How To Fill And Sign PDF Files On iPhone Or iPad

How To Fill And Sign PDF Files On iPhone Or iPad

Business is consistently changing and evolving in today’s world. People have been doing most of their technical tasks with the help of mobile phones and tablet devices recently. In such a situation, it is not a matter of surprise that most people require advanced applications on their mobile devices that allow them to read documents easily and sign them as well.

However, for a long time, people with iPhones did not have any good alternative that allows them to sign their documents on mobile devices only. But we are really happy to inform you that the situation has changed and this popular demand in the market has been fulfilled after the development of an application that allows iPhone users to sign their documents.

iPhone users to sign their documents

Introduction Of PDFelement For iOS

PDFelement is a type of pdf filler that can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android at the same time. This article mainly reviews the latest versions of iOS. We found that PDFelement has made many surprising changes, including a newly released version and additional functions such as automatic saving, conversion, batch scanning, etc. in the iOS version.

For several iPhone users who are consistently searching for a multi-functional application that can fulfill their unique business needs, PDFelement for iOS can prove to be an ideal solution. This wonderful application allows easy file management, Cloud transfer, Wi-Fi transfer, and more.

PDFelement allows users to receive and sign their files in a much easier way than ever before. Finding your file on the app and working on it is much easier after the installation of PDFelement on your iPhone.

How To Fill And Sign PDF Files On iPhone Or iPad

PDF Files On iPhone Or iPad

You can easily fill and sign PDF files on your iPhone or iPad with these simple steps:

Step1: Open PDF Form

After you have successfully installed the PDFelement application on your device, you can simply download the PDF form on your app and then open it.

Step2: Create Signature

After you have opened the PDF form on the app, you can select the pen button and pick the digital ink. You can write your signature with the help of a stylus or you can use your finger as well. You get a variety of options to choose your pen size and color on the PDFelement as well. Based on your preference, your signature can be typed in plain text as well.

Step 3: Add Signature And Export It

Once you have created your signature, it is really simple to add it to the application and place it on the file as per your needs.

Step4: Share Files In Document Cloud By Links

In this step, you can simply save the file and share the signed document. For easy sharing of files, do not forget to create a PDFelement account.

Once you have created your PDFelement account, it is much easier to save and share your signed documents faster.

save and share your signed documents faster

Other features of PDFelement for iOS

The following are some additional features of PDFelement for iOS that makes it an outstanding free pdf editor application among all the different options available:

  • The latest version of the PDFelement supports the creation of signatures with the help of a camera on the device or by accessing images as well.
  • Users can easily optimize the quality of their digital signature for their document with the help of PDFelement.
  • If you are using an iPad, then PDFelement also supports the Apple Pencil for creating signatures.
  • PDFelement also supports Document Cloud. Users can register with the Wondershare ID and enjoy free-of-cost IG cloud storage.

Pros And Cons of Wondershare PDFelement

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the Wondershare PDFelement to understand if it is actually beneficial for us.


  • PDFelement offers ease of use to its users which makes it a preferable option.
  • Users can use PDFelement on different systems.
  • PDFelement allows easy sharing of files on different platforms.


  • Users might need to pay an introductory price and a subscription fee to use certain features.


PDFelement is a comprehensive pdf editor app that allows easy operation for users of different systems including Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS as well. Users can simply scan their PDF files and convert them into the required documents. It also offers a convenient option to change files available in other formats into PDF files.

The features that enable users to access their files or document from any device by simply syncing PDF files by cloud storage makes it a handy option. Users often need to pick out a portion of their PDF files and create another PDF with that piece of information. PDFelement offers the crop option to fulfill this requirement of users. For giving a final touch to their document, users can use this application and organize their PDF pages easily. If you searching for an advanced option to work smoothly with your PDF files and get efficient results, then you can surely rely on this application.


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