Impact Of Tech Advancements in iGaming

Tech Advancements in iGaming

Technological advancements have made huge impacts across different sectors. One such sector is the online gambling industry. Playing online casino games is much better now, thanks to a vast selection of tech solutions. Hence, it’s unsurprising that online casinos and other iGaming platforms draw massive players globally.

Today, the iGaming industry employs a lot of technological know-how for different operations. This has helped to elevate the industry, from improving a player’s experience to creating a safe gaming environment. Hence, we highlight some top technological advancements prevalent in the industry.

Mobile Technology

The iGaming industry has witnessed vast advancements over the past two decades. Some prevalent ones include VR, AI, and geolocation, among many others. However, mobile technology has had as much, if not more, impact on the industry.

Needless to say, mobile technology has served as a platform for other innovations. One way this has been achieved is through software development. Today, software developers across different platforms have become inseparable from iGaming.

This software’s optimized and compatible nature makes it possible for operators to reach a broad market. As a result, online casino games have become a lot more accessible. Additionally, mobile applications have served as another tactic for improving accessibility. Virtually all online casino operators have mobile applications on different platforms.

In truth, mobile technology has helped to elevate the iGaming industry. And through it, other innovations have been given the platform to thrive. Casino enthusiasts can now witness the real casino feel conveniently from online platforms.

Payment Systems

Across the globe, the introduction of technology in payment systems has altered how we transact. The ultimate goal is to foster quick, safe, and convenient payments. These changes regarding payments are also evident in the iGaming industry.

In a typical casino, it’s pretty straightforward to make payments. Players were merely required to deposit cash with cashiers or in a machine. However, the advent of online casinos and cashless transactions brought the need to improve safe payment. And this has been achieved in a few ways.

Online wallets are the prevalent options when it comes to cashless transactions. An online wallet is a service that makes it possible to transact online. In the case of an online casino, players can conveniently fund their accounts through numerous e-wallet options. 

Different technologies come into play in making payments safe through online wallets. Unsurprisingly, mobile technology comes first in terms of transmitting payment data. Online wallets also incorporate encryption technology for safety and fairness. With this, a player’s information remains safe amid risks of data breaches.

Across the iGaming industry, PayPal represents the most used e-wallet, but eCheck is one of the new and fast rising deposit methods preferred by players.  A good source of online casinos that accept eCheck can be found at Aside from eCheck and PayPal, other effective e-wallets include Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Venmo, to mention a few.

Online casinos offer players varieties even in payment options. Aside from e-wallets, players can also use a pay safe card for online transactions. This prepaid payment method employs a 16-digit pin voucher for making payments on third-party websites.  However, the pay safe card is independent of any personal information, bank account, or credit card.

Big Data, AI, VR, and AR

These technologies are by far the most innovative advancements in this modern era. In the past, the iGaming industry has restricted big data applications to extensive marketing. However, it is used for much more today, especially when combined with AI and machine learning. A significant application of this combination is data analytics for player customization and safety purposes. They also help to bring immersion to online platforms.

Speaking of immersion, no one can deny the role AR and VR play in this aspect of iGaming. These technologies have impacted online casinos, with a critical driving force being MetaVerse.

It’s worth noting that AR and VR are emerging technologies. That said, only a few iGaming platforms have integrated them into their sites. However, for those that have, it has served as an effective way to increase their player base. Everyone relishes the opportunity to interact with a virtual world. And it becomes much more appealing when players stand a chance to win real money. Thus, the iGaming industry will adopt these immersive technologies with time.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two terms that go hand in hand. And unsurprisingly, they have both made their way into the iGaming industry. Similar to e-wallets and pay-safe cards, this is another technology used to improve payment security.

Blockchain offers a fast, safe and reliable way to make payments online at no extra cost. Aside from these, it also employs a proactive approach toward fraud and data breaches. This is made possible through cryptocurrency, which fosters anonymous gambling. With cryptocurrencies, players need not provide sensitive information to third-party sites. 

Digital currencies offer very few downsides compared to other currencies. And while full-scale adoption is yet to be achieved, it remains the future of payments in online casinos and the world at large.

Live Stream

A significant struggle of online casinos has consistently been replicating the casino feel online. However, the iGaming industry has solved this problem in different ways, including live dealer games.

Across the iGaming industry, the most exciting casino games are those that offer a live dealer option. The live dealer option is made possible by live stream technology. Incorporating this technology has led to thermic experiences for online players.

The live stream feature employs real-time transmission technology. Operators use state-of-the-art cameras and mics to capture live dealers in a studio and transmit them to players. The live dealer option creates a better experience for players. It has also been effective in attracting new players to the online platform.


Earlier concerns regarding online gambling initially led to low traffic for iGaming sites. However, with these improvements came the willingness to adopt this form of wagering. Today, online casinos have witnessed wide popularity across the globe.

Evidently, online casinos and the iGaming industry are thriving massively. And while there might be several reasons for this, technological advancements remain the most prevalent. Therefore, as operators continue to improve on existing features, the industry will improve even more.

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