How to Boost Holiday Season Marketing With a Brand Mascot


The holiday season is the best time of the year for brands and businesses. You can secure the advantage of the generous mood as buyers want to splurge on gifts and goodies. But things aren’t as easy as they sound. You have to beat the competition to be visible and get the sales going because every brand does its best to capture the audience. Everything boils down to having a holiday season marketing plan that works. You require a mix of higher advertising spending, special offers, and eye-catching campaigns to maximize your sales. Even better, let your brand mascot do the hard work for you. Here are some ways you can use it for boosting holiday season marketing. 

Showcase it on seasonal packaging

Product packaging goes a long way in influencing buying decisions, and it becomes even more important in the festive season. Most brands have their mascots on product packaging. But you can get more creative with it during the holidays. Consider giving your mascot a festive makeover by dressing it up like Santa. Pair the new look with the holiday colors on your packaging to make it more attractive. You can definitely get attention for the right reasons because buyers look for products with a celebratory look. A temporary combination of product packaging and mascot marketing strategies can bolster sales beyond imagination. 

Be visible physically 

A mascot often becomes a brand ambassador during the holidays as people are geared up for festive shopping. As the foot traffic resumes this year, you must go the extra mile to be physically visible. It is time to invest in new Custom Mascot Costumes to ensure that you have an impressive presence wherever potential buyers can see you. A physical presence inside and outside your retail store is imperative. You can also have your mascot at community events, metro stations, and shopping malls. Even as social distancing is the norm this year, just being there can fuel your brand and step up retail sales. 

Enhance your online presence 

Online marketing continues to be the best strategy for brands even in the new normal. You can rely on your mascot to enhance your digital presence too. Highlight it on your website by presenting it on the landing page. Ensure that it blends seamlessly with the design and gets the attention it deserves. Mascots can also elevate your social media campaigns if you use them smartly. Share photos of your mascot and create compelling stories for your social media posts around it. You can even run contests and games around it. Distributing mascot merchandise as freebies and prizes to the winners is a great idea. Just be as creative as you can, and you will get more engagement and sales through online marketing.

Brand mascots have the potential to be game-changers, specifically when it comes to holiday marketing. They connect with the audiences and humanize businesses, which matters the most when buyers are in a festive mood. Get creative and amplify your sales this season with smart mascot marketing.


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