Marketing Strategies for a Digital World

By Eric Greenberg and Alexander Kates

In an increasingly digital age, organizations are being rapidly educated about the importance and scale of digital channels, and the colossal impact these platforms have on the modern consumer. Below, Eric Greenberg and Alexander Kates discuss a framework for strategic digital marking success.

Enter the digital age. The new digital consumers are super- empowered, ultra-informed, and hyper-connected. How do today’s brands build awareness, foster loyalty, and fabricate a positive image in a world where consumers hold all of the cards?


Being Liquid: The Marketer’s New Role

Today, marketers are the seeds of a brand’s image. They are storytellers, curators, perpetuators, and enthusiasts. They feed messages into channels in a natural way and let the other stakeholders run with them. They listen to and facilitate conversations, and optimize and share them strategically to maximize impact. Lastly, they analyze the reach of those conversations using data, and further optimize their behaviors accordingly.

Bruce Lee, the sensational martial arts icon of the 1970s, said this:

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