The Impact of 5G Technology on Instagram’s Video Streaming and Live Streaming Capabilities

The Impact of 5G Technology on Instagram's Video Streaming and Live Streaming Capabilities

We live in an era of technological evolution and speed. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what the world will look like 10 years from now. More often, we come across terms and technologies that are either utterly misunderstood or made controversial.

5G is the latest entrant into a long list of technologies misrepresented.

As with any new technological advancement, 5G’s full potential can not be accurately predicted now as we are not exposed to it on a larger scale. This blog will break down the impacts of this evolutionary technology on Instagram’s video and live streaming, and other aspects that may impact the platform’s user experience in the future.

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What is 5G Technology?

5G wireless is the next generation of cellular mobile technology designed to increase the bandwidth of mobile communication. Greater bandwidth will translate to low latency, greater mobile connectivity, and increased wireless capacity.

Users will surely experience greater uploading and downloading speeds on their mobile devices, which will help connect everything from mobile devices to objects and machines.

How will 5G impact Instagram video streaming?

We all know that video has evolved into the prime content format when it comes to user engagement and marketing businesses. Following the overnight virality of short videos, Instagram also decided to follow the waves with Reels – the leading content format on the app.

The question is, how to attract more of your target audience to your profile and grow your brand?

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Here are three ways 5G will impact video streaming on the platform:

Low Latency

With 5G, you can expect to send or receive information in one millisecond or less. Such a fast data transmission speed will revolutionize cellular communications as we know them today.

Plus, it will hugely help the widescale adoption of critical applications like mobile remote surgery, drone surveillance, virtual reality, military applications, industrial automation, monitoring remote security systems, etc.

Also, digital objects will be able to replicate real-time interactions and perceived delays will be greatly minimized or removed.

Improved User Experience

With 5G’s expected bandwidth to exceed 1 GHz, advanced streaming applications including augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), and interactivity can be enabled.

Improved connectivity between devices will allow using streaming for various standalone systems and mobile devices.

Increased Reach

5G will allow cellular companies to reach remote and previously inaccessible areas. Thanks to the enhanced bandwidth provisions, 5G technology will allow users in these far-off locations to experience live streaming with virtually no lag and an enjoyable user experience.

Impact of 5G on Instagram Live Streaming

Until now, we were facing frequency limitations that hinder the lag-free live video streaming experiences. 5 G has removed that obstacle once and for all. With unlocking to 1 GHz frequencies, it is now possible for users to do live streaming and interact with their fans and target audiences in a more immersive way that was only a dream before.

Decreased end-to-end latency, higher bandwidth, and faster speeds are reasons why applications like VOD (video on demand) and live streaming are now a reality.

In old days, users felt so bad when they came across video buffering or pixelating visuals. Those things negatively impacted the user experience with the video content.

With 5G, those bad experiences are no more there to haunt the live streamers.

How to maximize the benefits of live streaming, as a creator or brand, then?

The shortcut way is to buy Instagram followers and grow your reach and engagement for your live streams. It’s because the platform will send a notification of your live streams to more users and you will be able to provide value to more people and grow your following.

How 5G technology may improve and impact our lives?

While growing the reach of your content with best sites to buy Instagram likes will help you increase your clout and influence, there are more ways 5G can impact lives.

Here is a brief overview of the possibilities with 5G adoption for the businesses, content creators, and startups.

IoT and Smart Ecosystems

5G will blanket more and more areas of our lives by expanding its reach to the technological systems and technologies that impact our daily lives. The integration of 5G-enabled devices with IoT (the internet of things) will impact industries and their real-life applications on a massive scale.

Self-driving vehicles, for example, are prime candidates for implementing the 5G fast processing capabilities.

A dashcam in your Tesla car is crucial in detecting objects near your vehicle. Your smartwatch can utilize the lag-less monitoring of your home doorbell and watch your family stay safe at home.

Remote Healthcare Services

Following road safety applications, remote medical healthcare services can offer huge benefits to rural populations and more remote areas where advanced healthcare services are not feasible economically.

Remote endoscopy and tele-endoscopy are getting more and more adoption with the application of 5G technology.

Researchers expect the internet of medical things (IoMT), AR and VR-enabled surgeries, and video-enabled 911 services soon.

Remotely-controlled Operations

Manufacturing, agriculture, and warehouses are a few of the many industries that can use drones and remote control machines.

Remote monitoring of the crop yield, safety inspections of industrial production lines, and remote management of warehouse inventory can help businesses safely manage remote installations and sites with little to no human involvement. 

Immersive live Experiences

Live events are quickly becoming an extension of virtual experience. While people enjoy a cricket match in the stadium VR goggles can give them the feel of sitting in the front row, making the experience even more fun.

Viewers can also use mobile devices to have an overlay view of the match with the stats of players displayed on the screen.

Brands and influencers can make the most of their live streams if they choose to buy Instagram auto views.

This will help them attract more organic views for their posts, grow their followers, and have more views and engagement in their lives.

Final words

While 5G is only expected to make up to 25% of the global mobile technology market by 2025, there is a lot of potential to maximize the benefits for brands and businesses.

Starting with a makeover of your profiles using the Instagram profile viewer (to model the successful accounts), you can reach more people in your live streams and create a bigger impact on their lives.

It’s about time how things will evolve and how this promising technology can shape the world in the future.


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