Online Proofing For Creative Teams

online proofing tools

Creative teams have to keep up with high standards at all times. They must use the best online prooing tools to help them do their best work and make sure everyone is on the same page.

What exactly are online proofing tools?

Online proofing tools are usually SaaS applications programs that make it easy for people to work together to edit, upload, share, and review creative, marketing, and publishing projects. Most online proofreading software comes with a lot of various features. But all of these tools have the same ability to allow people work together on creative design and publishing projects at the same time.

The reason why you should give preference to good online proofing tool.

Any creative team can manage projects and make sure they are error-free and delivered by the deadline by using a competent online proofing tool. Additionally, because online proofing solutions are web-based, they make it simple for your collaborators to view your projects from anywhere in the world and from any device.

Online proofing allows your team to make adjustments as they arise in real-time and submit their revisions as files using the online proofing platform. By doing this, they avoid having to send individual project components across a file-sharing server that might not be dependable.

Below we will indicate the advantages of using the platform and tell you for what benefits of this platform you should give it preference among others. Here they are:

1. Visual Commenting

With the visual annotation option, your comments will be more thorough than ever. By just selecting the desired location on any file, including photos, PDFs, and videos, you may add visual comments. Select whether you want the client to see your feedback or hide it.

2. Video Review

Tap anywhere on the frame to leave your feedback, and this comment will be marked with an automatic timestamp. You can also hide or show your timestamps. Loop & Frame-by-Frame video playback modes help you repeat a video clip and detect the slightest changes between scenes.

3. Review Images

Avoid any misunderstandings with clients by leaving visual markers, drawing, and adding files to your comments. The drawing tool for you to provide the most precise comments on images, videos, and PDF files. Any client’s comment becomes a task for the responsible team member.

4. Structured Feedback

Forget the usual chaos in the comment section. Timecoded feedback turns a mess into a system. Mention teammates and attach any type of files to your comment. Once mentioned, your colleague will be notified by email, so rest assured that nothing will go unnoticed. As soon as the correction is implemented, mark the comment as ‘Resolved’.

5. Customized Comment Section

Sort your comments time-wise. Filter them by author or by related file. Choose whether the comment is visible to the client. 

6. Deliver Numerous Versions

Create a limitless number of versions for each project step. Share them with your client and team. Keep track of old versions with all the related feedback to ensure every single requirement has been met. Get approvals faster, with less effort.

7. A one-click approval system

Send a version for a review directly from your Attach different types of files and leave text notes. When a client receives a review request, they simply have to hit “Approve” or “Reject”. Once the version has been reviewed, you’ll get an email notification.

8. Easy and Secure Sharing

Share your work with anyone, whether they have a account or not. Invite people outside your workspace to join projects or share steps with your team members by sending a link with viewer’s access to people who don’t have a subscription yet as well as adding them to the’s workspace by email.

Conclusion delivers what you want and does it really well. It is simple, fluid, and offers timely customer service. After implementation, it assists teams in streamlining their operations and winning more deals. Save time with – sign up and become the top business in your industry.


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