Scandinavian High School Dropout Has Sold Online Tutoring for $360K

Online Tutoring

Philip Rossen believed high school wouldn’t get him too far in life. So, he decided to build his own future. More specifically, a platform that would achieve a higher purpose. That of connecting people from all over the world while learning a new language. It was his way to make up for the lost time and prove to the world that personal initiative is king.

The fewer resources he had, the higher the aspirations would be. The most important thing was to live life on his own terms. So, he gathered over three hundred qualified tutors from all over the world and gave them a platform to manifest their love for teaching.

In a much more rudimentary way, he tried the method himself. Because he didn’t have much money to pay a private tutor in Denmark and his friends and family would want him to be on his own, he found a lecturer online and passed his German exam. This experience also helped him refine his idea, particularly the fact that the platform shouldn’t be free, that users should pay the price for the language lessons because, with Justlearn, he wanted to make it loud and clear that paid means high quality. That doesn’t mean it should be expensive. It means a rigorous schedule, the desire and willingness to achieve much more than you think you’re capable of. In the end, that’s what talented tutors should instill in students every day.  

The online platform Justlearn has an intuitive interface to ensure students don’t miss a lesson.

The company has been valued at +$1 million

From the beginning, the company has been growing slowly and steadily until it reached a valuation of $1.26 million. All those ambitious plans Philip had when he started to dream big panned out. Part of the recent increase in revenue has been generated by the global COVID-19 crisis when many people had the chance to reevaluate their priorities and decided that learning a new language is part of them.

EdTech has changed learning forever

With the current trend of global education reform, EdTech companies are in full effect. The EdTech industry is now valued at $74.64 billion and will grow to $318.8 billion by the year 2027. With today’s technological advancements, companies like Justlearn can provide more affordable, convenient, and personalized education to the masses with the push of a button. We expect to impact over 200.000 students worldwide by 2025.

The Scandinavian educational system promotes experimentation

Part of the company’s success is determined by the fact that the educational system in Denmark encourages an experimental approach. It’s ok to dream big, fail, and start again. You don’t have to get everything right from the get-go. The website is and will be for a long-time work-in-progress. Only through a series of iterations will the platform serve as many people as possible and will reach a level of accuracy that will serve its purpose.

Personalized, convenient, and affordable

Learning a new language is difficult. When a student is new and struggling, it’s hard to get feedback and support. With Justlearn, students have access to a community of like-minded people who support and help each other with conversations and lessons. Justlearn offers a team of professional tutors available 24/7 to help students improve their foreign language skills. We also have a one-of-a-kind online immersion program for learners who wish to study in-depth. All of this adds up to better education and a brighter future.


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