The Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Riding That You Need To Know


By Patrick Halliday

Owning and riding a motorcycle is fun and a thrilling experience for those who enjoy traveling the road on two wheels, especially taking a tour around Buffalo, since it offers great views and destinations.

While riding a motorcycle can be a great way of traveling around compared to taking a car, it also presents distinct pros and cons compared to using a car as an everyday vehicle. Motorcycle riding can be fun and very useful, but it also brings danger.

People should be aware of the pros and cons of motorcycle riding to help them decide if they still want to consider riding a motorbike.

Pros of Motorcycles

Pros of Motorcycles

  • Motorbikes are cool – There’s no doubt that riding a bike is fun. It also tends to grab attention from people.
  • Less gas – a motorcycle uses lesser fuel rather than a car does, especially during longer journeys. Since the tank of the gas on a motorcycle is smaller than cars, it will just cost less to fill up the tank.
  • Fewer repairs – bikes require fewer repairs and maintenance compared to cars. Oil changes are relatively straightforward and are doable by the owner rather than a professional mechanic. It is also cheaper to repair motorbikes than car repairs.
  • Bikes are less expensive – Bikes are cheaper to buy than cars. And its insurance sometimes costs less than car insurance, depending on a specific insurance plan.
  • Traffic – Traffic has always been a problem when people need to get somewhere. But with a motorcycle, they no longer have to stay behind a crowd of cars and wait for the traffic to move. Bikes can travel in between cars parked on the road.

Cons of Motorcycles

Cons of Motorcycles

  • Safety issues – Though there are pros to saving money with motorcycles, there is also a risk to personal safety. Riders will be more vulnerable to potential traffic accidents while on bikes. Unlike cars, drivers of motorcycles don’t have doors, bumpers, or airbags to protect them from impacts with other vehicles. With features designed to make the ride easier, safer, and more fun, is changing the way motorcycle riders experience the open road. It is an innovative mobile app designed to help motorcycle riders keep track of their rides. Riders can set up notifications to alert them when they are approaching a dangerous area, and they can even record their route for later review.
  • No fun to ride in bad weather – It is not fun to ride a bike in the middle of a rain storm. The driver will get wet, the roads will also get wet, and it can be an annoying experience. Not to mention, there is no AC unit on motorcycles that can beat the heat of Buffalo.
  • Other drivers can’t easily see bikes – Drivers of other vehicles on the road are often not aware of motorcycles simply because they don’t always see them on their side and rear view mirrors. Drivers can easily cut off bikes or even run into them because they don’t usually see them.
  • No storage space – riding on bikes makes it extremely hard to go on a grocery shopping trip, helping a friend move, or carry anything more than two passengers because of the lack of backseat and a trunk.

Reasons Why Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Is Important

Many drivers in Buffalo do not watch out for motorcycles on the road or provide the bike riders the attention they deserve. This negligence will just result in bike accidents and injuries to the motorcyclists.

Serious bike crashes typically involve costly medical treatment and long recovery periods. That’s why it is necessary to know all the legal options for recovering compensation for the injuries and damages caused by others.

When involved in a car or road crash, Insurance companies have a tendency to pay as little as possible just to settle things and to take advantage of the vulnerability of a victim’s situation. That’s why it is best to hire professional injury attorneys to recover all the possible compensation that every motorcycle accident victim deserves. Whether it’s a car, bike, or motorcycle accident, you need a lawyer to defend you against those insurance companies. Check: , for the best injury lawyers in Illinois.

Here some reasons why getting a bike accident lawyer is necessary:

  • Attorneys investigate the motorbike crash and interview witnesses and police.
  • They consult traffic accident reconstruction professionals, if needed, to identify precisely how the motorcycle accident happened.
  • They identify all potential drivers who caused the collision and their insurance providers.
  • They determine the current medical expenses of the injury.
  • They work with the financial planners to get an estimation of the victim’s lifetime medical expenses and ongoing costs from the damage.
  • They are also responsible for submitting an insurance claim that reflects the total extent of losses.
  • The lawyers will also negotiate aggressively with the insurance company so that they will provide a maximum compensation.
  • They are also responsible for informing the client of any settlement offers.
  • These attorneys will also file a personal injury case if a satisfactory agreement is not obtained.
  • They will represent the victims in court proceedings.


Riding on a motorbike is one of the excellent ways to tour around the open countryside and to enjoy the beauty of Buffalo by means that no one can experience in a car. Riders get to feel a much deeper connection with the road and see things in a different way. It is much better to consider the pros and cons of motorcycle riding first to make sure that there will be no regrets in purchasing one.

Motorcycle accidents are more likely life-threatening than any other kind of vehicle-related crashes. If any victims get involved in a motorbike collision, chances are they will have to deal with injuries which can force them out of commission while they heal. It means lost work, medical bills, and the potentially long-term side effects of the wounds. That’s why it is necessary to hire the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Buffalo to get fair compensation.

About the Author

Patrick Halliday is a partner of Halliday McCall Accident Lawyers of Illinois. The opening of his own office in central Illinois was a process that started at the end of 2017 after having been a partner in a major Chicago based litigation law firm. He has been practicing law for over 15 years in the Chicago area working on high profile cases and multi-million dollar claims. Mr. Halliday has helped clients win cases on both the prosecution and defense sides of legal claims. Having experience on both sides of matters has allowed him to maximize the results for his clients’ cases. Attorney Halliday obtained his undergraduate degree at Northern Illinois University and his J.D. at DePaul University College of Law.


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