How to Build a SaaS Solution for Real Estate

SaaS Solution for Real Estate

It is the era of personalization first. It means that nowadays, most companies want to establish their market leadership by defining their customer base and catering to its needs. Effective personalization tools are essential for high-demand, high-risk clients like those in the real estate market. However, the amount of information real estate businesses regularly process is immense. They required the most efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use software to handle all the data for organising their workflow and working with customers. It is a fact that out-of-the-box products usually have very limited customization potential, and real estate businesses consider building real estate SaaS. Often, real estate organisations use SaaS solutions, as they provide top-notch scalability. Additionally, they only charge for the services and provide plenty of customization options. 

With this approach, there is no wonder that the global real estate software market is expected to reach 18.66 billion dollars by 2028. However, developing real estate SaaS software needs a deep understanding of the needs of your target audience. In addition, it also requires a wise choice of functionality to make your product as easy to use as possible and keep building costs in check. This short guide will teach you how to build SaaS solutions for real estate.


Including blockchain in your SaaS solutions can better protect your sensitive data from cyber threats. It also automates some operations. For example, you can use smart contracts. It will ensure transparent and secure document flows. Additionally, you can securely store and access historical records on the blockchain. After that, you can complete transactions without intermediaries such as lawyers, brokers, and banks. Consider integrating your real estate SaaS solutions with blockchain platforms and wallets if your target audience is tech-savvy. There are many platforms available on the internet that already provide smart contract functionality to enact. It will help them to maintain their property purchase and rental agreements.

Pay Attention to Security

Robust cybersecurity is the most important part of all software. Therefore, ensure that your real estate SaaS solutions are reliable and securely process data. As profitable as using real estate SaaS solutions may appear, the software as a service model involves several security risks and reliability issues. However, the major difference between SaaS and traditional solutions is that SaaS solutions run in the cloud. S, you must choose a reliable cloud vendor first. Reputable cloud service providers do their best to protect your data. They do everything to ensure the integrity of data stored in their data centres and facilitate the best security practices. There are many important practices for developing real estate SaaS solutions. 

Wisely choose the cloud vendor and check what security practices they are using. 

Encryption is best for transferring and storing data within your service and Android and iOS apps.

  • Improve access security using multi-factor authentication.
  • Choose trusted libraries and other third-party components.
  • Encourage early quality assurance activities and regularly perform security testing. 
  • Apart from this, ensure that your real estate SaaS solution meets major compliance requirements relevant to your region.

Microservices Architecture is the Best Choice

There are many benefits of monolithic platforms, including testing, development, and deployment. Mostly, the monolithic model works for small and simple projects and when you want an instant launch. Since real estate SaaS solutions have various services and have to be scalable, microservices are suitable. This architecture provides split functionality into individual modules. Moreover, they also communicate with each other using APIs. You can update, deploy, and scale each module independently without any interference from others. Here are some advantages of using microservices over a monolithic for a SaaS solution architecture.

  • Build more resilient and flexible software.
  • Provide better scalability
  • Offer ease code maintenance
  • Develop a more enjoyable user experience.

Build a Mobile App

SaaS solutions already provide you with increased accessibility. To provide convenience to end users, businesses adapt their web services for mobile devices. It is not enough if users want to use those services constantly to check for updates, including new data while outside the office, and use messenger functionality. So, developing a mobile app for your real estate SaaS system is better, especially if you have a comprehensive platform for property listing services and large businesses. Some main reasons for developing a mobile app are as follows:

  • It helps agents conveniently access property information, documents, and tools on the go and at any time.
  • It lets prospects easily access property listings from their mobile devices and enjoy a simple and engaging interface.
  • Help improve communication among agency employees and between agents and customers with app notifications.

Include AI and ML Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the two most important features you need to include in your SaaS solution for real estate. However, the major reason to use them in real estate SaaS is to help users automate tasks. In addition, it is essential if the tasks need to process tons of data. Since real estate agencies deal with a massive amount of data regularly, there is no wonder that an increasing number of real estate solutions are being improved with AI. In a real estate SaaS, you must want to leverage AI and ML capabilities in data analysis and predictive analytics to:

  • It assists agents in matching assets to purchasers,
  • Automate tenant screening.
  • It also helps you to forecast sales, expenses, and future cash flows.
  • Allow agents to get more insights into market conditions.
  • Improve customer support using AI-driven chatbots.


Building an efficient and customizable SaaS product for real estate can help businesses accelerate routine processes. It also provides free resources for working closely with customers. Applying cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain can help you handle tons of data and improve cybersecurity. To develop real estate SaaS solutions, it is better to take professional help. It is because they have great experience in cloud-based development and can consult on architecture and functionality specifics. You also need to include business analysts to perform in-depth market research before developing SaaS solutions for real estate.


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