How to Add the Signature to My Gmail within Minutes


Adding a signature to your email makes it look more professional. With an email signature, you can promote your brand and demonstrate professionalism to your clients and email recipients. Thanks to the technology, you do not have to create your email signature from the scratch. 

There are numerous online signature generator tools that you can use to create it. You can also use a signature template and personalize it. With this, you can add a signature to your email within minutes. So, how can you add a signature to your Gmail in minutes? 

This post looks at two options of adding a signature to your Gmail account within minutes. Let us get right into the details!

Add a Signature to Your Gmail with the Signature Generator

Signature Generator enables users to create professional email signatures for free. You can customize your signature with your brand and use it on different email platforms, including Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Office 365 email, and Yahoo accounts. 

It is an online tool that makes signature creation seamless and simple. Millions of people currently use the professional email signature templates available on the site. With numerous styles of email signature templates on the site, you can be sure to find the perfect option for you. 

The signature templates help to fast-track the creation process, making it easier and faster to add it to your Gmail account. So, how can you create and add a signature to your Gmail with Signature Generator within minutes?

Step One: Visit the official website of Signature Generator.

Step Two: Locate the “Email Signature Template” and click on it.

Step Three: Browse through the list of email signature templates on the page and select your preferred option.

Step Four: Edit the content of the email signature and personalize it to become yours. Follow the prompting to enter your details. Ensure you complete the edit to avoid having the wrong details on your signature. Go through each page, including general information, social, image addition, and the company’s logo. 

Use the tabs to add the images where necessary. You can change the font type, size, and color in the design section and add your picture or company logo in the image section. Click to review the personalized signature and if you are satisfied with the end-product, click to save it.

Step Five: Download the email signature that you have created to your device. Note that you can also create your email signature from scratch without using the template. This feature is also available with Signature Generator.

How to Add Your Personalized Signature to Your Gmail within Minutes

Now that you have created your personalized signature with Signature Generator, it is time to add it to your Gmail. This is pretty simple and requires a few steps. Follow the simple steps below to add a signature to your Gmail account within minutes.

Step One: Open Gmail and click on the “Gear Icon” at the top right side of the page to open the “Settings” menu.

Step Two: Click on the “See all Settings” button and scroll down until you see the “Signature” section.

Step Three: Click on the “Add Signature” menu to open a page. You will be able to upload the signature that you have created from Signature Generator”. From here, click the “Save” button to add your signature to your Gmail account. 

The whole process takes a few minutes. After successfully adding the signature to your Gmail, it will automatically come with every new email message that you want to send. 

Create an Email Signature with Gmail In-Built Signature Tool

You can also use the in-built signature tool in Gmail to add an email signature to your account. It is simple and easy to do and it also takes a few minutes. Users should note that the Gmail signature editor allows only a few basic signature features and does not allow complex design. 

This means that if you want a unique design, you have to use the Signature Generator tool. To use the in-built tool in Gmail to create your email signature, follow the simple steps below:

Step One: Open the Gmail Settings and click on the gear icon. Next, click on the “See all Settings”.

Step Two: Scroll down to the settings tab and click on the “Signature” tab. Here, you will find the “Create New” button and then click on this tab.

Step Three: Name your email signature. Ensure you use a name that you can easily remember and identify with a specific signature. It is essential to have and remember a signature name so that you can differentiate it from others if you plan to open other Gmail accounts.

Step Four: Use the signature editor tool to add text, links, and tables. As mentioned, you cannot create a rich email signature with the Gmail email signature editor because the features are limited. You need a professional signature creator like Signature Generator to create a professional-looking Gmail signature.

Step Five: Add a text hyperlink if you want. To do this, add the text that you would like to have as clickable content and select the anchor text. Click on “Insert Link” at the bottom toolbar and add the full website address of the link and click the “OK” button. This will add the hyperlink to your Gmail signature.


Your email looks better, attractive, and more professional with an email signature. It is easy to add a signature to your Gmail account and it takes only a few minutes.

This post has mentioned two options of adding signatures to Gmail accounts, which are through the Signature Generator platform and Gmail in-built signature creator. 

As stated, the Gmail in-built signature creator has limited features and can only create basic signatures. If you want something unique and stylish, we recommend that you use the Signature Generator tool.


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