How AI & Chatbot Apps are Transforming the Mobile Technology


By Andrea Laura

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been expanding with a rapid speed among many industries to automate processes. From fintech security to customer assistance, AI is transforming industries for more efficiency. Pairing up with chatbots, AI has also achieved the milestone of making the customer assistance industry more efficient by providing methods such as instant resolutions, virtual guidance supported by AI, and more.

Now, AI and chatbot apps are influencing mobile technology on a huge scale. A report by Statista states Globally chatbot market value is expected to cross a value of 454.8 million USD by 2027. In 2021, it might already cross 83.4 million USD globally by the end of the year. And with new opportunities rising into multiple industries, this growth will only boost.

There are major brands that have been using chatbots for quite some time. Take Facebook, Instagram, or more for example. These services help users in finding answers to their queries for various topics. The data collected through the Machine Learning process makes chatbots more efficient.

Benefits of AI and Chatbots for different industries

Now, to understand the crucial impact of AI and chatbots on new mobile technology trends, let’s understand their benefits for different industries.

1. Faster customer resolutions

The major usage of AI and chatbots is being done to ensure that customers have faster resolutions. The AI-supported chatbots are capable of detecting keywords, understanding dialects, and more to recognize the customer query. Within seconds, these chatbots provide the solution of the query to the customer. The efficiency of AI chatbots is dependent on the data that they have consumed. The modern chatbot development process is designed to provide a more customized experience.

2. Personalized user experience

AI is letting developers build apps that offer personalized experiences to users. For instance, Netflix’s AI recommends shows and movies according to the users’ tastes. It observes the user behavior for a period of time and then customizes recommendations and the home screen accordingly. Types of apps that are using AI for this feature include music streaming, movie streaming, games, and more.

3. Enhanced user retention 

Chatbots that solve user queries faster helps create a positive brand image as well. Thus, many brands are now shifting their focus on developing apps representing their brand which also include AI-supported chatbots. Banks such as ICICI are using AI-supported chatbots to solve customer queries like reporting the debit card lost, checking balance, and more. It saves the user from waiting for a customer assistance executive to get free for simple queries.

4. Better health care services

Paired up with mobile technologies such as apps, now AI in mobile development and chatbots can be used to offer consultations and medical advice for simple diseases such as cough, or common flu. It does not only saves time but also reduces the burden on medical service providers by reducing the need for resources for patients who can be treated with simple medications. Also, it reduces costs for patients which they spend on doctors’ fees and transportation.

Many fitness bands have also started assisting patients by alerting medical experts with the help of the data that AI collects. In case of emergencies, AI can alert medical professionals and save the lives of patients in cases such as heart attacks.

5. Improved voice-controlled assistants

Mobile apps are now working on making voice-controlled assistants such as Alexa more efficient. Apps can be used to give commands to such devices even if you are in another room. Moreover, AI and chatbots are helping these apps and devices to understand commands better. With more language support, AI is enabling these devices to understand more dialects, pronunciations, and more as well. Overall, the goal is to ensure the best possible experience for users.

6. AI companions

Mobile app developers have found a unique way of using AI and chatbots. Now, apps such as Replika are used to provide virtual companions to users. These AI-supported chatbots are given personalities and understanding of different kinds of emotions. Users can chat or call with these Replika characters. In cases such as mental health, these AI companions can be really helpful.

7. Real-time translation

To connect the world better, there are apps already existing that can recognize the language and dialects of the person speaking to translate them. These AI-supported apps are designed to make them travel-friendly so that the language does not become a barrier. The AI and chatbots used in these apps work for many languages and can translate not only text but voices in real-time as well.

8. In-app feedback

For the owner of an app or business, feedback matters the most. It is crucial to know if your users are satisfied with the performance and usability of your app or not. To solve this problem, AI-supported chatbots are capable of filtering feedback depending on their type.

For instance, these chatbots can be programmed to filter critical feedback such as when users give 1 star to the app. Also, many apps are using in-app feedback tools supported by chatbots to collect feedback. After giving the star, the user can submit the reason behind giving that feedback in these chatbots. However, for a comfortable experience, most app owners ensure that users are not forced to submit feedback otherwise it can be annoying.


AI and Chatbots are creating a future where businesses can have a better retention rate by offering better customer services. However, without mobile technologies, it is almost impossible to achieve that goal. Mobile technologies such as apps are helping brands in expanding their market by adopting new trends.

Digital payments, home deliveries, and many more trends are now emerging in the market where AI and chatbots can fit really easily. Thus, the growth of AI and chatbots for many upcoming years is inevitable. In this blog, whichever benefits we discussed above, these are already existing in the market. So, if you own a business or a smartphone app and still following traditional ways of assisting customers, you should think about adopting AI-supported chatbots to get ahead in the competition.

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