The Lure Of Locum Jobs In Europe


Now that the lockdown regulations that affected the United States and many other countries have largely been relaxed, many professionals are taking the opportunity to destress and take stock of their careers, as well as exploring the opportunities presented by foreign markets – especially those in Europe.

The wide availability of international flights (although airport disruptions remain a challenge) has meant that medical professionals are presented with numerous opportunities to combine locum work with an exploration of the cuisine, destinations of historical interest, as well as cultural and entertainment possibilities offered in destinations across the European Union. Recruitment websites such as Clarity Locums are thriving since the pandemic. 

Taking that first step toward a potential full-time career in Europe requires that the medical professional needs only an appropriate qualification, a valid passport, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to work sometimes demanding hours. Of course, locum jobs in Europe can offer extremely lucrative financial rewards – but it is the experience of expanding one’s horizons that will truly pay dividends in the short, medium, and long term.

However, before taking the plunge into the exciting world of the traveling locum there are several factors that the aspirant practitioner needs to take into account. 

Firstly, selecting the right company as a partner to assist in finding the right country can be a challenge. There is a myriad of choices of companies that offer locum placement servcies – and the sheer volume of information on the various companies (thanks largely to the Internet) is staggering. However, there are companies that have established a reputation for meticulous customer service – as well as assisting the locum in finding the position that best meets their personality, unique requirements and specialisation. It is these agencies that offer the best value to the aspirant locum.

The key to finding the right recruitment agency is, of course, research. As per usual your best source of information will be your associates that have acted in a locum capacity elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately, the ease with which an agency can market themselves thanks to the low barriers of entry for an Internet presence means that some agencies are not as reputable as might be expected. Many agencies rely on word of mouth to market their services – and the recommendation of a fellow professional will go a long way toward ensuring that your European locum experience is a positive one. 

If you find an agency that appears as if it could fulfill your requirements then reach out to them with any questions that you might have. It is essential to ask if they have current jobs available – this demonstrates that they are active in providing quality leads for aspirant locums. Another important factor in selecting your agency is whether they have recruiters who specilises in your area of expertise. you are going to be relying on the professionalism of the company – and trust is an important part of the relationship. If they do have specialists ask if it might be possible to speak with them directly. Often, they would be in a better position to answer your questions than a generalist.

It is worth emphasising that the reputation of the agency that you will be dealing with is of the utmost importance. You will have already visited their website, but while you are perusing the information look out for grandiose claims that may seem too good to be true, especially in the area of remuneration. It is worth asking your associates about the sorts of salaries that are available and even reaching out to alternative agencies so that you have the ifnmration to make an educated decision when the time comes to sign up or opt-out. 

On the subject of remuneration. It is of vital importance to realise that you are not responsible for paying the agent’s fees, that is entirely the responsibility of the client, be it a hospital or a private practice. An agency that asks you to make payment to them directly is raising a red flag that simply cannot be ignored. Their relationship with your employer is one that assures you that your job is secure and above board. 

Before you even contemplate whether or not a European locum position will match your expectation and long before you book that ticket you are presented with an opportunity for self-examination that can ensure that you’re not only making the right decision but that the position that you are contemplating (or have been offered) will meet your expectations. Ask yourself if the type of position suits your skills and expectations – never make the mistake of settling for second best. Keep in mind that you will be responsible not only for the health and welfare of patients, and they deserve your focus and commitment. At the same time, you are provided with the opportunity to be the master of your own destiny and happiness, settling for ‘good enough’ is not a viable option.

Also, make sure that you will be paid according to your expectations. The cost of living can vary enormously across the European continent. Take into account your needs (you will also be a tourist) such as transportation, consumables (including food), entertainment, medical insurance, weather-appropriate clothing, and professional attire, as well as accommodation. Again, researching the country that you are evaluating is absolutely vital.

A trustworthy recruitment agency such as Maria Logan who specialise in locum placement in Europe is your most valuable asset in ensuring that the experience will be rewarding. Make sure that they have the contacts and a history of success across many countries across the continent. It is almost certain that you will be traveling further afield than the country of your initial placement. A trustworthy agency will ensure that opportunities are regularly brought to your attention. In fact, that is another sign that you have found the right agency – their willingness to communicate on a regular basis and identify those opportunities that will suit your unique requirements.

Once you have ticked all the boxes as far as selecting an agency is concerned you will be on the cusp of an experience that will shape not only your professional career but also provide you with opportunities to interact with others of a different nationality, as well as explore their cultures. As they say, travel broadens the mind.


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