Instagram: The New Land of Opportunity for Successful Personal Businesses

The rise of social media over the past 20 years has been one of the most extraordinary events to witness. One of the areas that has risen with social media is that of businesses using social media platforms to grow. Specifically, Instagram has become a prime platform for creating a personal brand and truly expanding one’s own business. But what are the best ways to go about getting one of these successful businesses on the social media platform?


Methods available to everyone

Traditional advertising for businesses can quickly turn expensive. With the introduction of Instagram, however, those costs can be significantly scaled down. It isn’t completely free, but all promotion involves some level of investment.

One also needs to understand the service that they are on when trying to use it for business. The algorithms that are going on behind the scenes can make all the difference when it comes to getting noticed. The interest, usage, frequency and relationship of the users are all factors that make a difference on how the pictures appear on a user’s feed.


1. Try To Get Noticed

Of course, the real way that one gets noticed on Instagram is the amount of followers they have. Getting Instagram free followers can certainly be a tricky business. One can certainly play the game of chance and try to grow their network of followers by posting frequently and try to get noticed. This method is valid, though that page would be going up against millions of pages attempting to do the same. The quickest way that one can get a large amount of followers is to buy them. This can be done through devoted sites like, which allows for business or personal brand Instagram pages to lower the risk of disappearing into the void of pages that simply could not survive and to gain the sort of following that they need. After all, if people see a new business account with a ton of followers, they will be more inclined to follow and be interested in the products or services being offered. There is a reason that popular products commonly grow in their popularity over time rather than diminish quickly. Once it is seen that more and more people are interested, they gain the legendary fear of missing out (FOMO).

There are so many other obstacles that rise up to meet businesses these days, if nothing else from the sheer number of them that are popping up on Instagram. With an opportunity to minimize and even completely get rid of one, one would be extremely bold to turn it down.


2. Boost Your Relevance Using Hashtags

Making use of the hashtag feature in order to get to the top of the recommended sections of the app. Akin to Twitter, these hashtags will allow for the business to remain relevant to whatever the latest trend is.

And there are some really good hashtag generator tools to help you find the trending and popular hashtags on Instagram, you can try them too, in order to make sure how much people you can reach by using a specific hashtag.


3. Post Relevant and Unique Content

A key part of making a business page on Instagram successful is making sure the content is unique. While it is easier to simply copy and paste a generic message to the followers, it doesn’t get people inspired.


4. Implement Fun Activities

Instead of a simple page displaying information about a product, perhaps make a flash mob giving the same message? Have a contest for whoever can use a product in the most creative way and reward them somehow. Here you will find several ideas to spice up your account.


5. Choose The Right Guest Speakers

Have guest speakers promote the service and follow customers back. This makes people see the service as more than just a business. It shows interest in the company from outside and that the business wants to interact with its followers.


6. Interact With The Audience And Other Users Of The Platform

Commenting on other posts can also be a fantastic way to gather followers. There is a reason that Wendy’s Twitter account rose to fame through memes. A witty social media user can make the business famous through a few simple interactions that are posted on the Internet. All of these are ways to increase the level of interaction and interest in the Instagram page. But that’s not the only way to make the page seen…


7. Create Blog On Your Website

Blogs can be a great source of interaction between followers and the business. Especially those that give a look behind the scenes of daily operations or that hint at larger things to come. These make it feel more personal to the followers and give them a larger sense of value.



In addition to the purchasing of followers, other steps can be taken in order to increase the advertising of a businesses Instagram page. For those who do intend on looking at more traditional advertising methods, targeted ads can be a great way to make sure the correct people see that business. An example could be a page that sells basketball equipment would target Instagram users that follow a large amount of basketball teams, players or other basketball equipment pages. Instagram is extremely good at matching advertisements to these users, because its algorithms can figure out what people like.

The adeptness of Instagram’s matching does mean that the cost of traditional advertising is a bit more expensive than other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The average cost per thousand views sits at $6.70. Which, again, loops back around to the benefits of buy Instagram followers. Nearly $7 per thousand views is quite a bit of money to drop on advertising for one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Instead, dropping a one time payment for a mass of followers would help lower the overall costs of advertising. If one wanted to go even further, they could buy regular likes on their page as well. Again, it increases the chances of people seeing those followers and those likes, increasing their likelihood of joining in.

Social media can be a complicated place for smaller businesses. Instagram in particular, can be an absolute game changer when it comes to advertising and getting a service seen. A combination of unique content, interaction with viewers and little tricks like buying Instagram followers can help get a business over that hurdle with barely a sweat.


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