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Among the best cloud mining platforms, LetMeCloud provides high-quality services by offering individuals from any place to rent hash power at affordable prices. In this LetMeCloud review, we try to shed some light on the British Bitcoin mining provider and its services. Let’s find out if LetMeCloud scam or legit, what they offer to customers, and how to start mining Bitcoin from home by investing a few hundred dollars in cloud mining. So stay with us to know more about one of the most popular cloud mining companies.

About LetMeCloud

To start the LetMeCloud review, let’s check out some quick facts about the company.

  • Country of origin: United Kingdom.
  • Founded: 2016
  • Head office: London, England.
  • Data centers: Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Canada.
  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.
  • Hash rate management: 150 PH/s.
  • Uptime: 99.98%.
  • Minimum deposit amount: $250.
  • Average profitability: 230%.
  • Payouts: daily.
  • Duration of cloud mining contracts: 1-year.
  • The current number of active customers is 25 000 users.

The company offers standard pre-paid cloud mining contracts under which investors rent a particular amount of hash rate purchasing it by a single payment. Those interested in higher income from cloud mining can use reinvestment features to increase their rewards in Bitcoin. In the following LetMeCloud review, we will take a closer look at the company’s features.

What Is Cloud Mining on LetMeCloud: Review the Process

If you’re interested in making cryptocurrency on LetMeCloud, review the cloud mining scheme first. While classic hardware mining requires investors to buy and maintain expensive hardware, the latest cloud technologies enable you to mine digital coins without any equipment and software. On LetMeCloud, customers earn Bitcoins by renting a hash rate produced by the modern equipment located in the company’s data centers. So technically you mine BTC via the internet by purchasing cloud mining contracts and withdrawing rewards to your credit card or Bitcoin wallet. To start mining crypto, you should purchase a contract with a particular hash rate.

Is LetMeCloud a Trusted Website?

Like any other legit hash provider, LetMeCloud works under the license. The company is certified in the United Kingdom and acts under its laws and regulations. You can check their address right in the website’s footer. To keep the cloud mining process guarded, the company implied the Know Your Customer Policy and the Anti-Money Laundering Policy. You know your investment is always protected on LetMeCloud (scam projects can’t guarantee you safety and security). So is LetMeCloud scam or a legit cloud mining provider after all? You have an answer now.

What Will You Find on LetMeCloud: Review Features

  • Several kinds of Bitcoin contracts.
  • Credit card payments are accepted.
  • Daily payouts.
  • Instant 24h withdrawals.
  • A 33% discount on mining contracts for new customers.
  • 24h online support.
  • Cloud mining income calculator.
  • Real-time mining statistics are available from any device.
  • Current Bitcoin charts.

Available Contracts

How to choose earnings on LetMeCloud? Review the current miners and contracts before renting a hash rate on the platform. For now, the company has some options for beginner and experienced investors in cryptocurrency cloud mining. Note at the current moment, LetMeCloud has Bitcoin contracts only.

How to choose a contract on LetMeCloud? Review available options first by paying attention to the key factors that affect the state of your income from cloud mining (such as profitability, prices, and especially hash power rate). Remember that cloud mining contracts with the highest hash rate are normally the most profitable. The other thing you should consider when selecting a miner to rent on LetMeCloud is Bitcoin value.

Name of Contract Duration Minimum Hash Power Profit from 1k Profitability Rate
Standart 12-month 24 000 GH/s $1800 180%
Start Bonus 12-month 48 000 GH/s $2160 180% + 20%
FT Bonus 12-month 96 000 GH/s $2394 180% + 33%

Is Cloud Mining on LetMeCloud Safe for the Planet?

As a responsible provider, LetMeCloud cares about the sustainability of the cloud mining process in their data centers. 70% of the used energy comes from renewable ‘green’ energy sources (just like solar panels and wind generators). All data centers are located in the windy and cold areas such as Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Canada(scam companies usually do not have any owned facilities at all). Also, company’s data centers are installed in countries with a low cost of electricity. That helps to charge low rates, so cloud mining services on LetMeCloud are available even for customers without huge investment amounts.

How to Purchase on LetMeCloud: Review Payment Methods

Next on our LetMeCloud review, let’s see how to make a payment if you want to rent hash power on their website. You can use different payment methods to purchase a selected cloud mining contract. If you already have a Bitcoin address, you can easily use it to make a deposit and rent a miner. To pay, just send a required amount in BTC by using a QR code in the ‘Payment’ section. And if you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet yet, feel free to pay for your contracts in fiat money, such as USD, pounds, or euros. The company accepts all kinds of credit cards. So you can purchase a miner via your bank card on LetMeCloud (scam companies usually do not have that option, by the way). The other payment method available on the LetMeCloud website is direct IBAN transfers.

How to Withdraw Funds

LetMeCloud provides daily payouts directly to your account on the website. You can ask for withdrawal at any time you want to. To get your funds to a credit card or cryptocurrency wallet, make a withdrawal request on the ‘Withdrawals’ section. All payouts are usually done within 24 hours after you send a request on LetMeCloud. Scam websites cannot boast of stable quick payouts. Unlike fraudsters, trusted licensed platforms such as LetMeCloud guarantee you fast withdrawals. You always know your funds are safe, and you will get your reward from cloud mining exactly on time.

Is It Worth It?

As we found, the UK-based cloud mining company offers real hash rate contracts with an average profitability of 230%. At the same time, affordable prices and a small minimum deposit amount make LetMeCloud one of the best cloud mining websites in 2022. Let Me Cloud team provides high-end Bitcoin mining services without downtime. It guarantees you a real profit in cryptocurrency, and the yield rate depends on purchased hash power. The other pro of cloud mining on the Let Me Cloud platform is a really short payback time.

We hope our detailed LetMeCloud review will help you choose a suitable cloud mining contract if you’re ready to start earning Bitcoins.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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