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Amsterdam, 08 March 2022— Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics® (SCCE) is a member-based association for compliance and ethics professionals that is currently serving 6,000+ members across 100 countries. Based on in-depth conversations with those stakeholders, SCCE has identified the topics that practitioners want to hear about most and the type of guidance that would help them better maintain and strengthen their global compliance and ethics programs.

This spring SCCE will be shining a light on issues such as anti-corruption, crisis management, data privacy and protection, implementing global trade compliance, investigations, risk management, conflicts of interest, whistleblowing, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) at the 10th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI). Held 22 and 23 March 2022, this virtual event supports practitioners in their roles through education and networking opportunities.

Gerry Zack, CEO of SCCE & HCCA

“Attendees will be able to hear directly from today’s compliance and ethics leaders on the latest solutions to their compliance challenges and strategies to mitigate risks. Similar to any in-person or virtual edition that the SCCE has hosted, there will be plenty of room for discussion and knowledge-sharing. We are proud of this year’s meeting and how we turned limitations due to COVID-19 into opportunities. The event will be a digitally advanced experience in itself,” says Gerry Zack, CEO of Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics & Health Care Compliance Association (SCCE & HCCA).

Some of the most topical issues ECEI speakers will talk through include remote working, how the pandemic has affected processes and procedures, and the following trends:

Trend 1

Organizations will struggle with maintaining their culture as they will balance people working in the office and those working from home.

Trend 2

Securing data will be more challenging as a result of this remote working environment and as cyber-attacks continue to happen and may be amplified.

Trend 3

In a post pandemic working environment, there will be more opportunity to concentrate on many of the ongoing issues that companies face, but may not have expended resources on over the last two years. Issues such as anti-corruption, the anti-competition law and supply chain risks.

Trend 4

During the pandemic, supply chains were disrupted. Many new suppliers were added without the traditional vetting process. Organizations now need to go back to analyze and better understand who they are doing business with and how those companies are doing business.

Trend 5

With an increased number of sanctions against Russia and current climate, businesses will have to watch closely to ensure that its goods and services will not violate the many regimes that are proliferating around the world.

In addition to first-class educational sessions and a host of networking opportunities, those who attend this year’s ECEI will get the opportunity to earn live Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® continuing education units (CEUs) from the comfort of their home or office.

To learn more about the 10th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute, visit the website

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