Standardisation and Cooperation are the Future

Interview with Jonas Berggren CEO, SSG AB

According to Jeffrey Sachs, author of “The Age of Sustainable Development,” achieving sustainable development on our crowded, unequal, and degraded planet is the most important challenge facing our generation. This challenge for sustainable development is not new for Jonas Berggren, CEO of Standard Solutions Group. For over 50 years, SSG has been effectively working on their key to triumph in sustainability, cross-industry cooperation and SSG’s way in giving best results. In this interview, Jonas tells us their unstoppable take on sustainability, views on transparency as well as their successful collaborative business model and corporate culture.

As CEO of Standard Solutions Group, can you tell us what are the keys to SSG’s success for over 50 years? What has changed in the 50 years in regards to SSG’s mission and strategic focus and why? What has remained unchanged?

Nowhere internationally today is there cross-industry cooperation of the type that SSG has built up. The collaboration model, on which the company is based, involves building networks and interfacing in various forums to openly discuss common initiatives and solutions, and has proven to be highly sought after over the years and works extremely well across sectors and national borders.

Standardisation and cooperation are the future. We must all become more efficient in today’s tough international competition.

There is also a partnership, which has been generating superb results for decades for both SSG and our customers that are essential for an energy and resource-intensive process industry in the global periphery. Our success is primarily due to more than 500 technical experts being actively involved in the company’s more than 60 committees and working groups. We have been able to focus on important changes, create joint solutions and thereby have been able to construct more efficient and profitable processes together.

What SSG is doing is both difficult and easy – difficult, because the mission involves keeping tabs on an incredible amount of information and easy, because SSG’s task has always been to make things as easy as possible.

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