Milwaukee SDS Drills: the Main Features


Milwaukee SDS Drills: the Main Features

Choosing a drill for your repair shop is a responsible task. On one hand, almost no major repairs can be done without it. On the other hand, choosing a drill that is not versatile enough or one that does not suit your regular tasks, you risk that you will have to buy more than one. Milwaukee SDS drills come in a variety of forms. Therefore, you need to know the specifics of each before buying it.

Milwaukee SDS Drill: Purpose and the Main Features

One of the main advantages of the drill is the possibility to change the mode of action between rotation-only and rotary hammer, due to which it becomes a universal tool with wide functionality. Add special accessories, and you can use it as:

  • Screwdriver, which will allow you to quickly make all the necessary fastenings.
  • Grinder: depending on the nozzle, you can treat the surface as both rough and more delicate.
  • Perforator that allows you to hammer the material you are working with.

Such a drill can drill holes not only in relatively soft materials but also in brick and concrete. It has a brushless motor popular due to its efficiency. It helps you to save energy not economizing on work power. This feature is extremely important for those who work with it for a long time during the day.

Milwaukee SDS Hammer Drill with Extra Low Vibration

Milwaukee site offers SDS max rotary hammer drill, which has great performance and can work eight hours a day without any damage to the mechanism. At the same time, its Red Lithium-Ion batteries allow drilling more than 60 holes without recharging.

Find the best Milwaukee SDS drill at the UK PlanetTools online store. A wide selection of models in different price ranges will allow you to choose the type of drill that you need for your regular work.


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