How to Make Your Online Dental Recruitment Ad Stand Out

Finding and retaining top talent is a challenge across the healthcare industry, but especially in specialised areas like dental care. The first step is making sure that you create an environment that will attract employees with good working conditions and a competitive benefits package. Then you can start to actively recruit on job sites. But how do you create an ad that will catch the eye of the person you’re looking for?

Know who that Person is in the First Place

You need to first know exactly what type of employee you’re looking for. This depends on the position and your clinic’s culture. You can’t use the same wording for a receptionist as you would for a dental assistant.

If you’re looking for someone fun with a vibrant personality, then the language in the ad has to reflect it. Equally, if you’re looking for someone in a technical position, personality is probably not a priority. In this case, you may want to go more by the book and use a formal tone while concentrating on the skills and qualifications needed.

Concentrate on the Right Outlets

While you can’t ignore major job sites, these will not be the easiest if you’re trying to stand out. The secret is to look at as many specialised boards made specifically for dental employees and those looking for positions in the dental field. is a perfect example. These sites are usually less crowded and will allow your posting to have the visibility it needs, and be found by the right people.

Focus on Perks

The dental field is very competitive, not only when it comes to clinics, but when recruiting as well. So you have to make sure that your benefits are competitive and emphasize on them when creating your ad. Things like flexible schedules and interesting insurance packages will be big winners. Make sure that they are front and centre and one of the first things people will see.

Use Different Media Formats

Also, know that you don’t always have to stick to text only. If you add some additional types of media, like images, videos, or even infographics, you will make your dental ads more interesting as well as the position.

People who are more engaged with your listing will be more likely to call back. You can also use video to reinforce the culture of your company to make sure that the person you go for is the right fit. This part is very important if you have a clinic that specialises in working with a specific clientele or a particular type of procedure. The more they know about your clinic, the fewer chances that they end up disappointed and leave, which will eventually cost you.


These are all tips that you can use to increase your chances of getting your ad seen by the right candidates. Try to constantly refine your ads, test, and use the right outlets if you want to accelerate the process and find the perfect person for the job.


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