How Technology Is Changing Education for the Better

Technological advancement is the most potent ace up humanity’s sleeve. It helped us develop the tools needed to sustain our growing social constructs and is still a massive role in shaping our future. Nowadays, advancements have moved from the iconic industrial and agricultural revolution to a computing-driven rise that has a profound impact on our knowledge is distributed across the globe.

Educational institutions have leveraged the boom to become a better place. Things are changing from the old lecture hall where a tutor took to the podium with nothing but a chalkboard and their wit to teach abstract concepts to bored students.


Technology Is Giving Tutors Better Presentation Equipment

Projectors, interactive touchscreen boards, computers, and 3D modeling makes teaching easier and more interactive. Instead of your lecturer spending an hour drawing an elaborate diagram of an insect to explain to a biology class how it breathes, they can bring up an interactive 3D model on a touchscreen board or use a projector to drive the idea home faster. Simple technology, like a public address system, makes the teacher more, especially in big lecture halls, ensuring that everyone follows the lesson.

Better presentation tools make it easier to teach abstract concepts that otherwise relied on the lecturer and student’s imagination to comprehend in the past. It now means that students can master more per academic year than in the past. 

The result is a more informed student with a good understanding of the basics and the motivation to discover new concepts in their field of study.


The Classroom Is Now More Engaging and Less Boring

Technology also gives students better learning tools. A good example is an education system that incorporates computers or tablets that students can use to interact with what their lecturer is presenting actively.

The fact that a computer is naturally more exciting and interactive than a textbook or notebook makes it easier to keep students hooked. Classes will be less boring, and more learners will pay close attention. Long gone are the times when students had to spend hours in the library, pouring over notes and examples to understand a concept they couldn’t grasp in class because the lecture was boring.


Tutors Automate Mundane Tasks and Focus on Teaching

Some tasks, like taking a roll call, grading tests, and repetitive tasks like distributing notes, are time-consuming. A tutor will spend hours focusing on these ‘sideshows’ instead of educating their students. Artificial intelligence and school management systems are now taking over these tasks giving tutors more free time.

Simple multiple-choice tests no longer need a tutor to go through them as software can grade and automatically record scores. No one has to waste time filing report cards or to dictate repetitive notes to their students.

By outsourcing these mundane but necessary tasks to some form of artificial intelligence, tutors can have a more one-on-one interaction with their students and focus on growing them into rounded individuals. More time is spent on actual education rather than on the bureaucracies of teaching.


Education Material Is Easier to Update or Access

Physical libraries are soothing and frankly imposing. They are an excellent place to store and distribute invaluable information – as long as it doesn’t change often. Updating a whole set of books just because the facts they share are now outdated is expensive and time-consuming.

A good example is how much it could cost to update a whole set of the Encyclopedia Britannica compared to giving students access to the website via a couple of computers in a computer room. In the past, students wound up with outdated textbooks and reference material because their learning institutions didn’t have the necessary funds for an upgrade.

It is no longer the case since most reference material is either free online or accessible to schools at a reasonable subscription fee. Students can even access the material from their computers with the right login information.

It, coupled with the fact that browsing through a digitized library is easier than searching for information in physical libraries, has made absorption of knowledge and new concepts easier. Students sometimes prefer to buy an essay, as writing specialists needs less time to research and prepare a report compared to the past where you had to spend days at the school library.

Technology is changing our life for the better every day. It is going to make us more efficient because it will make it easier to access information in the classroom and make real-time referencing faster hence expanding our intellectual capabilities tremendously.


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