Steps to Find Event Space Rental in Chicago

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The city of Chicago is one of the best places to hold your event. It is billed as the world’s largest free festival. This city boasts of bold architectural designs with a skyline that is dotted with skyscrapers. There are endless event spaces that you can rent for your next big event. Whether you need a room for a pitch or presentation or you simply need to break away from the busy office environment, you can be sure to find a unique event space rental Chicago to complete your plans.

When looking for a suitable venue for your event in Chicago, you might be conflicted on the best spot in this city. With thousands of event venues available for corporate events, weddings, parties and private events, the process of selecting the right venue can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you find event venues in Chicago without breaking a sweat:

• Determine a suitable location. Location is everything when planning an event. You must consider several factors to decide whether the location is suitable or not. A good location is one that is easily accessible by all the event attendees. This means that if most of your guests are coming from different cities then you can pick a location that is close to the airport.

Alternatively, if the event guests shall be residing in a hotel within Chicago city, then you can go for a venue that is close to the hotel. This ensures the convenience of movement for your guests while also helping to prevent cases where attendees will be late.

• Work out a guest list. It is often advisable to work with a guest list as this will guide your search for a venue. When you have a precise number, you can easily narrow down your search to those spaces that can accommodate that specific number. This will save you time so you don’t spend too much time looking at event spaces with a small capacity. Having a precise number also helps you to work out a suitable layout that will ensure smooth movement of guests in and out of the venue.

Selecting a venue that will accommodate all the people on your guest list will ensure you have a lively atmosphere while saving money. If you are hosting a party with open invitations or even a conference, you need to consider leaving an allowance just in case you receive more guests than you expect. You can also work with event venue marketplaces like Storefront so that you find a suitable space fast. 

• Assess the lighting. Lighting is crucial whether you plan to host your event during the day or at night. For day time events, you must make sure the venue has as much natural lighting as possible. Look at the colours of the interior, the number of windows that let light into the room. Similarly, you need to look at the kind of lighting that is available to light up the room for night events. Make sure the lighting meets your immediate needs.

•  Come up with a budget. Having an estimate of how much you are willing to spend is important when choosing the perfect event venue in Chicago. This can guide your search for event spaces because you will narrow down your search to only those venues that fit within your budget. Moreover, when you find an event space that meets your needs and budget, you will be keen to find out if the amount quoted is all you need to pay or there are some other hidden costs to cater for amenities like security, cleaning or the public address system among other things.

Even then, you shouldn’t be shy about negotiating for a fair rate. You just might find a perfect space at a discounted rate. Moreover, your flexibility with the event dates might mean saving some amount from the cost of the event venue.

•  Look out for additional services and amenities. When looking for event space rental Chicago, you need to pay attention to some of the things that you are more likely to forget. That is services and amenities. Different venues will offer different amenities and services as part of the overall package. While others will require you to pay an extra amount to access the same. You must clarify this at the time you are scouting for event space so that you make an informed decision.

The search for a perfect event space in Chicago begins with understanding what your needs are. Only then will you be able to find a space that fits your needs.

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