Leadership Mindsets for IT Success

By Donald A. Marchand and Joe Peppard

Negative stereotypes regarding IT departments abound: they are slow, ineffective, dull. But the reality is very different. As Donald A. Marchand and Joe Peppard explain, IT needs to have strong leadership that can work and cooperate with other executives in the business for overall success.

IT is not something that can be managed from a box on the organizational chart. Unfortunately, this is not the mindset in most C-suites. Just look at what most do: they appoint a chief information officer (CIO) and give him or her a budget and a mandate to get on with it! Why? As one CEO said to us, “I just want to forget about IT and concentrate on my core business.”

Of course, this response would be fine if the challenge were merely to deploy technology (on time and on budget) and ensure it continues to function properly for as long as required. It would also mean that outsourcing to a proven tech provider would be a legitimate response to perceived problems with IT; get someone with more experience and knowledge to run it for you. Or that the cloud is the remedy for IT’s perceived inability to deliver, inflexibility, tardiness, and questionable return. By portraying IT as a utility like water and electricity, with apps on demand, a pay-as-you use model, and unparalleled scalability, what could be more attractive?

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