Top 10 Android App Development Companies For You To Hire In 2022-2023


With over 3.04 million apps in the Google Play Store, Android has established itself as the most advanced and demanding operating system. As a result, Android app development is expanding to include cutting-edge tools and methods as a direct result of the increasing demand for and variety of Android devices.

Finding first-rate android app development services in the USA is one of the most time-consuming and perhaps fatal obstacles facing new and growing businesses in today’s competitive global market.

In light of the present state of affairs, companies cannot do without mobile applications. And I’m sure you already know this, but the USA is widely regarded as the world’s premier hub for creating and designing mobile applications. This blog post will provide a curated list of the best Android app development firms that cater to startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs by providing dependable, scalable, and robust services.

List of Top 10 Android Application  Development Companies in 2022


Zazz is a prominent and the best android app development company with hundreds of apps. Its expertise and understanding produce high-quality applications that improve corporate awareness and client trust. Their software developers are ready for any task. Their platform has millions of users globally. This recognised firm innovates app features and uses modern technology to meet customer demands.



AppStudio is a leading iOS and android mobile app development company that has a team of expert android developers in San Francisco, california. Founded in 2009, its team of more than 100 employees serves business and midsize clients in industries such as products and services, education, Healthcare and retail. Being one of the successful mobile apps development companies, the team at AppStudio has built over 100 successful Android applications on the Google Play Store and has served 10+ industries across the globe. 



It’s a top US android app developer. Google approved this team to create the ultimate app for companies. They’re noted for their engaging UI—safe and stable applications. Tekrevol creates applications for android phones, tablets, and wearables.


Intellectsoft is one of the most dependable android app development businesses. Android applications for mobile, TV, and wearables are available here, independent of brand or industry. Luxury hotels, intelligent fridges, and wellness treatment companies are clients. Fintech, wellness, healthcare, sports, e-commerce, and IoT applications are among its specialties.


It’s one of the best android app development firms for sophisticated projects. It utilises Java and Kotlin. Its developers ensure the applications are compatible with all android versions, and its tailored solution addresses your wants and pain areas. 


It’s one of the best app developers for corporate firms and startups. It has created and published 2000+ applications on Google Play with over 10 million downloads and more than ten unique features.


Simpalm is a renowned android app developer with 150+ projects and a decade of expertise. This top android app developer in the US has specialized specialists. It boasts excellent customer service and affordable app-making choices.


Peerbits can turn your small business into a worldwide brand with its android apps. An app outline can bring it to life. Silicon usa, ISO, and Nasscom Foundation are its prestigious clients. Its skilled android app developers create dynamic, scalable, high-quality applications. Full-featured applications may help your business. These may suit your and your consumers’ needs.


AppChopper works with owners to design android applications that generate cash. Beautiful and scalable app designs may be found on android TV, mobile, tablet, and wearables. Its applications function seamlessly on over 24k Android devices, including Android Q. It uses Java, Kotlin, dynamic backend, material design, digital wellness, and bespoke API.


Brainvire designs android applications that boost your company’s performance. Competent, energetic, and experienced app developers can construct your ideal app. According to market research, they may introduce new features, so your money will be well spent. Top-notch applications offer attractive looks and help you quickly flip pages.


In this day and age, there are a plethora of developers working on android applications all around the globe. Here, we have provided you with a list of the leading development businesses so that you may hire dedicated android developers and make the most of your financial resources and get just the most high-performing and high-class android applications to fulfill all of your needs.


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