How to Find Text Differences Between Two Text Files

How to Find Text Differences Between Two Text Files

Individuals requiring a reliable and efficient solution to quickly compare two versions of the same document and report changes made in each version should consider Text Compare. Text Compare is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool that compares two text files line by line or word for word. It accurately detects differences between two inputted texts, displaying them clearly for immediate review.

With flexible installation options that require no special code or programming skills, Text Compare works with a simple drag-and-drop to get started quickly, ensuring a smooth comparison process from beginning to end. Users in need of a text differentiating tool can try one out free at Whether an individual is working on auditing documents or coding projects, Text Compare provides quick and accurate comparisons when needed most.

What are the Features of Text Compare?

The Text Compare tool is a web-based service that allows users to perform and share comparisons between different texts. This functionality can benefit journalists, businesses, and other individuals who need to compare large amounts of data quickly and easily.

Syntax Highlighting

The syntax highlighting feature is a great way to retain more information from the code in a document. The syntax highlighting feature of the Text Compare tool highlights the entire block of code with different colors. The colors used can be more prominent or less visible according to user preferences.

This helps users distinguish between various languages and enables them to read various languages easily. The feature also makes comparing text faster, allowing users to easily switch between files to check whether something has been changed or added. 

Data Privacy

Text Compare offers its users the option to manage their data securely and privately. The Text Compare tool allows users to manage their data safely and effortlessly. With the privacy protection feature, users can add or remove private information from the database and modify it whenever they want. The best part is that, once users have configured these settings, no one else can change them unless the user permits them to do so.

Change Navigator

Text Compare “line-by-line change navigator” feature lets users view changes between two documents in a structured, tabular format. It eliminates the need for scroll bars. Users can efficiently compare documents that have been edited repeatedly while using this tool.

Line-by-line change navigator highlights all small or large edits, enabling users to see exactly what has changed between versions of their documents. The feature can be used on many documents, and it’s beneficial for comparing documents with different text formats, such as Microsoft Word and HTML, PDF, etc.

Inline Word Wrapping

The inline word wrapping feature provides a simple, easy-to-use word wrap without having to rewrap the entire text. Word wrapping is a form of line breaking that adds space between words to create paragraphs, which helps make long lines fit on a page. This feature is helpful for users who want to edit documents with blocks of text instead of sections.

How to Find Text Differences Between Two Text Files

Additional Features

The 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption is the highest level of security for internet users’ data. Text Compare system encrypts all text files, log files, and other metadata when users upload or share files via the tool. An unauthorized party can’t read the encrypted data without knowing the correct passphrase. While the tool uses industry-standard encryption algorithms, clients can rest assured that their data is safe from prying eyes.

“Export diff as a single PDF file in combined mode” is another unique feature Text Compare Tool offers. This feature allows users to get a combined PDF file with all the differences between the two files. This is useful for reviewing different versions of the same document by multiple users in an office environment. It can also be used to send a report to clients or customers as an attachment with their contracts or other important documents.

Text Compare is an excellent and user-friendly tool for comparing two text files, making it easier than ever to compare content quickly and precisely. It allows users to easily see the differences between two documents, highlighting the changes clearly and easily. This makes it ideal for professional and casual users who need to check for discrepancies between various texts quickly. Furthermore, this cost-effective software has a free trial version, so users can try it before purchasing.


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