The Importance of Sustainability & Environment Speakers


As environmental issues have become more important than ever in recent years, companies throughout every sector are looking for ways to improve their green credentials. If you’re hosting an event in your industry, it’s useful to hire a speaker with experience in sustainability – they can show audiences how to make their practices and processes more efficient.

Sustainability and environment speakers have a considerable effect on the events they speak at, helping organisations understand how their actions contribute to climate change and the ways they can make a difference. In this blog post, we look at the benefits of hiring an environmental speaker for your event, including the topics which form a part of these discussions.

Educate Audiences on the Importance of Sustainability

Unsustainable business practices have a notable impact on the planet at large, with a number of consequences for future generations. For this reason, it’s paramount that your event closely examines how your industry could improve its processes. Hiring an experienced sustainability speaker allows you to make a difference by educating individuals about important issues.

Sustainability can mean increasing remote work or the use of recyclable office supplies but it could also involve sweeping changes to the company’s approach. Some businesses are naturally resistant to change, especially if their strategy is what allowed them to succeed; education may be the only way to demonstrate how critical these changes are.

Inspire Individuals to Take Action

A sustainability speaker’s job is never to shame the industry for its techniques – they instead work to provide a more efficient alternative with observable benefits. The speaker’s message is one of hope for the future, offering attendees a clear way forward with comprehensive information on how the actions they take can help protect the planet.

The goal of an environmental talk is to inspire. This is a far more effective way of motivating leaders and shows them a number of ways they could benefit from the speaker’s recommendations. A speaker on sustainability issues always hopes to illustrate the harsh reality of climate change without leaving attendees feeling hopeless.

Help Businesses Become Greener

If organisations work to change their techniques and become ‘greener’, they can enjoy a number of short-term and long-term benefits. For example, a company which intelligently conserves or recycles their resources could save money on bills and supplies. On top of this, organisations that work to promote environmental causes can see a significant boost in their reputation.

How businesses act in response to climate issues can be a determining factor in how others – such as potential customers – view them. Leading the charge by hiring an environmental speaker for your event allows you to also showcase your own stance on sustainability; which will lead to your company reaping many of the same benefits.

Provide Tips on How to Make a Difference

Sustainability speakers offer many suggestions to attendees about how the processes specific to their industry could become less detrimental to the environment. Their tips could involve changing a practice slightly to save energy or may even include a full restructuring of how the sector engages with its work – which can often be a difficult sell.

It might not be practical for attendees to implement every suggestion, which is why an environmental speaker offers both minor and major recommendations. Even if a business cannot feasibly apply every single one, it can still use many of these tips for an advantage. Small changes could still have many benefits for a company and their industry.

Booking a Sustainability & Environmental Speaker

Hiring a speaker to discuss your sector’s environmental shortcomings might be the motivation attendees need in order to begin changing their current approach for the better. With that in mind, it’s essential that you have a comprehensive service by your side which helps you book high-quality sustainability speakers that transform and enhance your event.

Speakers bureaus work to connect businesses and events of all kinds with experienced speakers who can discuss important topics with authority, including that particular sector’s approach to environmental issues.


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