How To Choose The Right Google Ads Agency

Google Ads

Vetting multiple agencies trying to look for the perfect AdWords agency? These qualities can help simplify your list.

With over 7,000,000 advertisers using Google Ads and 80% of all companies focusing on PPC efforts, the competition to stand out is high.

This is why many brands turn to a Google Ads agency to help them cut through this competition and stand out.  

It can get overwhelming to find the right agency to partner with. One that understands your exact requirements and executes the right strategies to exceed your targets. You aim should be to associate with only reputed names like

Fear not, here are six qualities to look for while finding the right Google Ads services agency to partner with:

Professional Certification

Look for agencies that have a Google Partner status. Google rewards companies that have demonstrated expertise in Google Ads skills, met the ad spend requirements, delivered on growth in revenue, and grown its client base with a Google Partner badge. 

This certificate is 

  • A tell-tale sign that your Ad agency means business and is vested in your growth. 
  • The AdWords agency has many clients, which is why they can meet Google’s spend requirements.
  • The agency is achieving growth for its active clients.
  • Google approves of their expertise.

An agency will proudly show this certificate on their website, but just in case you don’t find one, paste the website’s link here to find out about their verification. You can find out about the agency’s certification, partnership types, and each office certified by Google.

Deliverables: Assets And Creative

A few agencies follow the “pay-per-lead” model. They direct traffic to a general landing page or an ad that gets leAds for their clients. The problem is that you, as a client, wouldn’t receive the creative, landing page, or other assets that went into making the landing page. While this is great for agencies (as they create just one landing page for many clients within the same industry), it sucks for you as you’re constantly dependent on the agency for generating leAds now.

Now, if you’re only looking to generate leads and not interested in creating your content for the future, this may work in your favor. Also, if you want to stick with the same  Google Ads agency for a long time, the pay-per-lead model shouldn’t be a problem.

So be discerning and choose what works best for you. Accordingly, clarify the model with your agency before signing on.


You want your Google Ads management agency to be transparent with you. After all, it is the basis of a good and lasting relationship. 

Not only that, Google wants your agency to be transparent with you. Google wants you to know your Ad spend, the impressions it gathered, and the clicks it received. They have it on their legal terms and agreements too.

Now, a Google-certified agency knows this and is upfront with you about your advertising budget. Still, the reason I brought this to your attention is that a lot of non-certified agencies don’t allow you to have access to your metrics, and you are entitled to these answers.

Short-term Contracts

A lot of Google AdWords management agencies try to lock you up as a long-term client. While there is an understandable reason for that, you shouldn’t have to be bound.

PPC agencies try to have a long-term relationship with you because Ad results take a while to show. Most agencies don’t make money on your campaign until they’re a few months into it.

That said, a stringent lock-in period also allows a lot of agencies to slack and underperform. 

A good deal for you and your potential Ad partner could be one with a 3-month lock-in which changes to a month-to-month arrangement. As with life, if you feel bound and constrained during negotiations, this is probably not the right partnership.

Proven Track Record

You have the right to ask a potential Google Ads services agency for their proof of work. Ask them for case studies, anonymized campaign data, before-and-after campaign data, and references to see how well they’ve performed.

The good thing is that a lot of PPC agencies have this information on their website. That said, you have every right to ask them for any data you need to validate their proof of work. Ensure you check how they have been consistently performing over time.

Defined Process Of Work

What sets experts apart from the rest is that they have a certain methodology they follow. Google AdWords agencies create this methodology after years of experience in a field. 

Ask them how they:

  • And when they add keywords?
  • Create new Ads?
  • Maintain your budget across Ad groups?
  • Adjust/ change the strategy for different market groups?
  • And which tests they run?
  • And what metrics they use to validate performance?

Most important of all is to get a feeler about their focus. Are they focused on improving your conversions, your long-term goal? 

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Go ahead; you’re ready to have some serious discussions. All the best.


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