How to Become the Best Version of Yourself


Even though beautiful and exciting, sometimes, this life of ours can become a bit dull. When you’re stuck in a rut and feel like you’re wasting your precious time, the only way to get unstuck is to reach for growth. This is obviously not as easy as it sounds, but there are ways you can better yourself and become your best self. Here are just a few baby steps to take on your way to the improvement of the body and mind:

Dedicate time to rest

Before you start tackling some issues that bother you about your habits and behaviors, you need to have your basic needs met. And what’s more essential for humans than rest? It’s crucial to schedule those quiet moments in your day when you’re not going to be catching up with work or doing chores at home. Simply use them to decompress and metabolize what’s been happening during the day. When you’re well-rested, you’ll have much more physical and mental energy to dedicate to other things in your life.

Take up reading

And no, you don’t have to focus on biographies or philosophy. Any sort of reading is a great exercise for your brain and it can teach you many new things. Of course, some books are written specifically for self-help so you become a better thinker, empath or leader, but even a romantic fiction read can do wonders for your growth.

Learn a new language

There’s no better way to exercise your brain, unwind after a long day or connect with other people than through practicing a foreign language. Every new language opens up a whole new perspective for your brain to adopt, allowing you to see things in a new light. With a new language under your belt, you will become a more valuable employee and potentially receive business trip opportunities and get promoted to a more important position. Plus, when you know the basics of another language, traveling to these regions can be much more beneficial and immersive.

Work on your physical insecurities

As much as we try to rise above being vane and insecure about our looks, there are things that really stop us from reaching our full potential. If there’s a “flaw” that bothers you every day and takes up a lot of your mental energy, do your best to improve it. This can be done through exercise or diet (for losing a few pounds) or even by esthetic surgery. Today, it’s not taboo anymore to undergo procedures, especially in western societies like the States or Australia. It’s possible to easily book the best liposuction in Melbourne and kick-start your physical improvement journey. Your lipo will bring you great results, but you still need to keep up with your diet after recovery and do some exercise to keep your results. This is a great way to see quick improvements that will motivate you to continue with your healthy lifestyle.

Start your own business

If your personal rut involves being eternally broke and feeling like you have no control over anything, you can do something about it by starting a small business. The path will most likely be a thorny one, but if you take up something you love and know a lot about, slowly your business with grow and start making you money. And even if you fail as an entrepreneur, at least you’ll have a new experience up your sleeve and learn a lot of new things on the way—this will definitely help you in your future career.

Take up a 30-day challenge

What’s 30 days in a whole lifetime? It’s basically nothing that you can’t spare, yet it can bring you such great improvements in your life. Pick out an area of life where you want to improve yourself and look up a 30-day challenge online that will help you reach your goals. If you stay dedicated to the challenge for a month, you will not only notice great results in a short time, but also start forming beneficial habits to carry with you for the rest of your life. When you finish your challenge, you’ll feel great feelings of accomplishment and pride, which can be enough to have an improved sense of self.

Learn to express your emotions

Oftentimes, the most successful kind of running we don’t do in the gym, but when escaping our emotions. This is not a healthy habit, because it can turn us into emotional wrecks and pretty aggressive and confrontational humans. With emotions, it’s better out than in, so it’s crucial to work on the ways you deal with your emotions. You can take up music, painting, writing or exercising, that is if you want to tackle your emotions alone. But working with a therapist is an even better way to improve yourself and learn new things about your emotions.

These self-improvement tactics are possible to adopt for any person. If you persist with these steps, you will acquire habits that will truly turn you into a successful person on all fronts.

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