HR Automation – Why It Makes Sense In The Pandemic Era

The COVID-10 pandemic is perhaps the biggest business disruption that this generation has faced. The changes on the Human Resource front have been drastic, with a sudden switch to work from home for the employees and a complete revamp of the entire people management operations for the managers. The workload of the HR managers and team has increased by loads because they need to go beyond just managing people seamlessly; they need to make the employees feel safe and comfortable so that they keep giving the best to the organization.

Further, there is also the burden of creating and managing new COVID-19 policies apart from handling the existing HR tasks efficiently. If you are one of the HR professionals struggling with the balancing act, a move from spreadsheets and paper-based processes to automated workflows certainly makes sense at this point in time. Here are some reasons why streamlining the workflows with HR automation in the pandemic era would be a good decision for your business.


Save time and focus on critical issues

The conventional paper-based HR operations can be cumbersome and time-consuming. In fact, they can get even more complicated in the current scenario. From generating new remote hire documents manually to tracking the COVID-19 paid leaves, every task can take more of your time. Moreover, the problem only aggravates as the workforce grows in size. With HR automation, it becomes possible to streamline everyday tasks such as creating customized onboarding documents, gathering payroll information, and more. It cuts the excessive workload on the HR employees and reduces burnout on the mundane administrative work. Rather, they can focus on strategic and critical aspects such as policies and procedures to be implemented on reopening.


Accelerate onboarding and offboarding processes

Hiring amid the pandemic is one of the biggest concerns for HR managers because it is not easy to find the best talent in the first place. And if you are lucky enough to get such resources, there is a lengthy onboarding process that has to be handled remotely now. Thankfully, you can rely on modern employee onboarding software with enterprise-grade compliance to simplify and standardize the process. Typically, it can handle the nitty-gritty of onboarding, right from running background checks on the new hires to setting up new hardware for them, providing the new hires all the details of policies, and more. The same software can streamline the offboarding process as well. This process too has multiple aspects such as organizing resignation and termination letters, creating relevant termination policies, and communicating internally. The automation software handles them as well.


Keep everyone on the same page

Another challenge that is making life tougher for HR managers during the COVID situation is the absence of streamlined communication. A cloud-based HR solution can play a vital role in this context as it can go a long way in keeping everyone on the same page. It lets you issue relevant notifications to all pertinent parties and easily set-up reminders and tasks to ensure adherence. Everyone knows what needs to be done and when it has to be done, even while not working from the same location. This is an obvious advantage for HR heads as the need not hunt down coworkers and managers for passing on the information every time.


Simplify compliance

Compliance with the changing employment laws is surely another issue that brings complications for HR professionals. You will need to spend a lot of time and effort in understanding the current laws related to remote work, including those pertaining to time tracking, overtime, COVID-19 paid leave, wage standards, and offboarding. Additionally, you will also need to realign your organizational policies to ensure compliance because you wouldn’t want to get into trouble with the authorities at this critical juncture. Automating workflows from start to end is a great idea as it can help you track and update data related to the new compliance regulations easily and quickly.

Automating your company’s HR workflow is a smart idea for any business and it is also a worthwhile investment as well. And if you haven’t done it already, now is the right time to empower your organization with the right software solution. The software can cut the pain of your HR department and boost its efficiency as well. Moreover, you can expect greater accuracy and fewer errors in the operations as human involvement is reduced to the minimum. Surely, this is one investment you should go ahead with to strengthen the core of your business in the pandemic era and keep it going smoothly in the future too.


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