Ten Apps to Help Students Plan Their Time and be More Productive

Ten Apps to Help Students Plan Their Time and be More Productive

Are you fed up with planning your day using phone notes and a “to do list”? These ten handy apps will help you not only get everything done in the shortest time possible but also develop good habits. These apps are ideal for students, as well as busy people. A good plan will help you stay focused, avoid distractions and get better results. Students may also choose to solve homework for money to save time. They can also spend more time on hobbies and other courses.

Mindly (mind mapping)

This application allows you to create and keep track of notes, organize projects, prepare speeches, etc. The application allows you to create a visual diagram, add text notes and images, organize data, and build a hierarchy by defining elements and decorating schemes.

Mindly allows you to organize and visualize ideas. However, you don’t need to be concerned that anyone will gain access to your “Universe”. You can use a password to enter the application. You can store so-called “mental maps” in the cloud. They can also be converted into PDF, OPML or text.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Everything is clear starting with the name. Handwritten notes can be added to a white canvas using a pen or marker. You can also attach images and stickers. It can be a collage. It is possible to share ideas. It is as easy as opening access to the project from the appropriate accounts.

It’s usually already installed on Windows machines so it is easy to use to collaborate with others in live-time. It is great on large systems, such as the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S. However, it works just fine on other devices.


Forest is more like a video game and is intended for those who are distracted by notifications on their phone and cannot focus on important tasks. What’s the point of this application?

In less than 30 minutes, the user will have a tree. Touching the screen can cause it to die. This app is perfect for those times when you don’t want distractions, such as when you are preparing an assignment for a student or when you are filling out a survey to get customer feedback online. This app can be used by children to help with homework.


You can do specific tasks quickly and easily with the app. Habitica is a world of fairy-tale heroes. Want to level up? Reward yourself. You can only earn bonus points if you complete tasks. You can only earn bonus points if you complete tasks.


Pomotodo will identify your most able-bodied days and hours, and then it will distribute the load so you don’t feel tired. It takes time to finish tasks and rest. The application’s goal is to help you “get in a rut” and make it easier to do more work but take less time.

It is quite simple: the tools include hashtags (each one for a project), prioritization, sorting of tasks and other subtasks as well as reminders and repetitions. The app can be downloaded to a smartphone, or a PC and installed as an extension on Google Chrome.


The organizer will allow you to plan your business, and it will also notify you when deadlines are due. If you add the task “Visit a tutor every other Thursday at 6 pm” as a task to your project, the system will know that we are discussing 18:00 and a one time action within two weeks and will remind you about your plans.

This can be used to establish a set of habits that will last a lifetime. For example, you might add the task “Drink one glass of water every three hours.” Todoist can be used to work with a group. Todoist allows you to assign tasks and track productivity for one user against another.


The app aTimeLogger lets you keep track of the dynamics of all your actions as well as identify the “killers of time” (like scrolling through Instagram or an online catalog without special needs).

Simply enter the data for your classes each day. The service will provide you with a detailed report, for example, for one week, one month, or the entire year. In the form of graphs and charts, you can see what your time was spent on. An added bonus is the compatibility of Android Wear smartwatches.

Plan – Organize your Life

Plan’s web application lets you plan your day, weeks, and months. Every day is a new day. It is possible to see which tasks have been completed and which did not. A timeline creator and a news feed are two other tools that can be useful. These tools can be used to discuss and create group projects and also for interests. Mobile version is only available for iOS.

Focuster – Focus management for entrepreneurs

Focuster helps you manage your time by identifying distractions and setting priorities. You will receive reminders throughout the day that will remind you to stay focused on your main goals. You can use the web application for your own personal use as well as for work in a group.

FocuFocusList is a tool that helps to develop self-discipline. FocuFocusList also analyzes your productivity and gives you a forecast for how you will achieve both immediate and long term goals.

All in all

Is it possible to have a good time management system? Let apps take care of your training needs and you can start again. The 2-week-free version of the app is provided by the developers at ster. You will then need to pay almost $10 per month for the standard version and $20 for the advanced functionality.

It helps you to focus and perform certain tasks. The utility can only be used by Apple users. FocusList is available for Mac and iPhone. You can set up tasks for the day as well as a schedule. The Apple Watch will indicate when the task is to be completed and when it should be paused.


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