Top 6 Annotated Bibliography Writing Services: Reviews of the Best Companies

Annotated Bibliography

When you have an annotated bibliography, you can quickly find out what research completed on a certain topic. An annotated bibliography of research sources that contains brief descriptions and assessments of each source is provided. An annotation is often comprised of a quick description of the material and a brief analysis or assessment. You may require reflecting on, summarizing, criticizing, assessing, or analyzing the source material by your assignment.

Depending on the situation, an annotated bibliography may be part of a bigger project or a standalone assignment. While an annotation may be as small as a single line, the typical annotated bibliography consists of a reference followed by a brief commentary paragraph. An annotated bibliography begins with the bibliographic information for a source, followed by a short commentary.

When creating an annotated bibliography, it is common to order it alphabetically by the author’s last name, similar to how a regular reference list or bibliography is organized. According to the APA style, an annotated bibliography summary should be between 100 and 200 words per reference; however, verify with your lecturer/tutor since this may vary depending on the faculty and evaluation.

The study that completed on a particular topic should note when creating an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is similar to any other bibliography in that it is an alphabetical list of research sources. Furthermore, an annotated bibliography includes a brief overview of each source, as well as an evaluation of its importance or worth. Depending on your assignment, an annotated bibliography may be a step in a bigger research project or a standalone study submitted as part of another project.

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2. Studdit

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What is an annotated bibliography definition?

An annotated bibliography, sometimes known as an annotated bib, is a bibliography (a list of books or other works) that contains descriptive and evaluative remarks about the sources mentioned in your research, as well as additional information about the sources listed in your paper. Annotations are another term for these types of remarks.

After every reference, there is an annotation, a short (typically around 150 words) descriptive and evaluative text that follows it. The annotation’s goal is to educate the reader on the relevancy, accuracy, and overall quality of the sources that have been referenced. The title, annotation, and citation are the three distinct components of an annotated bibliography, and they are all important. Depending on the style you choose, the title and citation format will be different. In addition to a summary, assessment, and reflection, the annotation may contain other elements.

The author’s name, the title, the date, and the source are the most fundamental pieces of information that should include in every reference. According to the American Psychological Association standards, the bibliography should be referred to as the Reference List. Science Buddies has compiled a list of some of the most often used APA formats for your convenience: Examples of the APA Format.

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography?

To compile an annotated bibliography, like report writing, you must use a range of intellectual abilities, including brief explanation, succinct analysis, and knowledgeable library research. The first step is to track down and record the citations for books, journals, and other publications containing relevant information and thoughts about your subject. Examine and evaluate the real things in a brief manner. Then choose those books that provide a range of viewpoints on your subject of discussion.

  • Use the proper citation style to refer to the book, article, or document.
  • Compose a concise annotation highlighting the primary topic and breadth of the book or article you are reviewing. 
  • Evaluate the author’s authority or background 
  • Comment on the intended audience
  • Compare or contrast this work with another you have mentioned 
  • Explain how this work highlights the subject of your bibliography

An annotation is typically 100-300 words in length, depending on the subject matter (one paragraph). Your professor, on the other hand, may have different expectations. Therefore, it is suggested that you confirm the assignment requirements with them before beginning.

It is possible to add the following information in an annotation:

  • A succinct description of the cited source
  • The source’s advantages and disadvantages 
  • Its conclusions 
  • Why the source is relevant in your field of study
  • Its relationships to other studies in the field 
  • An evaluation of the research methodology (if applicable)
  • Information about the author’s background 
  • Your personal opinions on the source 

Annotated bibliography in the APA style Examples

The annotated bibliography is formatted similarly to a Reference page, with a comment after each source mentioned. An annotation is a brief description and critical assessment of a source document or other source material. The title, annotation, and citation are the three distinct components of an annotated bibliography, and they are all important. Depending on the style you choose, the title and citation format will be different. In addition to a summary, assessment, and reflection, the annotation may contain other elements.

Khokhar, Bilal. (20021). The poverty of Childrens: Making and creating the lists. A question of Aslan: Rights of children in kohawar Kalan (pp. 804). 

Saad & Bilal. (2021). Freelancing and making Listing in ABC, 2021. Office of the freelance marketplace

Abbas, Manazir. (2021). Graphic designing, making the thumbnails on canvas. A competent freelancer, 74

The APA Style Guide: How to Format an Annotated Bibliography with annotations

  • The page number should be positioned to the right.
  • Using a running header (Optional)
  • One-inch margins on both sides.
  • Double-spaced throughout.
  • The term “Annotated Bibliography” is in the middle of the page.
  • The second and following lines of the citation are indented with a hanging indent.
  • Make a five-space indent for the annotation.


Ideally, each annotation should be one or two paragraphs long, with between three and six phrases per paragraph. Begin by using the same structure as a standard Works Cited list. All lines should be double-spaced throughout the document. There is no need to include an additional line between the citations.

Bilal, Muhammad, Changing Environment. 2021. Pakistan, ABC Publishers.


On the other hand, the American Psychological Association offers some recommended formatting guidelines: Similarly, to the way you would arrange items in a reference list, the references in an annotated bibliography should be listed in alphabetical order. Each annotation should be a separate paragraph underneath the reference item it refers back to. The annotation should have a 0.5-inch indentation.

Freelance marketplace. (2021). Published on the freelance marketplace (7th ed.) (2021). ABC freelance association.

Chicago Styles

Instead of just listing the publications of your sources, an annotated bibliography includes a synopsis (and, in some cases, a rating) of each one.

Salam, Abdul. The Meaning of Relativity. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2021.


It is a list of references that includes a short evaluation and description of the article followed by the next citation in the list. Compose an annotated bibliography or business plan with 15-20 items while you research your research writing assignment. Each item in your annotated bibliography should include a citation and a short description of the content that was referred to. 

They are usually a single concise paragraph, although they may be lengthier if you summarize and analyze a large amount of information. Annotating text increases student engagement in reading and provides learners with a clear purpose for their writing activities. 

It aids readers in their capacity to clarify and synthesize concepts, ask pertinent questions, and record critical thinking about textual material. When encouraging pupils to engage with a book, annotations are an important technique that instructors may use. They help pupils get a more in-depth knowledge of texts and motivate them to read with a goal in mind.


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