The SMB’s Guide to Building a Brand with Video Content

video marketing

Are you someone who has just started out or is aspiring to start your own business? Then there is an amazing journey ahead of you. Being a small or medium-sized business owner can be a great professional learning experience. In case you are wondering, small and medium businesses are indicated with the acronym SMB. Over the past year, SMBs have increased by a large margin. So if you are trying to create your business into a brand, there are a few ideas you should surely need to explore.

One of the best ideas in the present business advertising scenario is video marketing. In the social media-dominated world, videos have become the most consumed content on the internet. And here are a few tips to get your business’s video content right!

Your 6 Ideas For the Right Video Content

1. Be unique and original

Any kind of content you are putting up for branding and advertisement can only be successful when it is original. No one wants to see content that is plagiarised. Especially in the case of videos, the similarities become more glaring. So there are a few things you can do to post original videos for your business:

  • Do your research beforehand and be thorough with everything. Try not to skip any significant pages that have posted similar kinds of videos before.
  • While making the videos, feature your business team. It helps the audience connect with you and establishes a kind of trust.
  • Post teasers for the big videos so that your audience can be prepared for something nice and interesting.

2. Get as creative as possible with the content

The best thing about posting original content is that your imagination can run wild. There is no limit to what can be done with people and props in a video. Use this factor to the best of your ability.
Since you are posting the content on the web, after a few videos, you will get an idea about the likes and dislikes of your audience. Once you figure this out, use that as the strategy for all the videos that you will be making. Brainstorm different ideas that can lead to more types of videos concerning your business.

3. Make videos of ranging lengths

Attention span and free time are two things that are becoming rarer for people. No one has too much time in their daily lives to watch videos at a stretch. As a small business, you have to keep all your customers and their situation in mind. This is why things like reels and shorts are the order of the day. Working on a reel can be the best business idea – be it for a product, packaging, or just a promotional video.

The smaller the video is, the easier it will be to reach your customers. Reels or shorts -with a maximum of one minute to 3 minutes – make sure your customers will watch the video. Shorter videos are also known to work better for the curiosity of potential customers.

4. Be simple but relevant

Making any kind of video-based content is all about getting the point across. There is no need to beat about the bush when you are presenting a video to your audience. So use the simplest method of presentation. Make your video simple and focused on the kind of topic you are addressing.

The audience of a certain kind of business appreciates to-the-point videos. If you are putting out promotional content, stick to the promotion of products only. When you are making engagement videos, make them a little more personal and interactive so that they can keep your audience coming back for more.

5. Keep track of your reach

One good idea about making your video content reach more people is keeping track of your posts. Track the time and content quality – when and what kind of content your audience is looking for. Ask for feedback from your audience, their comments and messages can help you build and rebuild your content strategy. Remember that it is up to the audience to make your brand successful. And the best way to do this is to involve your audience in the process of branding.

Branding your business is one of the most important steps in your small or medium business. You need to be careful and creative about the kind of actions you are taking to build your business across platforms. But with a little planning, anything can be possible.


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