Improving Healthcare Machinery and Equipment with a CMMS

Healthcare Machinery and Equipment with a CMMS

By Riyan N. Alam

To organize their maintenance schedules and reduce the possibility of downtime, hospitals and healthcare facilities will implement some form of maintenance management. However, the problem arises when we understand that many of these systems are outdated legacy systems. They are not advanced enough, they cannot integrate with other solutions and their functions are limited.

With the healthcare sector providing an essential service, they must have the most advanced system available to them, at a cost-effective price. The outdated solutions, still in use, are not equipped to handle the demands the healthcare system is currently facing. 

With the maintenance management industry constantly making advancements now is the best time to upgrade the CMMS system used within the healthcare facility. Upgrading your CMMS system can transform the efficiency of your healthcare facility. The advanced system can enhance a patient’s experience while reducing the risks associated with unforeseen downtime and operating costs. A CMMS also assists in ensuring compliance. 

Challenges associated with older CMMS systems   

We can now further unpack the reasons why an advanced CMMS is vital in the healthcare sector. 

Aging Workforce

An often overlooked point, an aging workforce must be taken into consideration. As an aging workforce continues to reduce the total number of maintenance employees available, companies must find new and innovative ways to efficiently conduct maintenance. 

By implementing a CMMS system, work orders can be more effectively assigned. Leading to more effective use of the available workforce. 

Older systems require more attention

Hospital and healthcare machinery is both costly and highly specialized. This combination means that many companies expect a high return on investment. Once a healthcare facility invests in an asset they need to be certain that they will get a lot of use out of it. This generally means that a lot of the machinery used in these facilities are very old. While hospitals may feel their CMMS may be doing an adequate job with the maintenance of these old systems, it could not be further from the truth. 

Older CMMS systems coupled with older machinery are inefficient.

Older systems

Advanced CMMS systems provide the benefits required to ensure a positive return on the investment a hospital makes on the machinery. Newer CMMS systems allow employees to conduct predictive maintenance. While several of the older systems available enabled maintenance teams to conduct preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance takes a more proactive approach to healthcare maintenance.  

Cybersecurity risk

It is important to note that just a single weak link can open the door for cybersecurity threats. Security threats advance at a rapid pace and an older system leaves healthcare facilities vulnerable to these risks. Newer CMMS systems employ a robust cloud-based system that ensures the security of the data stored. 


Compliance is crucial within the healthcare sector. Without it, there would be no standards to meet and uphold. Advanced CMMS systems allow for better management of the maintenance process. Maintaining an accurate historical record of the maintenance conducted on secure platforms goes a long way in ensuring maintenance. 

Benefits of an advanced CMMS

Now that we have a deeper understanding of the reasons why an advanced CMMS system is necessary, we can take a look at the other benefits the system will provide. 

Secure Digital Records

Automation can be considered the roam with healthcare. Emails scheduling appointments are sent automatically and follow-ups are scheduled through a streamlined process, and patient files are accessible through a drive. This outlook can be applied to maintenance as well. Advanced CMMS systems provide a secure database for all of the healthcare facility’s data, under one convenient platform. 


While this function may be overlooked, having the option to integrate your maintenance software with the other systems used can be extremely beneficial. The convenience of knowing when a patient requires the use of a specific machine can be noted. This information can then be used when conducting reports of the efficiency of the machine. This process will also be far more streamlined and easier to conduct with a fully integrated system, something many of the older CMMS systems are not able to do.

What to look for in a modern CMMS

With a better understanding of the improvements, an advanced CMMS system can begin to unpack what it is that we should look for in a CMMS, specifically within the healthcare sector.

To start, accessibility is crucial. Having a CMMS that is both accessible through a computer and mobile device is vital. The accessibility of the system is key. The various methods used to access the platform should not be compromised either. Both the mobile and laptop systems should be able to carry out the same tasks. Healthcare employees should be able to assign maintenance tasks, access maintenance records and schedule maintenance checks when necessary. 

The ability to monitor the progress being made is also a key feature that should be made available. Ideally, the platform should be cloud-based. A robust data reporting function must be made available. The ability to customize and integrate with other software solutions should also be a requirement when choosing your system. With an understanding of what to look for in a CMMS for healthcare facilities, we can understand why hospitals should be implementing one today

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