Top 7 Calculators and Converter Websites for Business Needs in 2022


Having a calculator and converter of the right type of mathematics conversions at hand is essential for any student, businessperson, or someone out there who likes working with numbers. Sometimes the math just doesn’t work out as you hope, but that’s where a calculator with the right type of conversion comes in.

Calculators and converter websites play a very important role for business. Business people have to deal with lots of things including money, weight, time, volume etc. Therefore, they always use calculators and converter websites to calculate data quickly.

In this age of technology, there are a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to tools for businesses. 24/7 access and quick information are important factors to consider when considering which tools are best for business needs. Whether it be for employees or clients, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

However, there is a growing demand for calculators and converters that can be of added convenience in the situation of making important business decisions. Converters can be extremely useful when it comes to time zones, currency conversions, working days, measurements and more.

Calculators are also a fantastic option to have in business situations, especially when it comes to complex mathematics or probabilities.

As the following table shows, there are only 7 calculators and converter websites which can be used by you for free.

1. Calculatorology

One of the most preferred calculators and converters used for business is This calculator website provides a wide range of calculators for businesses to use. Online there are 19 different types of calculators that can be used including business, compound interest, shipping, statistics, geometry and more! 

The main benefit of is the fact that everything is free for users to use. There are no hidden fees and no strings attached. Furthermore, Calculator ology is extremely easy to use and there is even a mobile app available so employees and clients can access the calculators regardless of the devices they use.

2. Meta calculator

Another extremely popular website for calculators and converters is Meta Calculator. This calculator website has a very different range of tools to use than Calculator ology. First of all Meta Calculator is designed for students and researchers.

 However, this is perfect for business professionals because the complex calculators can be used to make precise calculations. There are also 21 different types of calculators that are found on the website. These include mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and more!


It has a large range of calculators and other tools, including a graphing calculator. It has some other features like GeoGebraTube which is used to create and share videos. It has a large number of tools for educators to use.

4. BankRate is the leading digital financial media company that helps consumers make better informed decisions about saving and spending their money. Its mission is to help people lead better lives and reach their goals by providing the most trusted and objective personal financial information, advice, tools and technology.

There are different calculators available on the Bank rate website. The Loan Amount Calculator is a detailed calculator which allows you to calculate monthly payments, total interest, and total amount repayable.

5. Credit karma

Credit karma is one of the best online calculators and converters for business needs. This website provides various useful tools such as a credit card payoff calculator, personal loan calculator and mortgage calculator. These tools are top-notch, up to date and available for free. However, this website may help individuals or small businesses that need relatively simple calculators, but it may not be a perfect fit for large corporations.

6. Calculator-1

Calculator-1 is another website that offers some efficient financial calculators. It has a personal loan repayment calculator, mortgage calculator and even a flexible spending account (FSA) calculator that can help individuals to determine the best way to save money. This website offers a great user experience and well-designed calculators, so it can be a good alternative to Credit karma.

7. Calculatorsoup

Calculator soup is a website that offers different types of calculators which meet the needs of business people. All calculators are free to use. The best calculator tool website to get Calculator and Converter online is Calculator soup.

 It is a free online site to find the number of different calculators and converters online. It offers various types of calculators such as currency converter, time, unit calculator, discount calculator, loan calculator.


There are many online calculators available that may help you to simplify financial calculations. If you need a simple calculator, Credit karma may be your perfect choice. 


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