How You Can Cure Acne Easily at Home


You may be really excited about an upcoming party, or a festival that’s coming soon. But what if you notice that there is an acne or two on your face just before the day of the program you’re waiting for. This might feel really awful, and you might want to get rid of it as soon as possible. But sadly, most of the time you fail to get rid of that quickly, and you have to attend your party or function with the acne on your face. Or, even worse, you might decide to skip the party altogether, which can break your heart.  It happens to so many people, especially teenagers and young adults. And when ance occurs, it can be really irritating to deal with. 

There can be many reasons behind occurring acnes. People who have oily skin face it more than the ones with not so oily skin. Acne mainly occurs when the openings of the hair follicles of your skin get clogged and blocked with dead skin cells and oil from your skin. Then the clogged pores can get infected with bacteria, and form a small red bump that has pus at the tip, which is known as pimple to us, or acne. Even though this problem is seen more in teenagers and young adults, and people want to call it an age-related problem, but that’s not actually the main case. People of any cage can get affected by acne, and approximately 9.4% of all the people in the world are affected by this problem. And it is eighth in the list of the world’s most widespread diseases, as a large number of people are affected by it. 

It has been a real problem for people all over the world. Sometimes these acnes can cause pain, but most importantly, the irritation it causes, and the plans that get hampered make it really hard to bear this problem. So, you might be looking around for ways to get rid of acne, and better even, if you can find ways to cure them easily at home. There are various treatments for acne, and while some of them are really expensive, some don’t cost much while being really effective. Let’s have a look at some ways you can go through to cure your acne easily at home.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar can do magic in terms of acne, and it is known as one of the best curs for acne. Apple cider is fermented to make this vinegar, or the unfiltered juice of an apple is pressed out to make it. Either way, this vinegar works really well in fighting acne, as this natural product fights various types of fungi and bacteria. This cider has organic acids in it that are really effective against various bacterial skin conditions, including acne. 

Sometimes even after you get rid of the acne, they can leave scars on your skin, which can be very much visible, and distort your skin’s elegance. But apple cider vinegar can help you get rid of the scars, as this vinegar contains lactic acid, and lactic acid works to clear the skin from scars and improve its appearance. However, be careful while using this vinegar as it sometimes can irritate your skin, and might even give burning sensations to your skin. That’s why some dermatologists don’t promote it much.

Going Through Light Therapy

Light therapy is one of the most popular forms of therapy, and it deals with various skin problems including acne. Light therapy has gained huge popularity due to its numerous benefits that include both physical and mental health benefits. Light therapy is a highly effective way of treating acne problems, and especially those that are caused by bacteria or inflammation. Even dermatologists highly recommend this therapy to deal with pimple and acne problems.

Blue light therapy is mainly known for dealing with acne, but red light therapy also works well. Most importantly, light therapy doesn’t have any side effects. You’ll just have to expose your face to the light radiated from a light therapy device, and then the light will kill the bacteria on your skin that are responsible for causing the acne problems. Your acne will get reduced and you’ll be able to get a cleared skin in a span of 28 days if you go through blue light therapy regularly.

Adding Zinc Supplements to Diet

Zinc is a great supplement that contains vital nutrients, which will help in the growth of your body cells, and make your hormone productions better. Also, zinc puts in a lot of work to strengthen your immunity. Furthermore, according to various studies, taking zinc orally can help you with your acne issues, as people usually tend to have acne because of the lower levels of zinc in their blood. Other studies found that acne can be significantly reduced by taking a dose of elemental zinc measuring 30-45g every day. 

The amount of zinc you can find in a compound is known as elemental zinc, such as 80% of elemental zinc in zinc oxide. But you can’t use zinc by directly applying it to your skin, as skin can’t absorb zinc effectively. But be careful in consuming zinc, as too much intake can cause gut irritation or stomach ache. 

Honey and Cinnamon Mask

Honey and cinnamon both work as beneficial medicines that you can apply to your skin in order to get rid of bacterial problems, such as acne. But according to different studies, you can’t reduce your acne problems by using honey only, you’ll have to mix cinnamon with it in order to have a more effective remedy. To use it, you’ll have to mix a tablespoon of cinnamon powder and two tablespoons of honey to make a paste, and then apply the paste to your skin after washing it and keep it that way for 10-15 minutes. Then you can rinse the mask off with water gently and then gently pat your face and keep it dry. This remedy can effectively help you get rid of pimples and acne.

Using Aloe Vera

You can use aloe vera gel to treat your acne and pimples. The clear gel of aloe vera is used vastly to treat various skin conditions. Sulfur and salicylic acid are the two most important elements in fighting acne,  and aloe vera contains both of them. Your acne and pimples will get reduced if you apply salicylic acid to your skin, or apply the aloe vera gel. This gel is so good for skin that it is used in many different creams, lotions, soaps, etc. This remedy is highly recommended for your acne problems.

Final Words

If you want to get rid of your pimples and acne soon, there is no better remedy out there than these above mentioned ones. So, make sure to go through your preferred option from the list in order to get rid of your acne.

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