Top 4 Apps for Recording Calls on Your iPhone

Top 4 Apps for Recording Calls on Your iPhone

There are times; we need to record our phone conversations. This is especially difficult for iPhone users, since iOS does not have built-in automatic call recording. It is possible to use a regular voice recorder to record conversations, but this method requires the user to make certain conditions in order to record. Fortunately, there are now many modern call recording apps available on the mobile app market that make this process much easier. 

Let’s just talk about the top four call recorders for your iPhone;

1. REKK Call Recorder 

REKK Call Recorder is one of the best apps for recording calls on an iPhone to keep track of all your meaningful conversations. One of the standout features of REKK is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate. You get detailed instructions on the recording process via the available video instructions and in-app guides. 

It creates a conference-like setup between you, your caller, and the service provider to ensure everything is captured accurately. Additionally, it allows you to convert your recorded calls to text, making it simple to revisit important details when needed. 

important details when needed

Is There Any Limit to the Length of the Recording?

No, with REKK Call Recorder, there’s no limit to the recording length, and you can record your call for as long as you want.

Subscription Rates 

REKK is free to download but contains in-app purchases. Weekly pricing is $3.99.


  • Uploads files to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage
  • Create links for sharing or downloading recorded calls
  • Offers editing of entries and changing the titles


  • REKK doesn’t come with a free trial, but you can record a few calls without a subscription to test in real-time before spending anything

2. Call Recorder iCall

Another top call recording app option for iPhone users is Call Recorder iCall, as it’s very easy to use and comes with a multitude of exciting features. The app uses a three-way call system to capture both sides of the conversation. 

It has streamlined the process so that you don’t worry about any complicated steps. Additionally, all of your recordings are stored inside the app, so you can easily access and share them whenever necessary.

whenever necessary

Is There Any Limit to the Length of the Recording?

No, there are no caps on the call recording duration. 

Subscription Rates 

The app offers a 3-day free trial, and the subscription charges are $5.99/week.


  • Supports recording for both incoming and outcoming calls
  • Easy one-tap call recording setup for effortless use
  • Prompt customer service to help you overcome any challenges


  • The free version has multiple limitations, so subscription is vital for optimal use

3. TapeACall: Call Recorder

TapeACall is an amazing call-recording app having advanced recording features. It helps you capture both incoming and outgoing calls with crystal-clear audio quality. In addition, the in-built audio transcription tool easily transcribes your recordings for better clarity and understanding. You can also share recordings on popular platforms like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc. This helps you track all your important conversations and share them with anyone, anywhere.

them with anyone, anywhere.

Is There Any Limit to the Length of the Recording?

No, there are no limits on the duration and number of recordings on TapACall.

Subscription Rates 

The app offers a free trial for seven days, but after that, you need to pay a minimal amount of $3.99/month to access the call recording and other features.


  • Transfer and email recordings in real-time for convenience
  • Play recordings effortlessly in the background for easy access
  • Share and export recordings seamlessly via email or other apps 


  • The cost of a subscription may seem expensive compared to similar apps

4. RecMyCalls – Call Recorder App

RecMyCalls is a good call-recording app that records your incoming and outgoing calls in a refined way. It features an efficient conference calling system that easily records your calls. However, you’ll need to initiate the call inside the app to start the recording. 

Simply wait a few seconds for the merge calls option to activate, then hit the button to start recording. RecMyCalls also provide top-notch transcription services, so you track important details from your conversations. 

details from your conversations

Is There Any Limit to the Length of the Recording?

No, there’s no recording limit on RecMyCalls, and calls can be recorded as many times as you wish for as long as you like.

Subscription Rates 

You can avail of the free trial with all the premium features, but once the trial ends, you need to buy a subscription that’s around $9.99/week.


  • Transport your recordings without any hassle
  • Offers clear and quick recording for all your incoming and outcoming calls
  • You can name your recordings as per your will, so you can find them easily whenever needed


  • Call records cannot be organized

Is it legal to record calls?

If you are a US resident, the answer depends on your state. Most states in the US allow one-party consent recording, while 12 states, such as Florida, Maryland, etc., ask for both parties’ consent. This means you can’t record a call unless all parties are aware of the act. 

Can I record the phone call and use it as evidence?

Yes, you can record the phone call and use it as evidence in court. However, if your state has a two-party consent rule, you must record the call with the consent of other parties before using it as evidence. 

How can I tell if someone is recording my call?

You can know whether someone is recording your call if your phone beeps at the start or if there’s frequent beeping during the call.


iPhone’s users often face difficulty recording their calls as iOS doesn’t have an in-built recorder. However, you can use any of the above-discussed call recording options to record your calls hassle-free. Some of these apps also feature transcription capabilities that make it easy for you to take notes of important business calls. You can pick the one that fits well with your requirements. 


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