Is An Online Booking System Worth It?

If you’re running a service-based business, you know the headaches that plotting schedules for both your employees and customers can cause. As much as you want to cater to all your clients’ requests, there are times when you really have to cancel due to conflicts in the time slots they want. Fortunately, new software and apps have been developed to streamline this process.

Most booking systems are designed to fit any specific industry, which ensures you’re getting the features and functions you need so your business operates smoothly. For instance, if you provide plumbing services, you should look at a specialized tool, like Jobber’s plumbing business software, as the program would specifically address scheduling and dispatching for this type of company.

If you’re still thinking twice about whether or not you’d invest in an online booking system, here are a few reasons that you should:

  • Automate the process

The primary advantage of an online class booking system is that it’s all automated. From receiving the booking to reserving the slot and confirming the schedule—everything can be done on your website or app.

Moreover, there would be fewer errors on your end since the customer would be doing the organizing and scheduling themselves. You can assign just a couple of people to monitor the system and make sure that there are no glitches, as well as provide support when clients encounter a problem. It’s estimated that about 700 million people will be booking online for their travel needs by 2023. Most industries would eventually follow the trend to stay relevant—you don’t want to miss out on that huge opportunity. (1)

  • Increase booking rates

Those industries that target a global audience, such as hotels and other companies in the travel and hospitality industry, would benefit the most from an online booking system. By automating your booking and scheduling, you keep the appointments side of your business operational 24/7. This means that clients from other time zones won’t have to wait until your sales team is online to book your services.

Even if you’re a local service provider, an online booking system would still be useful for you since it can help you increase your booking rates and make sure your clients push through. Because they’re the ones who click on their preferred date, they’d feel responsible for showing up or sticking to the schedule they chose.

On the other hand, if a customer cancels, you can still maximize bookings since the system clears up the time slot or date automatically. This means that someone else can fill the vacancy within hours or even minutes. That’s why an appointment setting or online booking system can help your business avoid wasting time.

  • Boost revenue

Approximately 80% of consumers wouldn’t hesitate to buy or book from a brand that provides excellent service, including services that prioritise their convenience above all else. A booking system not only gives the impression that your company is a real business, but it also shows that you value your customers’ experiences. (2)

When your clients see the quality of service you provide, they won’t think twice about booking your company. The implication is that you can continue to provide exemplary service because you put a lot of thought into the initial contact that they have with your business, which is through your website or app.

Additionally, you can incorporate the payment process into your booking system to give customers the option to pay for your services ahead of time. By doing so, you ensure that you’re compensated for the work that you’ll be doing without having to wait for an extended period for reimbursement.

  • Upsell add-ons

Another way to boost revenue through online booking is through upselling. You can offer additional options to customers on top of your basic service. You can even create special packages, add incentives like freebies or discounts, or allow them to customize their own to entice prospects to spend more on your website or app. It’s an excellent way to increase your ROI without additional operational costs.

  • Maximize analytics

An online booking system would also allow you to gain valuable insights into the ever-changing nature of consumer behaviour. You can determine which services are in demand as well as figure out the most popular time slots and add-ons. Knowing what your target audience enjoys the most enables you to create specialized packages and formulate strategies to retain their interest and loyalty.


Investing in an online booking system lets you increase your revenue while minimizing operational costs. The primary advantage of this type of software is automation. You can receive orders 24/7 and eliminate errors like double booking or wrong recorded date/time. You can also boost your profits by upselling add-ons and providing incentives to promote your customers to use your booking system. Lastly, this tool allows you to glean valuable data on consumer behaviour, which lets you create personalized services that will click with your target audience.


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