, do not debate over what happened or try to figure out the wrong party. By discussing information with the affected parties, you could distort the memory that you had about the accident; therefore, you would be unable to distinguish the occurrence from the discussion that you had. Hold a conversation with your attorney and the police. Both parties will use the gathered evidence from all parties to arrive at conclusions about the accident’s cause.   

Right to Determine Whether the Other Party has Insurance

All drivers are required under the law to have their car insurance with them. Some drivers operate without insurance; in the event of an accident, it’s your right to get insurance details of the other party. If the other party lacks an insurance cover, you might have to use the uninsured motorist protection cover that covers damages. 

Get a Police Report

Some people fear the police, and contrary to popular belief, it’s your right to file and receive a copy of the police report. The police report serves as evidence, and it contains valuable information concerning the accident. The report includes the diagram of the accident, citations, statements from eyewitnesses, lighting and weather conditions, witness information, the time, date, and location of the accident. Approach the police and request a copy of the report. Besides, it’s your right to take the officer’s number so you can use it later on when pressing charges.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident could be frustrating and stressful, and you must know your rights. During this moment, you might be forgetful, and you might not know which steps to take. A trusted friend or a dui lawyer will be helpful during this trying moment; hence you should contact one of them immediately. You should beware of third parties whose intention is to manipulate you into quickly settling the damages.


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