Key Reasons to Switch Your EDI Provider

EDI Provider

With an overwhelming prevalence of digitized solutions in today’s business world, electronic data interchange (EDI) can be a very useful tool to save money and improve the information exchange process. The right EDI platform will help you boost productivity, increase return on investments, minimize the risk of human error, and reduce operating costs. However, not all EDI systems are created equal. If you don’t see the results you were expecting, it may be wise to take a step back and reevaluate the capabilities of the solution you’re using. Is it time for EDI migration? Here are some of the signs it may be a good idea to switch your EDI provider.

Lack of flexibility and customization

One of the main reasons businesses may want to switch their EDI provider is a lack of flexibility and customization options. Every business has its own unique needs and requirements, and a one-size-fits-all approach to EDI may not be sufficient. A good EDI provider should be able to offer customized solutions that can be tailored to your brand’s specific needs. This includes the ability to configure EDI workflows, data mappings, and integration with other systems. If your current EDI provider is unable to provide the necessary level of customization, it may be time for new EDI software.

Limited EDI capabilities

As your business grows, increases its customer base, and evolves to new markets, the amount of information you exchange with other entities increases too. That’s why you need an EDI solution provider with robust capabilities, such as supporting many different document types, formats, and standards. Alternatively, if your company has acquired other companies or has different operating systems, different ERPs or WMS, and if you are looking to integrate EDI with other systems, you may need a provider that offers more advanced integration capabilities for harmonious growth.

Moving towards more advanced technology

To facilitate the communication and exchange of high-importance data between companies, you need to make sure you’re using the most technologically advanced EDI software available. The more innovative the product, the more efficient the data management becomes, which can lead to better information security and increased effectiveness of your business. That’s why you should opt for a solution that incorporates cloud EDI, AI/ML, and blockchain.

Poor customer service

Another common reason for switching EDI providers is poor customer service. EDI is a mission-critical service that can have a significant impact on a business’s operations. When issues arise, it is important to have access to timely and effective support. If your current EDI solutions provider is slow to respond to requests – or maybe their team lacks the necessary expertise to address your issues – it may be a cause for EDI migration. A good EDI system should provide quick and competent help to diagnose and resolve any problems.

Security concerns

EDI migration may also be necessary if you’re dealing with security concerns. EDI involves an exchange of sensitive business information, and any security breach can have consequences such as financial loss and reputation damage. If you have concerns about the security of your current EDI platform, it may be time to switch to an EDI solution provider with stronger security measures in place. Those can and should include robust security protocols such as encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.


In the world of global companies operating in multiple markets, it is important to meet many legal requirements related to the exchange of invoices, reporting, or certain logistics data. Globally, more and more countries are introducing legal requirements for e-invoicing, e-reporting and e-transport. One reason for replacing your existing EDI provider may be the inability of the current one to handle all  countries through an integrated platform.


EDI migration is not an easy task – but the results can be astounding. As you can see, there are many valid reasons to move towards more capable, flexible, and technologically advanced EDI software. Having a reliable EDI solutions provider can help you maintain business continuity, improve visibility, and optimize everyday operations.


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