How Students Are Fighting Climate Change

A recent strike conducted by over 1.4 million students worldwide clearly indicates that our children have become conscious of our climate change. Due to factors like deforestation and pollution, the global climate has changed for the worse. It means danger to Mother Earth and translates the same to all living things. Though more people and groups have come up to fight climate change, there’s still a lot to get done. Students, including those in the universities, have not been left behind in this battle. In this article, you shall get enlighten how they are helping to fight climate change.


Ways Students Advocate for Climate Change


Most students are getting conscious about the world we live in, and want a better place for everyone. Through self-research on creating a better world for everyone, many have known that climate change is crucial. As a result, they dig deeper into how they can fight global climate change. They say knowledge is power, and the battle already has gotten won halfway. With the information in their hands, they get to do work for climate change to save our world.

Most university students now understand the importance of trees and are trying to create human-made forests. The knowledge also helps them innovate new methods to curb climate change effects like fire outbreaks on drought-stricken areas. They are also able to make sustainable changes in their lifestyle and behavior.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The students use various ways to reduce carbon footprint in their colleges and universities. Though the changes may not get noticed immediately, it is useful in fighting climate change. Most ensure they switch off the lights after leaving their classrooms. Others take short showers and eat less of the dairy and meat products to reduce their footprints.

Community Focus

Most students are now getting involved in projects that help fight climate change in their local areas. They join their communities to improve the environment around them in all ways. Others become members of larger groups that extend their services to various cities around their countries. Such actions go a long way in changing the global climate for a better tomorrow.

Going Political

Our votes are our strength and voice in the government. Having realized this, most students are now voting in leaders who support climate change. Such leaders help create policies to ensure the government gets involved in helping our climate change for the better. Some students think of ways to positively change the situation and present their suggestions to the relevant bodies or local leaders. They also use their leaders as their voices to air their views about climate change in the parliament.

Joining Larger Groups

Fortunately, the world is now aware of climate change and its effects. As a result, large groups that advocate for climate change have emerged, and most students have joined them in their endeavors. The groups could be either local, national, or international. Students join whichever large groups convenient for them and dedicate their services and support for a more significant difference. They could also donate or help sensitize people as members of the group.

Educating the Masses

Students are digging for information about climate change and committing themselves to spread the knowledge to numerous people. It could be sharing with fellow students, the administration, or the public. Thanks to the innovation of the Internet, the information gets spread in various ways. It could be via social media, emails, websites, and texting via mobile devices.

With the help of professionals that write essays for money, some organize excellent presentations. As a result, most people get convinced and join hands in fighting for climate change.

Advocating for the Increase of Carbon Price

Most college or university students are aware that they may not even get a chance to vote if they don’t do something as the world may have ended. It is the reason they are doing everything possible to curb the adverse effects of climate change. One of the practical solutions they use is to campaign for the carbon price to go high. In return, people will avoid buying carbon due to its high cost, which will, in turn, discourage the use of fossil fuel.

Some colleges and universities have adopted the idea, a fact that has reduced their greenhouse gas emissions because of the lack of carbon use.

Support of the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement entails the safeguarding of our planet’s future by most countries. Unfortunately, the president of the US, Donald Trump, pulled out from this noble course. Fortunately, most people in various countries, including the students, are supporting the agreement. Businesspersons, governors, mayors, and more than 300 university leaders are for this course. The deal aims at cleaning the energy economy to reduce pollution for a better world.



Various human activities such as cutting down trees and pollution have contributed significantly to climate change. The results are devastating. Large chunks of land are frequently hit by drought and experience unexpected self-lit up fires, destroying both living things and properties. People and animals also die of hunger and inhaling poisonous gases. If something doesn’t get done fast, our children may not get lucky to grow old enough to vote before the world collapses. But there is hope with students from various schools, colleges, and universities joining the race of fighting climate change.


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