How to Monitor Reviews about Your Business

Online reviews are a crucial aspect for your business regardless of if you want them to be or not. Positive or negative, reviews are not something you can opt out of. Furthermore, managing them can be an exasperating task. Depending on your business size, the number of reviews you get, and the number of locations, you will have to optimize, prioritize, and embrace discernment in scrutinizing the reviews to retort to and how. 

For big companies with several locations and high volumes of reviews, the objective can seem unbeatable. Thus, it is compulsory to have a sound and specific strategy. You do not need to respond to all reviews. However, you should know what reviews are crucial to your business and customers, as well as how you pinpoint and retort to them. To learn how to monitor reviews, you can visit and get help. Also, below are some tips that can help you out. 


Pick sites to monitor online reviews

The first step to monitoring online reviews is creating a shortlist of websites that you ought to monitor. Preferably, you want a combination of sites incorporated here so that you can get a comprehensive cross-section of information to assess and a variety of review types to act upon. When making your shortlist of review websites, choose business review platforms that are fundamental as well as its target clients. Often, this will be a mix of local, industry-specific, and general platforms. 

If you are uncertain about the review platforms, ask your customers the review sites they frequent and those they use to post feedback. Also, you can include your competitors here and sponge off their activities. Identify the review platforms they frequent and if they have specific badges on their websites. 

When compiling your list of websites to monitor, record all the essential sites that you do not appear on. You will need to begin the review generation process on these platforms. 


Monitor reviews manually

When it comes to checking reviews online, you can utilize a review monitoring tool or do it by hand. Monitoring manually can consume a lot of time, but it is doable. The majority of review websites have a notification system that sends an alert after the publication of a new review. These notifications are sent to the registered email address on the site. Thus, if you are not the point of contact, you will need to ascertain that the emails get forwarded to you once they come in. 

Speed is fundamental here in that you not only need to respond to reviews fast but also have to nip any knotty reviews rather than leave them to dawdle. 


Keep a record of reviews

Gather all your reviews together in a particular central location like a shared OneDrive file. You will have to pull the list of reviews from all the platforms you are manually monitoring. After, use a word cloud generator to make sense of the information. The word cloud generator will show you the frequently used phrase, which will give you context to the products and services often used. 

Search for phrases that give you an idea of what people like, purchase, and want more of such as ‘fast delivery’ or ‘excellent customer service.’ 


Respond to reviews

When monitoring online reviews, you are seamlessly positioned to respond to them. Doing so will not only help you beat your competitors but also inject personality into your brand. So, deal with the reviews published on your site. For negative reviews, have a honed response process. Encourage the reviewers to communicate with you off the review website. You can invite them to give you a call, send a DM, or email. After resolving the issue, they can amend or update their review.

In conclusion, monitoring online reviews can help you get a grasp of how your business is fairing and the areas that you need to improve on to attract a bigger audience. So, to learn how to monitor reviews online, consider the techniques above.

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